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Here you'll find a living list of planned topics for this blogsite. We are continually adding to the site, so some of the items listed below may still be waiting to manifest. Please see 'CATEGORIES" on the right-hand sidebar of the home page for a lists of posts sorted according to this table of contents. … Continue reading table of contents


BOOK ONE: about this book

We're covering new material on ‘Buddhism’ in this book, and in some ways we're hesitant even to refer to it as ‘Buddhism’. However, the word ‘Buddhism’ (and everything associated with that word) comes closest to giving the average reader some idea of the direction we're taking with the material we're presenting. Our author, Leslee Hare, … Continue reading BOOK ONE: about this book


The All About Enlightenment blog site offers material that may lead you to happiness or joy. If the words resonate with you, then please dive in, and accept uncertainty. “Certainty”: one of the sneakiest illusions available to people in this world. It presents a vision of comfort, and lulls us into complacency... We can fall asleep and miss … Continue reading about

music will make you a buddha

enlightenment beyond imagining... This post completes a threesome. The other two posts deal with how I enjoy music and how music affects us. This post explains how music can lead us to Enlightenment, without even having to work very hard at it. If you’ve read about the subtle body and channels, you know there’s more … Continue reading music will make you a buddha

do i love you or crush you?

Love and Infatuation Love is acceptance. Infatuation is fascination. Love and infatuation resemble fear: They can both paralyze and provoke rash action. This view may surprise many Westerners, we treasure a deep conviction that love is a virtuous emotion. But love is neutral unless we act on it. It’s easy to love someone and do … Continue reading do i love you or crush you?

wanna dodge the bullet of buddhism?

Welcome to my irreverent post of the week. I didn’t dodge the bullet. The Buddhas winged me. Does the epithet “Buddha” make you want to read this post, or push you to click away? That word carries many connotations to many people; it simply designates an “Awakened One”, an Enlightened Being. It’s also convenient. I’m … Continue reading wanna dodge the bullet of buddhism?