hurtling towards enlightenment – 09

CHAPTER 3: POINT 5: ALL ACTIONS CREATE KARMA. Make a wish. Desire creates karma for you, because it affects your mind. You are your mind. Suppose you wish to give to others. Now you’ve created positive karma with others. Further, if you actually do give to others, you create even stronger positive karma with everyone … Continue reading hurtling towards enlightenment – 09


BOOK TWO: chapter one: how to make progress

So, now that you have the basic instructions and some concluding advice, how do you “Practice like your life depends on it”? What does that mean? What is ‘practice’? What is progress, anyway, and how can you tell when you’re making it? How does the average person do this on their own? First of all, … Continue reading BOOK TWO: chapter one: how to make progress

music opens our channels

How notes tune our minds... I’ve blogged about why I love music, Now we’re going to talk about how music affects us on subtle levels. Your channels are your opening to the gateway of Enlightenment. Sure, that sounds great… What are channels? I’ll put it simply: channels are like invisible blood vessels. They carry energy … Continue reading music opens our channels