discernment and self-confidence

STEERING OUR OWN WAYS? [by Leslee] I still feel like a novice at this blogging thing. And at this channeling thing. It's been almost two years, but that's a really short length of time in many ways. Still, I've noticed a few things and learned a few lessons that I'd like to share, in case … Continue reading discernment and self-confidence


receiving help (from Lhamo Dorje & Heruka) 1. When beings request help, the nature of the help they receive aligns with their intentions. a. If your intentions are single-pointed, you'll receive focused, specific and powerful help on all planes and spheres of influence. b. If your intentions are confused and scattered, then the help will … Continue reading 01 THE NATURE OF CONTACT

01 open waters and safe harbors

CONNECTING AND CHANNELING WITH GUIDANCE We can give our guides mechanisms through which they can talk to us directly. As long as the basis of our chosen method has elements of randomness and flexibility (and we can loosen our minds), we can access even Buddhas using external mechanisms. Generating random data with computers, touching ouija … Continue reading 01 open waters and safe harbors

00 open waters and safe harbors

EXPEDITIONS OF LEARNING Do you believe that you can learn anything you need to know without ever opening your eyes or mouth? Why would a “Buddhist” write about Channeling and Connecting? Because we need methods for conveying condensed information during this time of great shifting. Dharma scriptures and sadhanas are precious relics. There is not … Continue reading 00 open waters and safe harbors

my story behind the pendulum

HOW I LEARNED BY TRIAL AND ERROR – LESSON FOUR (please click here for a fun little video demonstration) (please click for links to previous lessons: One; Two; Three;) I bought my first pendulum a little over a decade ago, and I quickly decided it was an unreliable source of information. It smacked of Ouija … Continue reading my story behind the pendulum

your method out of the madness

WORKING WITH A PENDULUM – LESSON TWO In this post, I’ll explain how this pendulum method works. (If you missed Lesson One, you can find it here.) (please click here for a fun little video demonstration) Using a pendulum is not a new idea; it’s often considered a form of dowsing. You can find beautiful … Continue reading your method out of the madness

my method out of the madness

INTRODUCTION TO WORKING WITH A PENDULUM (please click here for a fun little video demonstration) I desire to draw your attention to meditation. And psychic phenomena that can help us focus. I’d like to share how I blog (and do most things)… I blog with enlightened help. For me, writing is meditation. I’ve learned a … Continue reading my method out of the madness