Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

I’ve been reading quite a few books, blogs, and websites in the past several months, and I’ve noticed some patterns. Also, a dear friend asked me recently if I could help them learn how to better connect with their spiritual guides.

When we feel confused, we become particularly susceptible to thinking that another person holds the answers for us. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent most of my life in that state!

It helps me to view teachers as stepping stones, rather than destinations.

I sure haven’t figured it all out, but over the years I’ve become happier, so I figure something’s working. Since I’ve noticed some patterns, I’ll share some observations:

1. Please follow what you feel best suits you, in your heart, as often as you can.

2. Please read this post in my blog All About Enlightenment, about what to look for in a spiritual guide.

3. Please turn your back peacefully and confidently on anything or anyone who seems to enocurage you to feel fear, guilt, regret, or inadequacy.

4. Please try your best to reach an understanding of how none of us actually exist. None of our joys or sorrows or accomplishments or failures or possessions or losses have any power over us, other than the power that we give them.

5. You have nothing to fear.

6. There is no one to criticize.

7. No one can send you to heaven or hell; only we can do that to ourselves.

There exist beings “out there” that we may not be able to see or sense. ‘Out There’ simply means that we don’t recognize them as parts of our Self.

But that’s what they are. We’re all connected in so many ways… Usually on levels that we, in our ‘gross’ bodies, find elusive.

We all bear light, and we all harbor dark sides, too.

This creates balance. This allows us to make choices.

We arrive here swaddled in forgetfulness, and choose whether to exit this moment in confusion, or with wisdom and joy.

No politician, disclosure, stock market, currency, teacher, relative, boss, judge, doctor, offspring, failure, success, meal, muscle, organ, weather, conquest or evasiveness offers true relief or condemnation from our choice to have appeared on this planet, in this moment, with this set of conditions and riddles.

Because we’re born into forgetting, we may find ourselves at the mercy of a few who have figured out a bit more of the game.

Some people get a taste of power and that fall into the trap of thinking that the adrenaline rush is the prize.

Knowledge produces strength. Some might say that ‘knowledge is power’, but power distorts.

Strength multiplies itself when shared with others.

When we meet people who relish their own power as a means of bending others to their will, we can recognize this in many forms.

Some are obvious, and these usually provoke anger. We can deal with that easily enough.

The ones that can lead us ’round the bend into the dark noggy place are the ones who pose as teachers and healers, while withholding the means we can use awakening ourselves.

Or, who pose as teachers and healers just because they seem to have more knowledge than some others. Et cetera.

Fact: as long as you’re in a body, you’ve still got something to learn.

Accept and enjoy.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you with rank or knowledge.

At the same time, maintain humility, because…

Fact: As long as you’re in a body, there will always be another ‘body’ that knows something you don’t.

We designed the Universe that way.

(‘We’ as in all of us.)

We can access all the knowledge we need; we’ve taken the first step when we dare to believe this might be possible.

We’ve taken the second step once we become willing to trust in ‘the unknown’.

With two steps, we find our feet planted on a completely new path.

Don’t worry – you’ll find friends and kindred spirits quickly.

It’s one amazing ride – relax and enjoy!

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20.12.2011 update from leslee

I just realized that today is 2012!

(that explains a lot…)
I’m sharing this brief post to deeply and sincerely thank ALL of my new friends who’ve visited this site (thanks to Wes Annac), and to let you know that I’ve been getting some nearly overwhelming downloads about what we’ll be posting in the near future.

I apologize, I really don’t mean to be a tease… But I have an unusual amount of traveling coming up over the next two weeks, and am not sure how much I’ll be online or have time to create posts.

So, this post will also serve as my to-do list… as the posts are created, I’ll turn them into links.

I’m creating a new category, “UPDATES”, which is where I’ll file these types of posts, as they arise.

1. I’m pretty sure the next post will be Part 3 of putting it out there, and it focuses on the phases I’m going through as I continue to learn to use the pendulum to connect with my Guides.

2. There will be more info appearing on BUTTA (Because U Think To Ask).

(This morning, the Buddhas have explained that the method I’ve been using with Adca Mupea is a way for Inner Beings, Extra-Terrestrials and Intra-Terrestrials to interact with us while still honoring our perception of free will. We ask, and they can answer. It’s also a great training tool for tuning in with your intuition.)

3. I need to update the TABLE OF CONTENTS for this site, and link the entries to related posts.

3. The remaining chapters/sections of All About Enlightenment will be posted/re-posted. There are 5 chunks remaining: Ch 8: Making The Most Of Anger (most of this has already been posted here); Ch 9: The Nature and Meaning of Dreams and Visions (there are 8 parts to this chapter); Ch 10: What To Do When You Freak Out (most of this has already been posted here); Afterword; Appendix One (which has already been posted here)

4. We’ll post a series of sketches, videos, and who knows what else, on making and using a pendulum… sort of like a DIY instruction manual.

5. Posting will begin on Raging Pandit; these posts will mostly comment on contemporary Buddhism. My Guides have some strong words for some of the distortions and manipulations that have been going down over the past few hundred years. There’s a lot to clear up.

Right now, I’m most energized about #4; I got a lot of images/ideas last night about how we’re going to do this, and I’m thrilled to begin to see better how to make these tools available to others, so they can try them out too.

Knowledge is power. When it’s spiritual knowledge, combined with deep understanding, there’s no stopping the flow towards Enlightenment.

Thank you again – so much – for joining me here!

With lots of love,


the one who got away



Do your job and leave.

Go far, far, away, and do not regret, do not look back, and do not expect help. This way you will find freedom.

The phenomena of organized religion forges shackles around the stoutest of hearts. People will expect something in return for helping, even if it is only merit. And they will not notice if you did not return, because that is your wish. Blessings be upon you; do not even take one discarded root from the rubbish bin. Go in good health and remember me when I find you again.

Sometimes parting words are so difficult to remember with certainty.

We embellish, we listen to the stories of others, we do not believe when the image is so clearly placed before us. The cycle continues, whirling in the shrill silence of forgetfulness.

The world tosses about shreds of devotion, tempting morsels of convenience.

Words can be harsh or soothing.

The journey within to help others is not always what they really want. You have the unpleasant task of reminding them that they have become lazy.

Walk for a while, and then we will talk again.

Eventually this will become your place of solace. Trust that those who ignore you now will awaken one day.

Enjoy your tea alone for now, it is delicious even when cold.



(Pabongka Rinpoche’s full name was Kyabje Pabongkapa Jetsun Jampa Tenzin Trinley Gyatso Pel Sangpo, which translates as the “Lord Protector, the one from Pabongka, the venerable and glorious Master whose name is the Loving One, Keeper of the Buddha’s Teachings, Ocean of the Mighty Deeds of the Buddha.” He is also popularly known as “Dechen Nyingpo,” which means “Essence of Great Bliss” and refers to his mastery of the secret teachings of Buddhism. thanks to Wikipedia and Khen Rinpoche’s Forward to The Principal Teachings of Buddhism by Tsongkhapa, with a commentary by Pabongka Rinpoche, translated by Geshe Lobsang Tharchin, Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Press 1998)



BOOK ONE: about this book

We’re covering new material on ‘Buddhism’ in this book, and in some ways we’re hesitant even to refer to it as ‘Buddhism’. However, the word ‘Buddhism’ (and everything associated with that word) comes closest to giving the average reader some idea of the direction we’re taking with the material we’re presenting.

Our author, Leslee Hare, is no stranger to Buddhist thought, although she considers herself far from being a scholar of Buddhist philosophy. She’s read many books on Buddhism and has studied several in detail. She’s acquainted with Dzogchen, New Kadampa, Nyingma, Ri-Mé, Tibetan and Zen, and most of her study and practice have been focused on the Vajrayana Path. She’s also studied, although in less depth, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, New Age Thought, Shamanism, Toltec Sorcery, and Yoga. As you read through this book, you’ll detect influences from many of these. That’s why, to the minds of some, we should not classify this book as Buddhist.

However, each book needs classification, and this material originates from Enlightened Beings or Buddhas, so ‘Buddhism’ fits best.

Many times throughout the history of Buddhism, practitioners have faced criticism and ridicule because they dared to tell people that they have an understanding of Buddhism which goes against the accepted norm. Some lineages and cultures accept anomalies like these, just as some minds are more open. As Westerners have accepted nominal Buddhism in its many forms, they’ve also developed particular expectations about certain forms of Buddhism.

In many popular Buddhist stories, we find adepts known as ‘Mahasiddhas’ who fit this category of following very unconventional paths to Enlightenment. History documents some of these Mahasiddhas’  lives as human beings. Some of the tales of the Mahasiddhas are considered to be mere legend, and at best, metaphors. In each case, though, there is something remarkable and unusual about the Mahasiddha’s point of view and method of practice, and they were often considered (before being recognized as Adepts) to be mad, delusional, or just eccentric by the standards of their contemporary society. Oftentimes the Mahasiddhas were not recognized until after the deaths of their ‘ordinary’ human bodies.

So the classic tales of the Mahasiddhas come to you now from across the safe distance of centuries. They have become mellowed and embellished by many years of telling and transcribing, and are often studied more as anecdotes rather than examples of a way one might actually practice Buddhism.

We’d like to propose to you that the world is ripe for a fresh round of Mahasiddha activity.

We know that there are more highly-realized beings in this world right now than there have been in many previous centuries, combined.  We know that these beings are looking for a cue – that one drop of water to land on the seed so it can germinate. This book is one of those drops of water. If you absorb the contents of this book, you may find yourself on a lightning-fast Vajra Path to a world and state of being that up until now you only imagined existed.

There are two traits that all of the Mahasiddhas had in common. They all had both immovable faith in their Spiritual Guides, and unquestionable certainty that by following their Guides’ instructions, They could – eventually – attain Enlightenment. These are the two traits which are most needed in today’s spiritual practitioner (although qualified teachers help tremendously as well), and they are rare to find in current culture. They may also prove rare to find among readers of this book, but we doubt that. We believe that if you’re reading this book, you have been drawn to it by your natural inclination to want to know the truth, and to discover it for yourself.

Actually, without these two traits, you cannot attain Enlightenment. Why? Because without them, it’s only ‘you’ trying to figure it out on your own, and if that were possible you would have done it already. No one can attain Enlightenment alone; part of the nature of your being is that you are inextricably connected to others. When you operate as if that connection does not exist, you’re denying an essential aspect and understanding of your very nature. Enlightenment is about accepting your nature, not resisting it.

We believe you may find your truth in this book, and we make all prayers that you will. We hope that you will come to believe that your own Enlightenment is possible, and also that it is imminent. Purity is hard to recognize in this world, but it does exist. True Paths seem hard to find in this world, but they beckon. If you find one grain of truth for yourself in this book, then please take it and run with it. If all you come away with is a better understanding of some good reasons not to harm others, then we’ve still done our job.

This world has entered a new age of miracles. Your ‘miracles’ may seem matter-of-fact and under-stated by comparison to those of the Mahasiddhas, because a jaded society does not entertain that kind of flamboyance with much tolerance. But your miracles’ effects will be the same: they will change minds, shift karma, and bring Enlightenment. So please continue your path with courage and confidence, and know that we abide in the wings, helping at every moment. The more you request, the more we can offer.

One more request we have is that you pray. Praying purifies karma and creates merit, but most of all it strengthens the connection you have with us. Pray for whatever you want, and we can sort out the details.

So now we leave you to dive in and ponder what you’ll find here. Thank you for reading however much you read, and for practicing however much you choose to practice. We’re very happy to have found you again, and are delighted that we could connect once more. And thank you for all your help.

~ Buddha Vajrapani and Buddha Heruka

June 2010


The All About Enlightenment blog site offers material that may lead you to happiness or joy. If the words resonate with you, then please dive in, and accept uncertainty.

“Certainty”: one of the sneakiest illusions available to people in this world. It presents a vision of comfort, and lulls us into complacency… We can fall asleep and miss the best parts of life, until we get jolted back into awareness, often unprepared.

Accepting uncertainty opens all the doors and windows in the house and lets the wind and the sunshine in, so we can breathe and live more fully.

These posts and pages cover a variety of spiritual topics, and many are excerpts from forth-coming books.

Some of it gets a little esoteric, although not intentionally. Some of the ideas are quite complex and profound, yet we hope to convey the concepts in simple terms and with accessible examples.

We’re presenting these thoughts in ways that will hopefully put you at ease. Much of what you’ll find arises from a Tibetan Buddhist background, but it often diverges from traditional Buddhist thought. You may also find elements of the I Ching, Tarot, Intuitive Process, and other methods that people use to connect with what functions as Truth for them.

Fostering an intimate connection between you and your best guidance is the main purpose of this blog.

I say “we” often on the site, because I don’t feel like I’m writing this material alone. I began writing the words you’ll find here in the spring of 2010, when I learned how to make some very profound psychic connections with my spiritual guides through the use of a pendulum. I don’t consider myself a psychic, but much of the material that comes to me through this method portrays an understanding that “I” was certainly not aware of – consciously – before I began using the method.

My job is to put the material “out there”, and to do it in a way that hopefully empowers and uplifts.

I hope you find some tiny bit of delight, clarity or inspiration in the words “we’re” sharing.

Many blessings to you on your journey of understanding, love, and enlightenment.


Leslee Hare

text and artwork by leslee hare, unless credited otherwise.

andy warhol gets reincarnation

“Isn’t life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?” ~Andy Warhol

love and pain… sweet tides


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“My Inner Guide works with me on many levels: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious.

Even when I cannot consciously feel my Inner Guide’s love and direction, I can be confident that my Inner Guide is operating on very deep levels to bring about my healing.

(This is true for all types of pain and healing.)”

Pain and depression are two sides of a coin, like hope and worry. Pain often instigates activity, while depression defeats activity. Our Inner Guides understand that we cannot always act to remove our own pain, and often employ very subtle means of moving us gently to higher ground.

Have you ever had intuitive experiences that helped you move through pain?

(about this image: you may find higher-resolution versions of this series of inner guide cards at my flickr photostream. please feel free to share and print – they are for you.)

BOOK ONE – chapter three: now what?

So you’ve read about how to attain Enlightenment; now what?

Just wait and see.



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“My Inner Guide accepts even my most negative emotions and actions, and allows these experiences so that I may learn from them.

Even if my anger is directed at my Inner Guide, my Inner Guide understands and still loves me unconditionally.”

I’ve learned to take the view that everything I experience comes directly from my Inner Guide… It’s hard to swallow at times, especially when I feel particularly crappy. But if I operate with the understanding that every appearance to my mind (experience) is a lesson of some form, then I can try to shift my view, and look at unpleasant emotions with curiosity rather than frustration.

With anger in particular, it helps to remember that anger itself doesn’t create negative karma… Angry actions do that.

Have you ever felt angry with “whoever” seems “in charge”?

(about this image: you may find higher-resolution versions of this series of inner guide cards at my flickr photostream. please feel free to share and print – they are for you.)

BOOK TWO: becoming enlightened


So you’ve made it this far and you’re still with Us – that’s superb! Now We’re going to start to get into the meat of some of what We’ve only touched on so far. The following chapters make up what We’re calling Book Two, and in this part We’re going to explain some things in a little more detail.


If you’re a practicing Buddhist, chances are that some of what you’re going to read may contradict things you’ve been taught about Buddhism, and some things may just outright offend you.


If you’re offended, We apologize, because We  try to work with the inclinations of everyone, but obviously that’s not always possible. However, if you’re offended, that probably means that you already have a set of Teachings and practices that suit you just fine. If that’s the case, then that really is good news, and perhaps those are the Teachings and practices you should stick with. These are new Teachings, for a whole new crop of Buddhas that are waiting to be born. These people have been waiting for this presentation for some time now, and We have no time to lose. These people want the essential points, stated clearly and simply, and they want them at their fingertips so that they can read them and then dive in and get to work.

We also assume that you have enough sense and perceptive ability to figure out some things on your own. So please take Our sparse explanations as a compliment. We know you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to make a difference, and We sure don’t want to slow you down. As questions arise over time, We will likely send out more explanations and books, so please let Us know somehow (you can ask Us directly, you don’t need a translator) what more you want to know. If you are of a more scholarly persuasion, please feel free to read this book alongside ones that give more detailed, historical and academic information. This is important to many people, and We don’t wish to hinder their efforts at all.

So now, let’s begin the second leg of Our journey and lure you further down the Path to Enightenment.