my method out of the madness


(please click here for a fun little video demonstration)

I desire to draw your attention to meditation. And psychic phenomena that can help us focus.

I’d like to share how I blog (and do most things)… I blog with enlightened help.

For me, writing is meditation. I’ve learned a method for focusing my mind while I create, converse internally, make decisions, and speak with others. With practice, anyone may use this method.

In my very experimental and intuitive experience, the most basic meditation emphasizes “bringing the mind back”.

The mind wanders inevitably. The real challenge is not keeping it “still” – trying to do that just leads to headaches and frustration. The reward comes in learning to – repeatedly – bring it back to the focus of meditation/attention.

Often, the mind gets quite far away before we notice it’s gone “missing”. Using a pendulum helps us stay on task.

It hangs out in the corner of our peripheral vision, offering affirmation, and if we see its swing shift, we know we’ve gotten off track. I’ve taught this method to several friends (and strangers) and it’s quite easy. People are often thrilled and surprised to see – and feel – it in action for themselves.

You can use anything that dangles as a pendulum. If using a pendulum is new to you, I suggest using something light, like a simple metal chain. A necklace or bracelet you already own can work wonderfully. Shorter chains swing more easily; 3-4 inches (8-10 cm) is perfect. If you use a bracelet or necklace, just loop it over your finger and let it hang freely. Don’t obsess about the instrument: once you get it, even a dishtowel can work.

These criteria matter:

  1. The “pendulum” must be equally free to swing in any direction. Swing it around deliberately and make sure it does not favor one direction over another.
  2. You must hold it with your LEFT hand (if you don’t have a left hand, please contact me and I’ll help you find an alternative).
  3. You must make your best effort to focus on it, mentally and visually (if you are blind, with time you will know the swing direction by feel).

(Explanations: “receiving” energy moves through the left side of your body; if you use the right hand, you will be sending your own opinions through to the pendulum If you use the left, you will receive guidance. Also, energy moves through your glance, so visually focusing on the pendulum amplifies the energy flowing to it. It also helps to think of the other fingers of your left hand as antennae, and hold them straight and extended.)

It helps if you can hold your left hand very still. If you need to steady it against something, that’s fine. Preferably use a non-metallic object for support. Make sure the pendulum can swing freely.


Once you have your pendulum and a few free minutes to concentrate, hold it comfortably (preferably with thumb and forefinger, or looped over your forefinger), try to steadily watch the dangling tip, and think/request (mentally or aloud): “Please show me a ‘yes’”.

Try to empty your mind of all thoughts except the thought of your pendulum swinging in a direction that indicates “yes”. It may take a minute or two… eventually the “pendulum” will begin to swing. Pretty cool, huh?

Once you have your “yes”, ask it to stop. Then try “Please show me a ‘no’”. Again, please give it a minute or two to respond.

Your “yes” and “no” will never change direction, no matter what object you use for a pendulum.

If your pendulum swings in a circular or erratic motion, that indicates that you’re distracted, and only BS will come through… please focus!

You can use this method at any time to check and see if you’re focused – “yes” tells you that you are on target with your intuition and your best, most divine guidance. “No” tells you to try again… And the circle means “BS!”

The more you use a pendulum, the more quickly it will respond, and the better you will begin to distinguish between your best guidance and your “monkey mind”.

Lesson Two will be a bit longer. I’ll explain more about how this method works and how you can apply it in your life.

Please let me know how it goes for you!

(Important disclaimer: I’m sharing this method in the hopes that some people might find it useful and encouraging. I make no claims about how well it might or might not work for you, or how long it might take you to become adept with a pendulum. The process depends solely on your motivation, effort, and mental stability. The more advanced use of the pendulum can lead to many surprises, and I make no claims that trying what I describe will lead you to any particular place whatsoever. Thanks for understanding!)


5 thoughts on “my method out of the madness

  1. …WoW,Leslee!…i just read all Ur Posts on Pendulums…i had a Blue Cut Glass Circular Prism Hanging directly in Front of me,for over a Month Now…I Placed it there to Catch the SunRays and Make Rainbows in my Living Space…So,as i was reading Ur Posts, my Inner Voice Directs me to Use the Blue Prism as My New Pendulum!…and then here at Ur Last PedulumPost,i got Up and Got it and Tried It…I Was/Am Amazed!…First i closed down the television, and Held Blu (my New Name for my First Pedulum) with my Left thumb and Pointer Finger…I asked Blu to Say “Yes” and Blu Moved Immediately!!…i Thanked Blu and asked to Stop…and Blu Did!!…then i Proceeded to Ask for a Movement for “No” and another Direction Occurred!…I Gazed at Blu while i did Both Questions and an Aura Appeared “round Blu!…Thank You!!…i shall Sleep with Blu Under My Pillow 2nite,to Further Bond…I Am Very Hapi…Thank You…and Thank You to All Our Beautiful and Patient Guides…C Ya!!!

    1. Wow is right, Babajij!!! That’s so wonderful! (Heruka being blue might indicate a really cool connection…; )
      Sounds like I need to keep writing! Thanks & love, L

    1. Hi, Friend! That’s a great question that I often ask myself! I only have a moment (new job starts today), so for now I’ll share this link to a post that a friend has about my blogs today:
      It has some of my opinions in it and might be a good start… In general, my personal opinions tend to be in line with the pendulum. The pattern I see is that the pendulum info often pushes me outside of my comport zone in ways that “I” normally would not go. Does that help, or did I miss the intent of the question? I’ll be back online either later tonight or tomorrow. Cheers!

      1. Fantastic. Didn’t get a chance to read the link yet. The way you answered though answered my original doubt in asking the question in the first place. I had an intent behind my question(which is why I hesitated to actually post the question in the first place) instead of asking without preconception (bad of me I know). I liked your explaination of how you decide to use the pendulum in that it allows you see it as a way for someone to be mindful of themself. I know others have seen it as a divining tool. For those that do, many forget the possible influence of spirit in all tools. Not all intent by spirit is for our better good. And then I’m reminded of how you see those who might try to sway us from our path (other Enlightened Beings), and then all is good again.

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