Reducing Grasping

Book Two – Chapter 03
[From Buddhas Heruka and Vajravarahi]

What is grasping?

Grasping is not letting go. It’s that simple. It’s holding on tightly to how you think things are, and/or how you want them to be.

It can show itself in things as wide-ranging as racial profiling, conspiracy theories, and seasonal depression. It can cause marriages, and it can ruin marriages. It can raise nations, and bring Them to their knees. It is the most powerful delusion besides anger…

It also causes both anger and fear.

You can tell when you’re grasping: you might get a pit in your stomach, or a leap in your heart, or hear a startling sound or gets depressed when you’re stressed. Pretty scary, eh? People don’t always realize it when they’re grasping.

If you remember nothing else from this section, please remember that all your fears come from self-grasping. Self-grasping is grasping at a loose collection of attributes that you name ‘myself’ or ‘I’.

You are as Empty as your favorite plaid cotton shirt.


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