00 open waters and safe harbors


Do you believe that you can learn anything you need to know without ever opening your eyes or mouth?

Why would a “Buddhist” write about Channeling and Connecting?

Because we need methods for conveying condensed information during this time of great shifting.

Dharma scriptures and sadhanas are precious relics. There is not time for long ritual prayers now, nor are they helpful in any way in this day and time.

Verbal and visual communications dominate among humans, but more primal – and more powerful – communication methods exist.

We sometimes re-learn our most effective methods, after struggling for decades with modes that we consider more reliable. Actually, words merely attract us because they’re easily documented, and we like “proof”. When we want to express ourselves and learn, we must choose either to connect in ways that society expects, or in ways that are mostly impossible to substantiate (but perhaps more effective).

We understand that we connect consciously with people. We can also connect – consciously or otherwise – with other types of beings: animals, inert life forms, spirits, and Mind. We seem to encounter primarily other embodied beings; but we can interact with many types of beings in countless meaningful ways – even our Spiritual Guides.

Most of us know how to connect with other humans and some animals. Even if our faculties are “impaired”, we can use widely accepted ways to bridge the spatial and energetic gaps that seems to exist between us. Many of us are also familiar with prayer or meditation, the most effective methods humanity has learned, for connecting with disembodied entities.

Regardless of the methods we use, our intended outcome and with whom we intend to connect matter most.


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