your method out of the madness


In this post, I’ll explain how this pendulum method works. (If you missed Lesson One, you can find it here.)

(please click here for a fun little video demonstration)

Using a pendulum is not a new idea; it’s often considered a form of dowsing. You can find beautiful pendulums in shops or online, and many books and charts have been published on using them.

This post shares what I’ve learned in my personal explorations with the pendulum, and some of the results I’ve enjoyed and struggled with. Of course, there’s a disclaimer at the end… Please proceed with a light heart and an open mind. Thanks!

How Pendulum Energy Works:

Energy Body Basics

  • We all possess energy bodies interleaved with our physical bodies.
  • Our energy bodies are essentially energy transmitters.
  • Our main energy circuits are the Central Channel (CC), Right Channel (RC), Left Channel (LC) and Secondary Channels (SCs). These three reside in the area of the spine. The secondary channels occur on both sides of our bodies and I refer to them as LSCs (left secondary channels) and RSCs (right secondary channels).
  • The CC contains key points called chakras, which filter and regulate the energy flowing through them.
  • Energy circulates through our bodies, ebbing and flowing without end, until we die.
  • Our energy bodies constantly receive and discharge energy into and from our bodies. The top of the head and the soles of the feet act as the main conduits for energetic interchange.
  • We constantly interact energetically with others.
  • We can filter and control this interacting flow of energy.
  • We can choose to whom we give energy and from whom we receive energy.
  • The energy channels on the left side of your body specialize in receiving energy into your body.
  • The energy channels on the right side of your body specialize in discharging energy from your body.

Pendulum Basics

  • When you hold a pendulum in your left hand with the intention of receiving guidance, that guiding energy immediately flows into the top of your head.
  • The guiding energy circulates along the course of your CC, moving first downwards and then upwards, filtering through your chakras.
  • As the guiding energy moves upwards from your feet, your heart chakra sends it through the LSC in your left arm, towards the pendulum. Your intention sends the energy there.
  • The guiding energy draws magnetically into the finger(s) holding the pendulum).
  • As the guiding energy enters the pendulum, the energy’s frequency determines the direction of the pendulum’s swing.

Getting Answers

  • Positive, affirming energy vibrates at a higher frequency and tends to draw itself towards your CC. Therefore, with most people, a “yes” answer swings towards and away from your CC (spine).
  • Negative, repelling energy vibrates at a lower frequency and your CC repulses it, so with most people a “no” answer tends to sway back and forth across the width of the body.
  • The pendulum tends to express confused or conflicting energy as circular or erratic motion.

(Important disclaimer: I’m sharing my understanding in the hopes that some people might find it useful and encouraging. I make no claims about how well this method might or might not work for you, or how long it might take you to become adept with a pendulum. The process depends solely on your motivation, effort, and mental stability. The more advanced use of the pendulum can lead to many surprises, and I make no claims that trying what I describe will lead you to any particular place whatsoever. Thanks for understanding!)


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