03 open waters and safe harbors


The ability to Channel and Connect is a gift, but also a technique, a training.

Diet, activity, and state of mind affect deeply and respond rapidly. Stress contracts the physical and subtle bodies, and affect channeling and connecting ability.

Channeling and connecting also require a lot of expansive energy.

Many forms of experiences fill our world, and people connect for different reasons. We can be receptive or productive. We need to be aware of the type of channeling body we have, and understand what we expose ourselves to: negative or positive, nourishing or draining.

When they first begin channeling, many people develop a relationship with one entity that teaches them how to do their work better, and who constantly presses them to improve their integrity and compassion. This type of teacher is called a “Heruka Dolmboa”.

There is often a second entity, which is actually also the one who makes initial contact, in a different aspect.

This entity is usually regarded as a friend or spiritual guide. This one may be referred to as the person’s “Ephalem”. The word comes from the Angelic realm, but is not a proper name.

(Leslee’s Heruka Dolmboa and she argue a lot because she wants to understand things that are insignificant, while He’s trying to teach her things she’ll need to know soon.)

When we find a system of channeling that suits us, we improve our ability to identify various mental states. Then we can better control and modulate their frequencies and interactions.

“New” channelers struggle with wanting more words, because they think words validate their messages.

Eventually they learn that their Guides provide them with exactly what is needed at any point in time, in order to teach both the channeler and the people who receive their messages.


As We continue sending messages to post, We will give you exercises for learning to distinguish channeling from neurology/connecting.

There are mechanisms tied to frequencies, that can be learned.

Look into getting a set of tuning forks, or discovering your “base frequency”.

You may use a pendulum, automatic writing, your intuition, or some other method of divination to find this. You may enjoy this process more if you make this discovery yourself; trust that you’re fully qualified to make this determination.

Digital Downbeat offers a free smartphone app called “TuningFork” which may be very helpful. With it, you can try out a wide range of frequencies, and also have easy access to the tones that you find relaxing, grounding, uplifting, etc.

(Read books on Cellular Awakening, DMT, Maurice Beauregard)

Methods of Training:

1. Remembering dreams and keeping a dream journal

2. Focusing & quieting the mind with something that’s moving: a pendulum, a metronome, a stream of water, just a beach minute or lapping waves… The visual component wields much power, and holding or touching actual moving objects adds a physical component to deepen the experience.

3. Fractal generators, word generators, other random visual generators (double pendulum, fractal, etc.). (See 2. above)

What We want is to provide opportunities for interaction.

Learn to listen, learn to accept.

Exercises for opening the mind to new phenomena will be posted also, please check back often and feel free to ask questions by posting comments.


putting it out there (part 03)

rectangular chart with colors and facial expressions


[continued from Roadtrippin’ With Heruka]

Let’s take an aside from the Roadtrip to loop back towards the beginning of the story, and I’ll tell you a bit about how I was taught to use a pendulum.

Let’s pop back to where I had just begun to follow the suggestion to resurrect my old pendulums, and through it I connected with Heruka

Please hold the mindset that we’re all different in every way…

(That’s why we’re all here together, to help one another in the midst of our “differences”. So, what works for me may bring you some lessons, and as you share your experiences, I’ll learn from you. (and I thank you for that!) Anyway, I’ll share what I was told, in case it resonates with you or gives you some ideas for your own practice.)

A friend of mine once told me that, within our bodies, the right side gives or projects energy, and the left side receives energy.

So I took up one of my pendulums with my left hand, because I wanted to be receiving information.

(I’ve learned since then that this right/left circuitry varies with a person’s handedness. I’m right-handed, so my dominant hand is the one that projects energy – and tries to control. Best to keep it out of the picture. I only want to receive the highest and best possible guidance, so I need to get my ego out of the way. So far, every left-handed person whom I’ve taught this method has been asked to hold the pendulum with their right hand. A few right-handed people have been asked to use their right, and I wonder if perhaps they are at heart “lefties” who were trained to become right-handed.)

I had always used the pendulum in a yes-no fashion, without any kind of chart or table.

Since it had been a few years since I had tried this, my first step was to begin by asking:

Please show me a “yes”.

It began to swing towards me and away from me, gently.

Please show me a “no”.

It began to swing left-to-right….

Please show me “uncertainty”.

Whoa. It began to swing in a circle.

I had to go get a drink.

Am I using the right pendulum?

Circle. I was confused. Over time, I’ve realized that this kind of movement can also indicate that there’s a better way to phrase the question, or that I’m totally off-topic.

It occurred to me that using the words “right” or ‘wrong” reinforces a sense of duality. That’s exactly what I’m trying to escape…

Is this the pendulum you’d like for me to use at this point in time?


And so we began.

As I began using the pendulum for (literally) hours a day, I wanted to be sure I was doing it correctly, and that this was not about barging in on higher beings and asking a lot of annoying questions.

Especially a lot of yes/no questions.

But that seemingly laborious process taught me some patience, and it also prompted a deep mindfulness about word choices and meanings.

Even though now the words may come without a chart, sometimes The Buddhas use ambiguous words deliberately, to encourage this kind of thoughtfulness and exploration.

This went on for a day or two, and I was exhausting myself. One morning I just sat in meditation. I was thrilled about connecting, but had so many questions, and I thought, There’s gotta be a better way!

A picture of a chart popped into my head.

Really? I thought… Damn, just Yes and No are taking forever… Are you trying to kill me with this chart-talk?

I blew off the chart idea. And the pendulum went completely dead. Full stop.

There went my doubts about whether or not I was making the pendulum move…

So, “we” sketched out a small alphabet chart, that I could hold between my fingers (and fit into my back pocket). The pendulum began to move again, and I began to notice patterns. It was very slowly and faintly swinging in different directions. Then at times it would stop, or circle.

It took a few more hours, but we worked it out (you may receive different instructions/explanations):

But first, here’s a note to help you maintain a posistive mind:

There is no way in the world you can hold a pendulum perfectly still with your hands. Fuggettaboutit.

Just Google “ideomotor effect”, and you’ll save yourself some heartache.

Besides, hopefully what you’re trying to do is not to prove your motor skills to skeptics. You’re developing an intimate relationship and communication method with your spiritual guides. It doesn’t matter what the skeptics think. And you may never convince a skeptic that the energy coursing through your arm is making both the pendulum and your arm/hand move.

You’ll feel it if it’s working.

So let’s begin:

(here’s a short video showing the style chart I use most often, as well as a sample of a moderately advanced technique that relies heavily on intuition.)



Begin with the still point of the pendulum located over the dot at the center of the array of letters.

It’s essential to look directly at the tip of the pendulum, as much as possible. Your eyes send energy to it, and this facilitates the message emerging.

Use your peripheral vision to identify which letter the pendulum swings towards.

Intuition will supplement this.

Rely upon your intuition to dance around… Empty your mind (as much as you can) of all guessing, expectations, and rational thought… Not to mention emotions or preferences.

Initially, if the pendulum seems to be spelling out words letter-by-letter, look for signals between words. Mine was that the pendulum would stop and make one circle over the dot, pause, then begin the next word.

The mode may vary: at times, I got letter-by-letter. As my circuits strengthened and cleared, I began to intuitively know the intended word as soon as the first letter emerged. In either case, at the end of a sentence the pendulum would circle the dot 3 times.

Gradually, the default mode became swinging a first letter, then mentally receiving/knowing the word.

The pendulum would swing over a letter 2-3 times before moving on, creating a nice soothing rhythm.

If I felt like I wasn’t getting the word the letter signified, or maybe I was missing the letter, I’d move the chart slightly out of the way and go back to yes/no until I got back on track.

Things were finally picking up speed!

What a relief… Because, needless to say, with my fairly anal-retentive nature combined with a bad memory, I had been painstakingly writing down every single letter and word that came…

I had to, because they had been coming so slowly that I’d forget the first letters or words by the time we got to the end!

So we were on our way, and I began to receive some very specific instructions. One thing I understand is that a big part of my “work” is to share this information with others, so that they may find more options for exploring and  developing their own methods of connecting with their guides.

Once the words streamed more smoothly, Heruka began to give me some more specific instructions on posture and diet, to help acclimate me to my new energetic world. (We’ll post more about this later…)

Soon after that, I found myself in the Washington DC area, and we began writing All About Enlightenment.

Then, once I returned to Atlanta six months later, Lhamo Dorje showed me some really wonderful pendulum designs: built for speed and convenience!

(Check out the ones made with ball-chain here, that loop over a finger and may be worn as a bracelet.)

It took a few more months, but once we got to a stopping-point with All About Enlightenment, H & LD told me that soon I wouldn’t need the charts at all. I found it hard to believe then, but now, almost two years later, that’s the way things are naturally evolving.

I hope to post these soon; if these links aren’t live when you find them, please look for them to animate as we continue to post.

Pendulum Posture

Foods For Subtle Energy

Ruwa And Me Pendulum Charts (RAMP Charts)

Ruwa And Me Pendulums (RAMPs)

Your Changing Relationships With Your Guides

Pendulum Readings

We’ll create posts for each of these topics soon!

Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

I’ve been reading quite a few books, blogs, and websites in the past several months, and I’ve noticed some patterns. Also, a dear friend asked me recently if I could help them learn how to better connect with their spiritual guides.

When we feel confused, we become particularly susceptible to thinking that another person holds the answers for us. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent most of my life in that state!

It helps me to view teachers as stepping stones, rather than destinations.

I sure haven’t figured it all out, but over the years I’ve become happier, so I figure something’s working. Since I’ve noticed some patterns, I’ll share some observations:

1. Please follow what you feel best suits you, in your heart, as often as you can.

2. Please read this post in my blog All About Enlightenment, about what to look for in a spiritual guide.

3. Please turn your back peacefully and confidently on anything or anyone who seems to enocurage you to feel fear, guilt, regret, or inadequacy.

4. Please try your best to reach an understanding of how none of us actually exist. None of our joys or sorrows or accomplishments or failures or possessions or losses have any power over us, other than the power that we give them.

5. You have nothing to fear.

6. There is no one to criticize.

7. No one can send you to heaven or hell; only we can do that to ourselves.

There exist beings “out there” that we may not be able to see or sense. ‘Out There’ simply means that we don’t recognize them as parts of our Self.

But that’s what they are. We’re all connected in so many ways… Usually on levels that we, in our ‘gross’ bodies, find elusive.

We all bear light, and we all harbor dark sides, too.

This creates balance. This allows us to make choices.

We arrive here swaddled in forgetfulness, and choose whether to exit this moment in confusion, or with wisdom and joy.

No politician, disclosure, stock market, currency, teacher, relative, boss, judge, doctor, offspring, failure, success, meal, muscle, organ, weather, conquest or evasiveness offers true relief or condemnation from our choice to have appeared on this planet, in this moment, with this set of conditions and riddles.

Because we’re born into forgetting, we may find ourselves at the mercy of a few who have figured out a bit more of the game.

Some people get a taste of power and that fall into the trap of thinking that the adrenaline rush is the prize.

Knowledge produces strength. Some might say that ‘knowledge is power’, but power distorts.

Strength multiplies itself when shared with others.

When we meet people who relish their own power as a means of bending others to their will, we can recognize this in many forms.

Some are obvious, and these usually provoke anger. We can deal with that easily enough.

The ones that can lead us ’round the bend into the dark noggy place are the ones who pose as teachers and healers, while withholding the means we can use awakening ourselves.

Or, who pose as teachers and healers just because they seem to have more knowledge than some others. Et cetera.

Fact: as long as you’re in a body, you’ve still got something to learn.

Accept and enjoy.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you with rank or knowledge.

At the same time, maintain humility, because…

Fact: As long as you’re in a body, there will always be another ‘body’ that knows something you don’t.

We designed the Universe that way.

(‘We’ as in all of us.)

We can access all the knowledge we need; we’ve taken the first step when we dare to believe this might be possible.

We’ve taken the second step once we become willing to trust in ‘the unknown’.

With two steps, we find our feet planted on a completely new path.

Don’t worry – you’ll find friends and kindred spirits quickly.

It’s one amazing ride – relax and enjoy!

[This is a re-post from: http://thinktoask.com/2011/12/28/knock-knock-whos-there/]

putting it out there (part one)


[by Leslee]

My dear friend Wes Annac, who has a wonderful site at [Occupy] Aquarius Channelings (happily serving the 100 percent) http://aquariuschannelings.com/ inspired this post series.

I had expressed in an earlier post that I feel like a novice at doing this (putting it out there, and channeling), and Wes has a different view.

It occurred to me that some might enjoy – and relate to – hearing about some of the “phases” I’ve gone through with my Guides since I discovered we could “chat”. The overarching point emphasizes that most of us may well need to go through phases along the way, and this doesn’t imply that we’ve made mistakes.

It’s all part of the process.

(In fact, the process can be so unknown, that right now I sit bemused to think that in a few months I may shake my head when I re-read this post, too…)

So I’m going to make at least two posts on this. The second one will be about learning to use a pendulum… For now, please have a chuckle with me about some of the wild goose chases Heruka has taken me on while connecting with Him…

It all started when I signed up for a webinar on connecting with your spiritual guide. I’d been Buddhist since 2000, and was really happy with my Yidam (that’s Sanskrit for spiritual guide) Heruka. I just wanted to be able to talk to Him. I could feel His presence constantly, but had the nagging feeling that He was trying to tell me stuff that I just wasn’t getting.

As part of my trying to listen, I had returned my nun’s vows and left the tradition I had been affiliated with. I wasn’t sure what was in store for me, but I knew it was what He wanted – because He knew it was what was best for me. It was tough, because of course all the other members of that community felt pretty much obligated to hold the view that I had just bought myself a one-way ticket to Hell.

I knew otherwise; but my “knowledge” didn’t fit the doctrine…

So I was out of there. And lonely. This class seemed to beckon towards my next step. And the class led me to using a pendulum to connect with my guides.

In short, I found that those wonderful, sparkly, dangly little jewels were like a silver cord between us, and that if I used an alphabet chart, “they” could spell messages. About stuff that I had no idea I “knew”… (for those skeptics out there)

Here’s the funny part. The first contact was with a couple of beings who had popped in and out of dreams and past -life regressions I’d experienced.  Maybe I’ll share their names someday, but right now, it doesn’t seem too relevant.

The attraction was strong, because these were familiar and comfortable “images”/understandings of former teachers and loved ones.

Cool. Comfort zone accomplished.

Over a couple weeks of tedious and fairly obsessive work with my new friends and tools (I think I estimated 150 hours until I met Heruka, then at least that many more before I met Lhamo Dorje and we began working on All About Enlightenment), the connections shifted dramatically.

Through those initial teachers, I was given an overwhelming amount of information about past lives, splinters of my continuum, my connections to others alive now, things that were going on in the world… It was a lot to take in.

Along the way I met Archangel Michael, and he explained some basics about some of the unseen Communities that surround us (the Oikos & Keres, for example). He also gave me some instructions for protection and connection.

I know you want to know, so here’s a brief synopsis: Generate an awareness or make a request for the Oikos to watch over you during the daytime, and for the Keres to watch over you at nighttime.

(By the way, they (O&K) include all the hosts of angels and archangels and everyone good and holy that you may already be familiar with.)

Also, if you can keep a small vessel of natural stone (glass is the next best choice) near your bed when you sleep, filled with fresh water, your guides can use that to connect with you when you sleep. And Iona will use it to connect with you upon rising, channeling fresh energy and light into your room.

A small (natural, not lead) crystal bowl works best, but these are rather hard to find and can seem expensive; a glass of water works just fine. And it’s okay if you drink it, too.

So I started following those suggestions, and soon another shift occurred.

Michael handed me off to Mimmakkme, who apparently is currently embodied in a deep cavern somewhere under Greece. She’s lovely, but all I can say right now is that she knows full well that I am totally going to kick her butt if I ever meet her in person. And we’ll both have a good laugh over it!

She led me, for months, in hounding a connection from a previous life, whom I had met on a social networking site. She told me many stories about times we had spent together, and lessons that needed learning, as well as what was going on in this person’s life.

That time brought a lot of pain, and led to another split between myself and that person. It took a while, but the lesson I got from it was this:

We can only do so much for others, and we cannot tell them what they need.

No matter how deep and tight our connections have been. And this applies even when we think we’re doing it on behalf of a holy being who knows everything.

Sounds a bit like the role some religions adopt…

[Please see Roadtrippin’ with Heruka for the next part of the story…]

love and pain… sweet tides


[ 5 of 8 ]


“My Inner Guide works with me on many levels: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious.

Even when I cannot consciously feel my Inner Guide’s love and direction, I can be confident that my Inner Guide is operating on very deep levels to bring about my healing.

(This is true for all types of pain and healing.)”

Pain and depression are two sides of a coin, like hope and worry. Pain often instigates activity, while depression defeats activity. Our Inner Guides understand that we cannot always act to remove our own pain, and often employ very subtle means of moving us gently to higher ground.

Have you ever had intuitive experiences that helped you move through pain?

(about this image: you may find higher-resolution versions of this series of inner guide cards at my flickr photostream. please feel free to share and print – they are for you.)

BOOK ONE – chapter three: now what?

So you’ve read about how to attain Enlightenment; now what?

Just wait and see.



[ 3 of 8 ]


“My Inner Guide accepts even my most negative emotions and actions, and allows these experiences so that I may learn from them.

Even if my anger is directed at my Inner Guide, my Inner Guide understands and still loves me unconditionally.”

I’ve learned to take the view that everything I experience comes directly from my Inner Guide… It’s hard to swallow at times, especially when I feel particularly crappy. But if I operate with the understanding that every appearance to my mind (experience) is a lesson of some form, then I can try to shift my view, and look at unpleasant emotions with curiosity rather than frustration.

With anger in particular, it helps to remember that anger itself doesn’t create negative karma… Angry actions do that.

Have you ever felt angry with “whoever” seems “in charge”?

(about this image: you may find higher-resolution versions of this series of inner guide cards at my flickr photostream. please feel free to share and print – they are for you.)

did you really mean that?


[ 2 of 8 ]


“Even when no one else seems to understand me, my Inner Guide is at one with my thoughts and feelings.

My Inner Guide completely understands and does not judge my innermost secrets.”

Once we understand how inseparable we and our Inner Guides are, we’ll see that there are not secrets with them, and there is also no need for secrets.

Laughter is the best medicine, and sometimes even our perfect Inner Guides tickle us (mercilessly) to loosen us up and get us to realize that our tight point of view is emptier than the sky.

Have you ever felt that “Enlightened Beings” have a sense of humor?

(about this image: you may find higher-resolution versions of this series of inner guide cards at my flickr photostream. please feel free to share and print – they are for you.)

um, about that inner guide thing…


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“Even in my most desperate moments, when I feel completely alone, my Inner Guide is right here with me, even if I cannot tell it. Whenever I lose myself in sorrow or excitement I am never alone.”

Our Inner Guides and Spiritual Guides constantly send us their love, guidance and support; sometimes we cannot hear them.

We may feel alone and isolated at times… When this happens, our guides crank up the volume, throw spitballs at us, and trip us up, to get us to slow down and pay attention.

When your world seems to crumble about you, consider that your inner guide may be saying, “Okay, that didn’t work… let’s try this… Can you hear me now?”

Listen closely to our intuition, and ask to be guided and protected by only the purest of guides.

Have you ever felt certain that you were being guided?

(about this image: you may find higher-resolution versions of this series of inner guide cards at my flickr photostream. please feel free to share and print – they are for you.)

BOOK TWO: chapter seven: finding love in yourself and others (part 6)

PART SIX: Building A Working Relationship

Feelings play a big role in any partnership – love or otherwise.

Anytime you need to negotiate with someone else to get what you want, feelings drive most of your failures and successes.

So this advice can be helpful even when you’re looking for a job or trying to pitch a new project to someone, or looking for a friend. How you feel about someone is important.

Many people think that platonic relationships don’t involve as much emotional diligence as romantic ones. To some extent that’s true, mainly because people usually spend less time with their platonic partners than with their romantic ones.

But oftentimes with work relationships, this ‘norm’ can be reversed.

Anyone that you spend a lot of time with is a partner.

Let’s go back to the house analogy for a little while. Most people think of business partners as people who have made it into the yard, but might not have earned a room inside the house yet.

And that is fine; we’re not saying you need to treat your business partners as your best friends and family. In fact, it’s usually best if you don’t. Instead, you might try thinking of each platonic relationship as a garden plot within your yard… it still needs tending.

How do you best tend a garden?

Well, there will always be some things you cannot control, much in the same way you can’t completely control sunlight and the weather. Those are external conditions. What you can do is pay attention to how you can help the garden flourish.

When it seems wilted from lack of attention, offer it ‘water’ (but not too much at once). When it seems to be choking with weeds from being too crowded, clear it out a little and step back. And when it seems to have completely died back, then let go and clear the plot for a fresh garden next season.

Not everyone is a perennial, and sometimes even the shortest relationships can nourish you as profoundly as long-term ones.

Not all of your platonic partners may want to be part of your garden plot, so try your best to sense this and respect everyone’s boundaries. You can still care for them, even if they are wild primroses growing in the grass outside your fence.

Anything more we might say about partners at this point would need to get very specific, and that’s beyond the scope of this book. If at some point you’d like to request a book on relationships, We’ll be happy to accommodate you. What we’ve given you here are some nice guidelines, and everything else in this volume is also relevant to relationships.

We’d like to finish this chapter by saying that if you regard all your partnerships as Emanations, they will always bring you the lessons you need in order to make progress, and that makes a truly meaningful relationship.