(The Nature and Meaning of Dreams and Visions)

[from Buddhas Heruka, Manjushri, and Naropa]

Most people use their dreams to work through their issues and questions.

Some people with highly-developed minds use their dreaming time to go to places and do things that they can’t do with their human bodies.

Only a small percentage of people can do this, but those who can, understand (on some level) what’s transpiring. Your higher selves conduct these excursions for you, and as you improve your human connection with your Higher Mind, your human awareness engages in these enterprises with more power and self-direction.

When people fall asleep, their minds become more subtle.

This means you shift into a different type of awareness, in which appearances flow and express multiple layers. This happens when you’re dreaming in REM sleep.

At other times, when you’re sleeping deeply, your mind actually leaves your body and goes to “heaven” (or “hell”, in the case of nightmares). It works this way for most people; you simply don’t remember (with your brain and body) what happens to you once your mind leaves body. You need your brain in order to remember, so when your mind leaves your body, because your physical nervous system wasn’t involved in that activity, your body can’t help you recall what happened.

Dreaming uses your physical nervous system, and that’s why you can recall dreams, including through hypnosis.

The neurons and pathways can reconstruct dream events in your brain so you can recall the dreams with your brain and mind.

Then, when you return to remember the ‘dream’, you again engage in your virtuous activities, but now you’re using your brain as you recall. This way, you’re training your physical neurology to familiarize itself with virtue.


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