Book Two – Second Preface


So you’ve made it this far and you’re still with Us – that’s superb! Now We’re going to start to get into the meat of some of what We’ve only touched on so far. The following chapters make up what We’re calling Book Two, and in this part We’re going to explain some things in a little more detail.

If you’re a practicing Buddhist, chances are that some of what you’re going to read may contradict things you’ve been taught about Buddhism, and some things may just outright offend you.

If you’re offended, We apologize, because We try to work with the inclinations of everyone, but obviously that’s not always possible. However, if you’re offended, that probably means that you already have a set of Teachings and practices that suit you just fine. If that’s the case, then that really is good news, and perhaps those are the Teachings and practices you should stick with. These are new Teachings, for a whole new crop of Buddhas that are waiting to be born. These people have been waiting for this presentation for some time now, and We have no time to lose. These people want the essential points, stated clearly and simply, and they want them at their fingertips so that they can read them and then dive in and get to work.

We also assume that you have enough sense and perceptive ability to figure out some things on your own. So please take Our sparse explanations as a compliment. We know you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t want to make a difference, and We sure don’t want to slow you down. As questions arise over time, We will likely send out more explanations and books, so please let Us know somehow (you can ask Us directly, you don’t need a translator) what more you want to know. If you are of a more scholarly persuasion, please feel free to read this book alongside ones that give more detailed, historical and academic information. This is important to many people, and We don’t wish to hinder their efforts at all.

So now, let’s begin the second leg of Our journey and lure you further down the Path to Enightenment.


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