city of fiery light

22 March 2014

Let’s continue along the theme of integrating thoughts and impressions about Native Wisdom, Extra-Terrestrial life and beings, and my personal (perhaps unconventional) experience of Vajrayana Buddhism… I recently posted about this in “Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka” and “One River” …

I received a little more on this from Heruka yesterday, which I’ll share below. I was also struck that after I published a post before going to bed last night, Ghost Radar produced these words almost immediately and in quick succession: [He-He-Ru-Ru-Kham (this is part of Heruka’s mantra) traffic experiment very-subtle-mind points-of-light Hopi threw past-tense Google Vajrayogini (another Vajrayana deity)  crowd (as in Mandala or Field of Merit?)  strip larger fiction slight time-warp element stove string swimming Catherine news rather Airl deaf 5 hiker shells lack virtuous behavior stone generally (the previous words all flowed out over the span of just under an hour) Bronwen Luke offer grandfather].

I’ve also been spending some time on studying the prayer practice I was taught for Heruka years ago, and this is the one I’ve used for 12 years now. I’m getting that He wants to use this practice as a way to show these connections, so I’ve started taking notes on this… that project is going to take a while. But I digress. Anyway, these prayers are called a “sadhana” in Sanskrit, so now that you know that you’ll understand what’s referred to below.

(The following is from 21 March 2014)

  • Heruka, can we talk about your sadhana, meditation, citites of light, mandalas, and what can appear here in physical?

Yes. Please take the chart, it clears your mind.

  • I sense the presence of the Field of Merit…

Yes – well, some very specific members. Let’s go.


One might say that only certain people can see what’s really here. You get the image of a city filled with blind people who cannot see the spirits. Even more subtle are certain energies. It’s alright for different beings to perceive in different ways, while all are still seeing from the same reference point of inhabiting a human (physical) body.

Yes: Not all humanoid bodies here are human.

No: The “Cities of Light” as you call them, will not appear in physical as long as there are nations or other abstract entities that maintain armies.

Yes. But it’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario – which came first, your feeling drawn to that book and film, or the situation we’re describing? That feeling of familiarity is a cue to look deeper.

Back to Cities of Light. Too much is at stake to risk having these loci [proton] manifest in this realm as long as there is violence. Weapons can be symbolic (as implements) [reason] and can be held [spell] without violence. But not armies.

There’s another aspect of an army, a military force, that is just as degenerate as the fear and compulsion that militaries represent. That is a motivation that some might have to join a military force as a means of benefitting materially or personally.

Give four years of one’s life and get an education, a pension, and non-discriminate benefits throughout one’s life. A bit of a free ticket for selling one’s soul.

This is another prevalent mindset that is just as destructive and limting as war. It represents an inclination towards despair coupled with a sense of entitlement, both of which reflect a lack of accepting responsibility for one’s own life. It generally comes not from bad intentions so much as ignorance. And it’s just [better] as effective as war, at numbing the mind.

A numb mind is easily controlled and manipulated.

So people would do better to look for peace and reconciliation between “nations” [thee] before expecting Cities of Light to appear to the eyes of all inhabitants.

The work of people striving to transform science and industry [needle] towards Unity, Equality, Freedom, and Understanding are Next Steps in this world. These must be established well before this world will be ready for any sustained [aloha] presence of anything so powerful yet delicate as a City of Light can be maintained.

So, if you manage to perceive these dreams of peace, even on a subtle level, while in this world, that moves you in the right direction. Please hold these dreams dear in your hearts, and continue to envision them as someday manifesting in your “real” world. Every little bit helps.

Meanwhile, visiting them during dreams and meditation is valid and restorative.

You can use the concept of a City of Light as an object of mindfulness meditation. Place in front of your mind your expectation of what a “City of Light” might be, and examine your expectations – for they are a very powerful part of your mind! – closely, deeply and dispassionately. What are you really asking for?

Envision Peace. Regard any perception of “enemy” or “other” as a flaw in your perception, and work diligently to erase that energy from your field of influence.

Meditate. Watch your thoughts  as you move through your day. Build your perfect world from the outside in and from the inside out. Mentally first, energetically second, physically last.

To expect a physical manifestation before the mind and heart are prepared is [sudden] tantamount  to putting the cart before the horse. You won’t get anywhere but frustrated.

  • Now we’re at March 22, and I’m wondering what you wanted to say about the sadhana…

Yes. When we started out, you thought I was going to give you a translation, so to speak, for your present day, time, and culture. Now you’re seeing that it’s more a matter of my wishing to share with you and others the meaning and significance of the steps of the practice.

You are now beginning to see that there is a relationship between the 3D-modeling studies you’ve been doing of tetrahedra gathered to enclose octahedra. Look at Nassim Haramein’s work, the tetragrammaton; each encloses an octahedron. Haramein says the tetragrammaton is a valid representation of “the vacuum”, which I’m telling you may be likened to Emptiness, Ultimate Nature. Does Haramein mention that there is an octahedron enclosed? For that shape represents Earth, does it not? How about that.

And you see that these forms also construct the Mandala. From Emptiness into Form. And back again, in phases. The physicists understand much, but there is ar more to come…

So as we continue on looking at the sadhana I will explain more about how the various steps bear relevance to your situation in this world today, how you can see the stages of the practice as symbolic of actions and views you can adopt in everyday life as a way of transforming the appearance of a distorted confusing world into a blissful experience. But for now, the physical beckons and you need to go get your car serviced. We will talk more about this soon.



Dream with Explanation by Heruka

I appear in the dream as if in an Middle-Eastern-looking city that’s familiar to me. A bossy old woman and a young multi-racial girl accompany me, and it seems as if it’s a sort of home-coming.

First I visit a tiny apartment in a dusty, hot, sand-colored worker district. I go from room to room, seeing how the place has changed… I close the window blinds for privacy from the nosy neighbors, and check on a little girl & a crawling baby to see how they are getting along… The place is messy, but I’ve been very busy.

I tell them I’m sorry I’ve been away and left my dear friends neglected… and they are like my children, too… I’m a man who has been away working… Their mother is dead, and the babysitter needs help…

The dream shifts…

Now I’m in an older Eastern-European city, approaching a large mansion (this is the same mansion I dreamed about twice within the last week or so). I’m still with the bossy old woman and now a little boy, but now I’m female, and apparently I’m “Leslee” again…

Once again I’m going from room to room, seeing what’s changed… I have so many memories of being small, growing up here… Why did I ever leave?

Oh… I wanted to get away and help others, and also I was bored… I knew I could come back, but I didn’t intend to be away for so long…

(Now, as I’m typing the dream, I can feel Heruka’s presence… And He shows me that the intimidating gray-haired man in earlier dream was ME: before I went into the dream of Leslee’s life… That’s why I needed to hide from him in that dream!)

I wander through old rooms, it’s a long time since I visited… There is an upper-floor room filled with reminders of experiences in other lifetimes: China, Tibet, Meso-America, North America, Egypt…

…Frozen lands, desert lands, forest lands… Lifetimes as animals, people, spirits… Lifetimes filled with power and weakness… Lifetimes spent alone and with large families, isolated and with large communities…

I fondly dust off some of the items (small carved jade Buddhas) and say my temporary good-byes again, as I prepare to leave this place once more…

In this dream, now I am the gray-haired man again, rising briefly from the dream that is Leslee’s life, to pay a visit, and to remind myself and others…

This is why Leslee’s in no hurry to go back to being the gray-haired man. That life in Telos is not what I want either, except in that life I’m wealthy and have comfortable conditions (except for the bossy lady)…

Sometimes we need to learn to set boundaries and hold fast to our aspirations in Telos, too, just like here on (surface) Earth…

In Telos there is beautiful architecture and streets of beautiful stone, lined with trees and old houses, filled with gentle people…

I’m remembering I come from a Telosian family with expectations and responsibilities… Even as leaders in a “perfect” society, we must perform roles that may become boring and tedious…

(The dream fades, and Heruka explains further, once I’m awake:)

Ascending beyond the body is the only way to escape this cycle of frustration and confusion, so we have all, at various times, agreed to try to tolerate that… Until enough of us finally agree to awaken from the dream that is Gaia (Telosian, Agarthan, or otherwise…)

Once we awaken from that dream, we will all be of the Light once more, and can rest and reflect and commune lovingly and openly again…

Once the massive shift comes, each of us will be able to decide whether we wish to begin a new series of dreams in a new world, or whether we wish to return into the light for a “while”…

There is nothing to fear because it is all truly illusory…

Our bodies and this world are a fantastic creation that we have all participated in… We have done a magnificent job of playing out our roles…

Many of us are tired of the dream, but many are still enjoying it and want to see the final outcome of the illusory “battle” between “Good” and “Evil”…

Enough of us have reached the point of exhaustion that we are about to be granted a pause in the dream… During this pause, those who wish to return to the Light will have that opportunity, and those who wish to continue to play, will be provided that option…

The re-set Game will begin once again, with a level playing field and equanimity of roles…

These days are the times in which each of us is making our own decisions about what we wish to “do” next.

protectors in the shadows



(from Leslee)

Years ago I had a dream that I was trapped in a cave – naked and defenseless and very frightened.

I cowered in the cave while around me danced many evil demons. I knew they were going to kill me, but only after they taunted and terrified me mercilessly.

Suddenly there was a flash of light, and on the stone table in the center of the cave appeared a powerful tall dark-skinned man with dreadlocks down his back.

As soon as he appeared, most of the demons dissolved instantaneously. He jumped down from the table and pointed his staff at the remaining few demons, who then either disappeared or fled out of the cave.

When I awoke, I realized that the dream was telling me that I’d always be protected.

We all have protectors, and They shadow and care for us no matter what.

When we’re able to tune into Them, They’re able to help is even more powerfully.

This dream was also about self-grasping.

No matter how tightly we grasp, our Protector will always loosen our grips. Protectors play key roles along our Spiritual Paths, because without a Protector, we’re left to our own devices.

Only a Protector can protect us from our own delusions. Enlightened Beings show us the path; Protectors keep us from self-sabotage.

I learned this from that dream: I was paralyzed by my fear, and I also couldn’t defend myself. Now I know that all my fear comes from self-grasping, so that’s why I try to work hard to overcome my self-grasping.

I know that once I have that under control, I’ll be home free.

BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 01)

PART ONE: Welcome To Your Dream World

[from Buddhas Heruka, Manjushri, and Naropa]

Most people use their dreams to work through their issues and questions.

Some people with highly-developed minds use their dreaming time to go to places and do things that they can’t do with their human bodies.

Only a small percentage of people can do this, but those who can,  understand – on some level – what’s transpiring. Your higher selves conduct these excursions for you, so as you improve your human connection with your Higher Mind, the more actively your human awareness engages in these enterprises.

When people fall asleep, their minds become more subtle.

This means you shift into a different type of awareness, in which appearances flow and express multiple layers. This happens when you’re dreaming in REM sleep.

At other times, when you’re sleeping deeply, your mind actually leaves your body and goes to “heaven” (or “hell”, in the case of nightmares).  It works this way for most people; you simply don’t remember (with your brain and body) what happens to you once your mind leaves body. You need your brain in order to remember, so when your mind leaves your body, because your physical nervous system wasn’t involved in that activity, your body can’t help you recall what happened.

Dreaming uses your physical nervous system, and that’s why you can recall dreams, including through hypnosis.

The neurons and pathways can reconstruct dream events in your brain so you can recall the dreams with your brain and mind.

Then, when you return to remember the ‘dream’, you again engage in your virtuous activities, but now you’re using your brain as you recall. This way, you’re training your physical neurology to familiarize itself with virtue.

Now, how do We know all this is true?

No ordinary sleep study could detect your mind once it’s left your body.

‘Mind’ in this context refers to conscious awareness, not autonomic function. Your body functions continue autonomically regardless of where your mind goes, as long as your body’s in adequate health. So there’s no way to prove that what We’re saying is true.

Even if scientists could develop a mechanism to detect when the mind leaves the body, that mechanism could not detect where the mind goes, unless it were also able to travel with the mind. At present people on earth don’t have such a mechanism, and given the current state of affairs of human consciousness, that is probably a good thing.

Perhaps one day mankind will be ready for that mechanism, once We can be certain that it would only be used for good.

Now these places that your minds travel vary: some are physical, and some are not. Once you understand how the mind creates its own world, this statement will make more sense. For now, We can just say that these places may be worlds outside ‘your own’.

Manjushri and Naropa would like for you to know that if you want to learn more about this, you should learn to meditate.

Only through sitting quietly with no distractions will you begin to understand and observe how your own mind works.

Everyone’s minds differ; don’t ever believe it if a ‘teacher’ tells you otherwise.

Once you teach your mind to settle, then you can move on to more advanced lessons, and this way Enlightened Beings can help you. That’s why many traditions use prayer: to ask for help. You don’t have to ask for help, but things go much quicker and easier if you do, so We highly recommend it.

Also, making requests creates karmic connections to Enlightened Beings, and that can be very helpful too.

You don’t need a teacher in order to learn to meditate. All you need is a good intention and your mind.

Once you begin to meditate, you’re on your way to Enlightenment. Once you realize Enlightenment, your mind spontaneously performs whatever actions are most beneficial to the greatest number of beings. You may not be fully conscious of your actions or their impacts, at least not with your waking mind, but that doesn’t lessen their effect.

Until you’re Enlightened, you need to tell your mind where you want it to go. This is the first step in learning to meditate.

Now, dreams come in many forms and types, and it’s helpful to know a little bit about the variations. Not all dreams are lucid, and that’s okay. You can use your dream time to be very productive if you want, and simply observing that you’re dreaming isn’t very productive. So it’s fine if you want to check from time to time to see if you’re dreaming, but please have a more productive goal in mind when you go to sleep.

All of humanity needs your help – they don’t need to know whether  you know when you’re dreaming.

We mention this because many people who can dream lucidly, but choose to make recognizing their lucid dreaming a priority, could be engaging in much more beneficial activities.

Everyone likes good dreams, and no one chooses to have a nightmare, but nightmares can actually be very beneficial. If you always have only good dreams, you certainly enjoy your sleep more. But nightmares can teach you more than pleasant dreams ever could, because nightmares show you the things you still need to work on.

For instance, if you Dream that you’re in hell, then take the time to wonder why.

Perhaps you’re simply reliving a memory, but maybe something in your karma threatens to send you to hell in the future. Since you can’t really be sure, you can safely assume that you’d better get to work earning some merit and dedicating it to attaining Great Enlightenment. To attain Great Enlightenment, you need a lot of help from Enlightened Beings, so that dedication will naturally create strong karmic connections between yourself and Enlightened Beings.

Also, you’re protected by your good intention. When you make requests of Enlightened Beings, They begin helping you immediately, even if you can’t notice it.

Sometimes, when you need a break or some encouragement, Enlightened Beings send you particularly pleasant dreams, and these dreams show you what’s possible. Enjoy these dreams, knowing that they’ll come true in one form or another, in one lifetime or another.

Sometimes your dreams act as premonitions, although here We get into some muddy water.

Premonitions can be vague or very specific. Only an Enlightened Being can be certain which situation applies for any given dream.

Often when you look at your dreams, you can’t discern much meaning until later. It helps to keep a dream journal and write down even the most ridiculous or insignificant dreams, as you remember them. It may be months or years before you finally get all of their meanings, but many times you find the messages to be very meaningful and powerful.

It’s best not to be attached to assigning any particular meaning to dreams, because it’s not uncommon for one dream-incident to have several meanings, which may be relevant at different times in your life. Over time you’ll come to know the full significance of the dreams if you record them as objectively as possible.

For some people, a voice recording works better than writing. In any case, keeping some record of your dreams can prove very helpful.

Now, you might wonder where your dreams come from; obviously they come from your mind, but clearly there’s more to it than that.

When you dream, your mind pulls material from your experiences and your potentialities.

Based on your karma and your merit, you each have your own specific bank of both experience and potential. Just as no two people have the same karma and merit, no two people have the same dreams. In dreaming, your mind, aided by your guides, constructs whatever you need to experience in your dream world at that moment.

You might receive instructions, review events, or see things that could happen. Or you might be guided to meet others, if that benefits you most at the moment.

‘Moment’ is an apt choice of words because, as much dream research indicates, dreams are very momentary, very brief.

The constructs of physical time, space and activity don’t restrict your dream worlds. Nerve synapses can fire instantaneously, and can store a vast amount of information in just a second of conventional time. Remembering and recording take place within conventional time, though, so as you recall your dreams the sequence of events becomes elongated, so to speak.

In your dreams – in fact, even in your conscious mind – you can mentally live an entire lifetime within the matter of a few seconds.

And that’s precisely because there’s no ‘matter’ involved; dreaming is an activity purely of mind.

Even though some dream practitioners believe they can actually go to real physical places or transform their physical bodies in their dreams, although it feels real, it’s merely a product of mind. This doesn’t make these experiences invalid; We’re just making the distinction that dreaming occurs independently of physical time and matter.

You can meet people in dreams, but this is a meeting of minds, not of bodies. And the ability to ‘meet minds’ must be developed; it doesn’t come naturally to most people. We’d also like to note that when We say ‘mind’, We’re referring to the ultimate or very subtle mind, not the subtle energy body.

Energy is still physical, no matter how subtle it may be.

When you dream, many things happen in your physical body. Your body  relaxes completely, and only your autonomic functions continue. Your mind steals the show, manifesting many things that the body wouldn’t normally allow. We say ‘allow’ deliberately, because your waking body possesses a mind of its own.

While awake, the body communicates with the mind, helping sort through and process sensory input. This instinctive function keeps you out of physical danger. All eight – yes, eight – senses function fully (to the extent that they’re intact), and all of your sense organs keep attention.

While all of this happens, you can’t unplug your minds and go off dreaming… or can you? As We mentioned before, the powerful mind can multi-task.

Its three Super Senses run like background programs, undetected by scientific measurements.

Some people unplug without falling asleep, and We call this visioning. Most people have to fall asleep to shut down the first five sense awarenesses, and then the super-conscious dreaming mind takes over. The term ‘super-conscious’ better reflects its activity than ‘sub-conscious’ when discussing the dreaming mind.

The vast and over-arching super-conscious mind pervades your experience – including your conscious awareness.

‘super-conscious’, ‘ultimate’, and ‘very subtle’ mind all refer to the same phenomena, and this mind abides with you constantly, usually working in the background while your conscious mind thinks and takes care of busy-ness.

Now you’re perhaps wondering about these extra Super Senses that We just mentioned. You already know about the first five senses: Sight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hearing. And many of you know of a ‘sixth sense’, or ‘telepathy’.

Actually what most people call the ‘sixth sense’ includes three separate super-conscious senses, and We call them ‘super-hearing’, or clairaudience, ‘super-seeing’, or clairvoyance; and ‘super-knowing’, or gross omniscience.

We’d like to add that all people already possess these three additional sense awarenesses.

Anyone can cultivate perception, understanding and processing through these super sense awarenesses. When We say “all people”, We mean humans, animals and spirits. These sense awarenesses receive and process their input regardless of the state of your sense organs, and they continue to function until the death of the brain or body. Even someone who lacks all five ordinary senses perceives through the super-senses, even if they’re unconscious.

Please account for the three super-senses if ever you must make decisions about medical life support for someone.

Anyone who’s made this difficult decision for a loved one knows exactly what We mean. Also please remember that a good intention can overpower any ‘mistakes’ you feel you’ve made in life.

So let’s talk some more about dreaming versus visioning. Dreaming occurs during sleeping; you vision while waking. Please note that ‘waking’ is not a passive activity as implied by the expression ‘being awake’. It’s by far one of the most active verbs you can use.

When you dream, only your super-senses functioning, but they serve very well to alert you, when needed, to activities going on outside or inside your body while you sleep.

Once your body awakens, for most people, the super-senses then go to sleep.

However, if you train yourself in dreaming and visioning, you can also train your three super-senses to remain awake while you’re waking. This may happen naturally, or you may actively develop these skills. Many good books exist on training in extra-sensory perception, so We won’t delve into that.

The three main points We wish to make here are that you all possess these three super-senses, you can cultivate more clear and conscious perceptions through them, and most people use these senses more actively while dreaming.

If you wish to go visioning, you may find many good books and teachers on that subject.

We’re focusing on how you can use dreaming and visioning to attain Enlightenment, so please follow your inclinations and allow your Inner Guide to lead you to the materials that best complement your path.

How do you attain Enlightenment using dreaming and visioning?

First, please check your motivation. If you dream and vision for the benefit of others, then you’re off to a good start. If you dream and vision for amusement or personal gratification of some other sort, then your dreaming and visioning activities will not necessarily make you a better person over time.

In fact, if you do it merely for your own benefit, you run the risk of getting into many perilous psychic situations. If you do it for others, then Enlightened Beings protect you while you dream and vision. If you do it for yourself, then you have only yourself for protection, and that may not be enough. You live in a world with many unseen beings and forces.

So now We’ve also covered motivation a bit.

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BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 5)

PART FIVE: How You Can Act In Your Dreams


[From Buddhas Heruka and

Shakespeare said “all the world’s a stage”, and Buddha Shakyamuni says all of life is like a dream.

We’d like to suggest that you may use your dreams as a stage: On this stage you can have a dress-rehearsal of your next lifetime.

At this dress-rehearsal you don’t need an audience and critics. You can try out different lines and different methods of delivery, and you can run through the scenes as many times as you like. The cast and crew await your beck and call, and even the heroes and villains can be made to do your bidding.

Leslee had a nightmare several years ago:

“I was about to be devoured by a huge, menacing, hairy monster with fangs the size of my legs and a gaping mouth as large as my bedroom. The monster was leering over me, mouth opened to engulf me.

“Just as I knew my life was about to end, the dream-set turned into a stage-set.

“My ‘camera’ zoomed out, and I suddenly beheld my tiny ‘self’ on the set beside a not-quite-so-tiny monster which was actually a marionette. The marionette was being controlled backstage by a huge fat jolly man sitting casually on a stool, wearing overalls and no shirt, laughing so hard that it seemed his scruffy beard was about to fall off.

“As the scene zoomed out a little further, I saw another version of myself, this time in scale with the man in overalls, and I was also sitting on a stool, watching the puppet show and looking a bit dumbstruck (but very relieved).

“Around myself and Shakey (the fat man) stood several empty stools, and the floor was littered with the bodies of monks and nuns who had collapsed from exhaustion.

“When I awoke from the Dream, I realized that ‘Shakey was Buddha Shakyamuni (and Shakespeare), appearing to show me the true nature of my experiences in life.

“The exhausted monks and nuns represented people who had thoroughly exhausted themselves by grasping at appearances (such as the appearance of how a person in robes should behave).”

This dream dramatically changed Leslee’s life.

It showed her how everything experienced in this life is not only not ‘real’, but Enlightened Beings also arrange it, for everyone’s best benefit (Enlightened Beings often defy our expectations of appearances).

In the dream, unlike the monster, Leslee was not a marionette being controlled by Shakey.

She was free to choose her actions. Fortunately she chose to step back from the scene of menace and get a wider perspective of the situation. From there I could see that I was in no danger.

Contemplating this dream may open a clear understanding that all of your experiences are lessons. This knowledge offers powerful guidance for decision-making.

Please allow your dreams to show you how to act in life.

This can happen in many ways. Enlightened Beings can give you very clear and obvious lessons like the dream about ‘Shakey’. This often happens when you’re ready for the lesson, because your guides see you headed for a challenging situation or decision.

When you receive these special dreams, please pay attention and question their possible meanings.

Quite often, dreams can be interpreted in many ways, and each interpretation offers a lesson.

People commonly dream about playing roles that they’ve never played in ‘real’ life. These dreams take you out of your comfort zone and force you to think on your feet, so to speak. In your dream world you really can’t make mistakes, so try to remember: you have nothing to lose.

Dreams are just rehearsals.

You can master your role, playing it out however you like, until you gain a deep understanding of what role you wish to play in the ‘real’ world.

As your roles in life continue to shift, your dreams are at your disposal as tools you can use to work through your new positions.

If you keep in mind that you’re using these tools while working with Enlightened Beings, you may feel inspired to look very closely at your dreams.

Every detail you remember probably serves as a cue for you to find a lesson about how you can use your dreams to guide you through waking life.

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BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 6)

PART SIX: Fantasy And Reality


[From Buddhas Heruka and Naropa]

You can also use your dreams to create your waking life.

This differs from literally turning your fantasy world into your ‘real’ world, because the dreams and wishes of the other actors powerfully affect the ‘real’ world.

You can, however, use your wishes to bend reality somewhat, and influence energies to flow in the direction that you’d like.

How quickly and to what extent this can manifest depends considerably on the wishes of the other people surrounding you (this is one reason why many spiritual traditions emphasize community). But even if you often feel like a stranger in a strange land, your wishes constantly affect your experience.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a job that you really don’t enjoy. Or maybe you just need to find a job. If you focus your mind on an imagined situation that you wish to find yourself in, the energies of your wish flow in the direction of that outcome.

If you can also manage not to think negatively about your ‘existing’ situation, that keeps the way clear for the energy to flow more precisely in the direction of your desires. Your energy goes where your mind goes, so negative thoughts, especially discouragement, tend to divert or short-circuit the fulfillment of your wishes because they dilute the amount of energy that actually goes in the direction you want.

It’s essential to understand that this manifestation process works in a rather unpredictable way.

So it’s best not to focus too much energy on the specifics of what you wish for, or you may miss opportunities arising.

This shows another example of how grasping may sneak in, disguised as part of your spiritual endeavors.

Generate your wish enthusiastically but try not to grasp too tightly at how you think it ought to come true.

The more clearly you can understand what it is you’re really wishing for (the stripped-down version), the more latitude Enlightened Beings have to influence outcomes. Then, the more quickly and easily you’re likely to notice results.

Even the smallest inspiration you get could be coming from Enlightened Beings trying to help you open up and allow your dreams to come true.

You can do this with any wish you have in your life. The state of mental relaxation that allows Us to plant seeds resembles a dream state, and with some people, dreamtime is the best time for Us to plant those seeds. You can take your wishes to sleep with you, and We may use that opportunity to both give you ideas and show you how you may need to fine-tune your wishes.

During your waking time you can process what you remember from your dreams, and also work on focusing your energy towards them.

In this way We can help you to dream yourself to a more fulfilling life.

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BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 7)

PART SEVEN: Those Dreams You Don’t Talk About


[From Buddhas Manjushri, Heruka and Naropa]

There’s one kind of dream that We haven’t mentioned yet, but We can’t ignore it, because it’s probably everyone’s favorite type of dream.

Yes, We’re talking about Sex Dreams, and yes, We’re going to offer some explanations and information for your consideration.

First, let’s get the technical part out of the way: Sex Dreams are usually Non-Lucid Action-Making dreams, but you’d probably already figured that out.

What do Sex Dreams have to do with Dharma?

Well just like sex itself, they can have everything to do with Dharma, but it all depends on one’s point of view and attitude. We’ll go into Pure View in more detail in a moment; for now, let’s just say that there’s no action more virtuous than engaging in union with an Enlightened Being. If you truly engage in union with an Enlightened Being, your mind is mixing completely with the mind of the Union of Bliss and Emptiness, and if you can manage to sustain that Union permanently, then you’ve attained Enlightenment.

Please note that we said permanently.

That means never pausing, never ceasing, never taking a break. We think it’s safe to say that most sex is not like that.

Just the same, sometimes the experience of sex can give you glimpses of what the experience of Union is like. So, in that respect, it can be a very worthwhile endeavor.

We’d like to pause here and make a clarification. Many Buddhist stories make vague references to something called ‘meditation’ when they describe practices that involve ‘consorts’.

In almost all of these instances, ‘meditation’ refers to what might ordinarily be called ‘sex’.

The word ‘ordinary’ is key to understanding why sometimes it’s more fitting to use the word ‘meditation’.

A chapter on Dreams (and Sex) seems to be just as good a place as any to address the differences between ordinary view and Pure View.

Simply out, Pure View is an Enlightened Being’s point of view.

Practitioners of Vajrayana Buddhism make their best effort to engage in Pure View, and this means their goal is to constantly do a number of things. We might call it Supreme Multi-Tasking, but Pure View is much easier to say.

And it’s much easier to say than to do, so an intent Vajrayana practitioner continues to make effort to improve their multi-tasking ability until it finally becomes their very nature, and they’ve therefore attained Enlightenment.

Since We’ve begun a digression, let’s take it a little further and explain a little bit about the Vajrayana Path and Empowerments. We predict that the following explanations will likely receive criticism from traditional Vajrayana Buddhist circles; We’re treading on very sacred ground.

So We’re saying to you that since you’re reading these words, you have the very special karma to be receiving this transmission of an explanation.

What you choose to do with it’s entirely up to you. This advice resembles the advice given to anyone receiving an ‘actual’ Empowerment directly from a Vajra Master appearing in human form before them.

Vajra Masters may appear in any form they choose. The advice is the same: If you believe you’ve received an Empowerment from a Fully Enlightened Being, then that’s exactly what’s happened. If you don’t truly view the Vajra Master as an Enlightened Being, then you might as well just have gone to dinner with him or her, because that’s about how “empowered” you’ll get.

So if you believe that Enlightened Beings can give you a transmission through words that appears to be written by a human being, and from that transmission you may attain Enlightenment, then you have a tremendous amount of faith and will probably attain Enlightenment very easily.

If you think that idea is preposterous, then you might as well skip ahead to the next section, or put the book down altogether, because the explanation about sex won’t do you any good either.

If you fall anywhere in between, then you still have enough faith, so please read on and enjoy.

Now let’s get back to sex, and eventually we’ll get back to dreams about sex.

If you’ve ever had sex of any kind, then you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of how it affects the physical body. There are some wonderful explanations available about how it also affects the energy body: what precisely happens with the channels, winds and drops when one is aroused, and when two people enter into union.

Rather than repeating what’s already been skillfully said, We’ll simply summarize:

When the physical and energy bodies are aroused, one enters into a sort of altered state of awareness.

Then it’s possible that the perceptions of one’s energy body may begin to dominate over the familiar physical perceptions.

This may in turn lead to a transcendental experience, and We’re not talking about physical orgasm. We’re talking about a state of mind with very dreamlike qualities, that’s very subtle and fluid. This state mimics the experiences of highly-realized meditators when they’re approaching Enlightenment.

So, if you enter such a state of arousal, that arousal may act as a stepping stone for making spiritual progress.

We don’t guarantee this will happen for you, so by telling you this We’re not encouraging you to go out and have sex with wild abandon – that’s more likely to produce the opposite of the desired effect. But if the opportunity arises, We’re encouraging you to use your sexual practice as spiritual practice.

The more you meditate, the more you’ll gain control over your mind as well as your subtle channels, winds and drops, and this will positively impact your sexual experience.

Now We can get back to the main subject at hand: Sexual Dreams.

Really, all that’s left to say is that Sexual Dreams may serve the same purpose as the actual sex act when it comes to spiritual progress, and the more mindful you are during your dreams (of using them for spiritual progress), the more progress you’ll make.

It’s also worth telling you a little about the origin of these types of dreams.

Enlightened Beings help manifest your powerful sexual dreams. Spirits, gods and demons aren’t spiritually powerful enough to affect your mind and subtle energy body enough to produce strong sexual arousal when you sleep.

We make a distinction between powerful sexual dreams and simple fantasy dreams. The latter aren’t any more influenced by Enlightened Beings than your other ‘normal’ dreams. But you’ll know the difference if you have a powerful sexual dream, because you’ll remember it and understand naturally that it was a special dream.

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BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 08)

PART EIGHT: Being A Go-Between

[From Buddhas Heruka, Manjushri, and Naropa]

You do a special type of dreaming once for each of your lifetimes, and that is always the last dream of that life.

Tibetans call this dream state the ‘bardo’, but We call it ‘In-Between Dreaming’.

Dreaming is very familiar to you; you do it often.

You also know the In-Between Dream very well. But during your life it generally resides in your sub-conscious, like other unremembered dreams. You know on some level that you have them, but you can’t remember them, at least not fully.

You In-Between Dream every time you permanently leave your body to move on to your next body and life.

Whether you believe it or not, you’ve dreamed in this way – many, many times.

Since everyone has super-consciously familiarity with this kind of dreaming, there’s no need to be anxious about whether you’ll know what to ‘do’ once you’re there; it comes naturally. If you’re in the habit of asking for help from you Guides, this dream will go more easily for you, because you’ll automatically have others there to help you.

Even if you’ve never asked for help, you’ll eventually figure it out; it just may take you a bit longer.

Many Buddhist traditions teach that the bardo lasts for a specific length of time. We’d like for you to consider that the In-Between Dream can be nearly instantaneous, or it can go on for many, many ‘years’; its length depends upon the individual’s preferences, karma, and merit. People who have lots of good karma and merit, and who’ve asked for lots of help, can get in and out of this dream in a flash. It is, after all, just a walk down a ‘lane’. For those who are more stubborn, it can take longer.

Plus, some people enjoy being in their In-Between Dream because they can visit all their loved ones without the distractions of a physical body.

So they might choose to stay there for a very long time.

When you’re in your In-Between Dream, you can usually interact with your loved ones through their dreams, visions and meditations. If their minds are more advanced, you might be able to contact them while they’re waking. You can try this even if their minds are not more advanced, and most likely they’ll pause in whatever they’re doing and think of you.

In any case, you can at least try anything you like – it just might work.

Let’s digress briefly to talk about ghosts and spirits.

Ghosts and spirits are not people in their In-Between Dreams. Ghosts and Spirits are Beings who have taken rebirth in physical bodies that are less dense than your human bodies.

They must live out their ghost- or spirit-lifetimes before they can enter their next In-Between Dream, and their lifetimes can last much longer than a human lifetime. They’re not exactly in a fiery hell, but they’re in a much less pleasant state than if they took a human rebirth. They can see you and attempt to interact with you, but they can’t touch and feel you the way that another human can. They often become frustrated when trying to interact with humans, because humans seldom perceive them.

Ghosts and spirits don’t choose this form of rebirth; their karma propels them there.

The karma that sends a person into a spirit rebirth arises when they’ve obstructed others from fulfilling their wishes. We’ll talk more about this topic in a later book.

Sometimes ghosts and spirits try to pose as Enlightened Beings, and when they do this they can cause a lot of confusion.

If you think you’ve run into this kind of situation, test them several ways to see if they’re ghosts or spirits. Please don’t worry about offending Enlightened Beings when you insist on these tests. Your thoroughness and sincerity in getting to the truth delights Enlightened Beings.

Enlightened Beings know no limits of physical constraint.

Spirits are limited in this way, to some extent, since they do have subtle physical bodies.

Since spirits can move through physical matter, though, you can’t really block them physically. You can propel them away from you, but they can always come back.

The best way to get rid of a spirit is either to ignore it or expose it as what it truly is – an essentially powerless being.

The latter method works far more effectively, because it both discourages the spirit from bothering you, and benefits your mind by boosting your spiritual confidence.

You can expose a spirit easily: give it a quiz.

Now, spirits sometimes use telepathy, so if you use a little cleverness it helps. When you ask a spirit a question, try to choose a question to which you already know the answer, so you don’t have to think about the answer. Don’t ask it about common things, like your mother’s name, because it’ll already know all that (as would an Enlightened Being).

Ask it about things spiritual. Ask it a Dharma question, such as “What is the best motivation a person can have?”

Now, if the spirit happens to know the answer (which is unlikely), it’ll still give itself away in other ways as it responds, through its attitude and tone of ‘voice’.

We’re not going to say much more here because spirits can also see anything that any creatures’ eyes (even your own eyes) can see. They could be reading these words right now, and we don’t want to spoil the test. Just please consider the differences in attitudes between Enlightened Beings (which are always loving, kind and patient) and spirits (which are seldom loving, kind or patient), and you can probably deduce for yourself what kind of being is responding.

As a note of encouragement: if you happen to expose a spirit who suddenly starts to behave like an Enlightened Being, please don’t worry, because you may have just helped a spirit attain some level of Enlightenment!

Now, let’s return to In-Between Dream communication.

Please recall that in Book One, We talked about the Lane Between Lifetimes. Along this lane you choose the people and places that you’d like to meet in your upcoming lifetime, and you decide the terms and conditions under which you’ll meet them.

Sometimes your dreams during this current lifetime serve as a preview of your stroll down the lane, so you can make decisions in advance.

When you reach turning points and complete certain chapters of your lifetime, you can use this understanding to create your future.

Most of the time these dreams are set on a lane, road, or pathway of some kind; so if you’re dreaming lucidly you can recognize that this is what’s happening. Sometimes they take place in other settings, and in those instances, you can recognize the type of dream because you’re interacting with people you know, or have known, in this current lifetime.

Please try to use these dreams to work towards resolving your feelings about the people you meet in them.

If you’re able to resolve how you feel about them now, then once you find yourself on your Lane Between Lifetimes you’ll already know how you’re willing to work with them in the future.

One wonderful thing about these dreams is that in them, you can really tell people how you feel without worrying about worldly consequences. So you can actually tell your boss that you’re not willing to work under those conditions again, and you can really tell them to go take a hike, and you don’t have to worry about getting fired.

If you like, you can decide not to see them at all in your next lifetime.

Sometimes that makes it a little easier to deal with them in this lifetime.

Most of the time you carry very mixed feelings about the people you deal with on a day-to-day basis. Some things you like about them, and perhaps they help you. Other things about them may irritate you, or you may view them as very unhelpful.

Please keep in mind is that your most important lessons are seldom easy.

That person who always seems to be beating you down may actually be an Enlightened Being, harassing you just enough to give you an opportunity to learn to stand up for yourself. If you seem to be getting the same lesson over and over again, then perhaps you need to try a different way of responding to the situation when it arises again.

So, please don’t always take it for granted that just because you had a difficult time with someone, that means you need to avoid them in the future. If they’re appearing in that way so you can learn a lesson, then chances are that if you refuse to meet them in the future, someone else will be appearing in your life to bring you that same lesson.

Sometimes you learn best from teachers who seem  most familiar to you.

Dreams can also offer you glimpses of places where you might like to live.

Can a dream place manifest as a ‘real’ place in your life? Maybe not precisely. But dream places can have qualities found in your ‘real’ world, and those qualities can act like guiding forces when it’s time for your next rebirth.

If there’s a type of setting that you find particularly beneficial to your peace of mind, you may notice this in your dreams. So pay attention to where you go in your dreams.

You might discover your next home there.