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putting it out there (part 03)

rectangular chart with colors and facial expressions


[continued from Roadtrippin’ With Heruka]

Let’s take an aside from the Roadtrip to loop back towards the beginning of the story, and I’ll tell you a bit about how I was taught to use a pendulum.

Let’s pop back to where I had just begun to follow the suggestion to resurrect my old pendulums, and through it I connected with Heruka

Please hold the mindset that we’re all different in every way…

(That’s why we’re all here together, to help one another in the midst of our “differences”. So, what works for me may bring you some lessons, and as you share your experiences, I’ll learn from you. (and I thank you for that!) Anyway, I’ll share what I was told, in case it resonates with you or gives you some ideas for your own practice.)

A friend of mine once told me that, within our bodies, the right side gives or projects energy, and the left side receives energy.

So I took up one of my pendulums with my left hand, because I wanted to be receiving information.

(I’ve learned since then that this right/left circuitry varies with a person’s handedness. I’m right-handed, so my dominant hand is the one that projects energy – and tries to control. Best to keep it out of the picture. I only want to receive the highest and best possible guidance, so I need to get my ego out of the way. So far, every left-handed person whom I’ve taught this method has been asked to hold the pendulum with their right hand. A few right-handed people have been asked to use their right, and I wonder if perhaps they are at heart “lefties” who were trained to become right-handed.)

I had always used the pendulum in a yes-no fashion, without any kind of chart or table.

Since it had been a few years since I had tried this, my first step was to begin by asking:

Please show me a “yes”.

It began to swing towards me and away from me, gently.

Please show me a “no”.

It began to swing left-to-right….

Please show me “uncertainty”.

Whoa. It began to swing in a circle.

I had to go get a drink.

Am I using the right pendulum?

Circle. I was confused. Over time, I’ve realized that this kind of movement can also indicate that there’s a better way to phrase the question, or that I’m totally off-topic.

It occurred to me that using the words “right” or ‘wrong” reinforces a sense of duality. That’s exactly what I’m trying to escape…

Is this the pendulum you’d like for me to use at this point in time?


And so we began.

As I began using the pendulum for (literally) hours a day, I wanted to be sure I was doing it correctly, and that this was not about barging in on higher beings and asking a lot of annoying questions.

Especially a lot of yes/no questions.

But that seemingly laborious process taught me some patience, and it also prompted a deep mindfulness about word choices and meanings.

Even though now the words may come without a chart, sometimes The Buddhas use ambiguous words deliberately, to encourage this kind of thoughtfulness and exploration.

This went on for a day or two, and I was exhausting myself. One morning I just sat in meditation. I was thrilled about connecting, but had so many questions, and I thought, There’s gotta be a better way!

A picture of a chart popped into my head.

Really? I thought… Damn, just Yes and No are taking forever… Are you trying to kill me with this chart-talk?

I blew off the chart idea. And the pendulum went completely dead. Full stop.

There went my doubts about whether or not I was making the pendulum move…

So, “we” sketched out a small alphabet chart, that I could hold between my fingers (and fit into my back pocket). The pendulum began to move again, and I began to notice patterns. It was very slowly and faintly swinging in different directions. Then at times it would stop, or circle.

It took a few more hours, but we worked it out (you may receive different instructions/explanations):

But first, here’s a note to help you maintain a posistive mind:

There is no way in the world you can hold a pendulum perfectly still with your hands. Fuggettaboutit.

Just Google “ideomotor effect”, and you’ll save yourself some heartache.

Besides, hopefully what you’re trying to do is not to prove your motor skills to skeptics. You’re developing an intimate relationship and communication method with your spiritual guides. It doesn’t matter what the skeptics think. And you may never convince a skeptic that the energy coursing through your arm is making both the pendulum and your arm/hand move.

You’ll feel it if it’s working.

So let’s begin:

(here’s a short video showing the style chart I use most often, as well as a sample of a moderately advanced technique that relies heavily on intuition.)



Begin with the still point of the pendulum located over the dot at the center of the array of letters.

It’s essential to look directly at the tip of the pendulum, as much as possible. Your eyes send energy to it, and this facilitates the message emerging.

Use your peripheral vision to identify which letter the pendulum swings towards.

Intuition will supplement this.

Rely upon your intuition to dance around… Empty your mind (as much as you can) of all guessing, expectations, and rational thought… Not to mention emotions or preferences.

Initially, if the pendulum seems to be spelling out words letter-by-letter, look for signals between words. Mine was that the pendulum would stop and make one circle over the dot, pause, then begin the next word.

The mode may vary: at times, I got letter-by-letter. As my circuits strengthened and cleared, I began to intuitively know the intended word as soon as the first letter emerged. In either case, at the end of a sentence the pendulum would circle the dot 3 times.

Gradually, the default mode became swinging a first letter, then mentally receiving/knowing the word.

The pendulum would swing over a letter 2-3 times before moving on, creating a nice soothing rhythm.

If I felt like I wasn’t getting the word the letter signified, or maybe I was missing the letter, I’d move the chart slightly out of the way and go back to yes/no until I got back on track.

Things were finally picking up speed!

What a relief… Because, needless to say, with my fairly anal-retentive nature combined with a bad memory, I had been painstakingly writing down every single letter and word that came…

I had to, because they had been coming so slowly that I’d forget the first letters or words by the time we got to the end!

So we were on our way, and I began to receive some very specific instructions. One thing I understand is that a big part of my “work” is to share this information with others, so that they may find more options for exploring and  developing their own methods of connecting with their guides.

Once the words streamed more smoothly, Heruka began to give me some more specific instructions on posture and diet, to help acclimate me to my new energetic world. (We’ll post more about this later…)

Soon after that, I found myself in the Washington DC area, and we began writing All About Enlightenment.

Then, once I returned to Atlanta six months later, Lhamo Dorje showed me some really wonderful pendulum designs: built for speed and convenience!

(Check out the ones made with ball-chain here, that loop over a finger and may be worn as a bracelet.)

It took a few more months, but once we got to a stopping-point with All About Enlightenment, H & LD told me that soon I wouldn’t need the charts at all. I found it hard to believe then, but now, almost two years later, that’s the way things are naturally evolving.

I hope to post these soon; if these links aren’t live when you find them, please look for them to animate as we continue to post.

Pendulum Posture

Foods For Subtle Energy

Ruwa And Me Pendulum Charts (RAMP Charts)

Ruwa And Me Pendulums (RAMPs)

Your Changing Relationships With Your Guides

Pendulum Readings

We’ll create posts for each of these topics soon!

putting it out there (part two)


[continued from Taking Personal Risks and Trusting ]

One day, while I was working with Mimmakkme, she said, “Go ahead and have your lunch, because someone wants to talk with you afterwards”.


“Heruka wants to speak with you.”

That lunch went quickly.

And so we began. He spent some time answering many questions I had about why my life had gone the way it had, roles that certain people had played in my life, etc. I told Him that I was so grateful to have made this contact, and that I wanted to do whatever was needed to make the most progress possible and help as many people as possible. He asked:

“Are you willing to do whatever I say, no matter how crazy it sounds, no matter what?”

I thought for a few moments… I had seen enough movies and read enough stories to imagine some of the possibilities this could entail…


I knew if I passed this opportunity up, I was sunk. Worse than Christian Hell.

“Okay, then. Let’s get to work.”

And so we began. He told me some things and gave me some instructions that are probably best not shared in detail here. At least nothing was illegal.

So let’s just skip ahead and say that within a week or so, I found myself sitting in admissions at a local mental health facility, filling out a form saying that the only people who could contact me were my younger brother, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.


And explaining to the attendant what all the Buddhist books and implements in my suitcase were (Turned out, he knew a little about some of them. Hmmm…).

And that I was talking directly to Buddhas with a pendulum.

They took my pendulum for safekeeping (they’re dangerous, you know), but I managed to hide my prayer beads.

Little did they know, prayer beads can be used as a pendulum, too. So can a kitchen towel, if need be.

That week down the rabbit hole was one of the longest weeks of my life (so far), but if you read my posts about how we can perceive everyone around us as Enlightened Beings, perhaps you can imagine how eye-opening and instructive – and inspiring – that week was.

Here are some tips, in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation and want to leave as quickly as possible:

Don’t tell a psychiatrist that you channel.

Don’t tell the staff that we’re all surrounded by Enlightened Beings.

Don’t refuse to take your meds – they won’t let you go home until you’ve taken them for a few days.

(It’ll be alright, really.)

Eat whatever they offer you (unless you’re allergic, of course).

(It’ll be alright, really.)

When the psych asks you if you still believe you can talk to invisible beings, just tell them what they want to hear: “No, I understand now that I was just under a lot of stress.”

(That particular lying karma is going to be really easy to clear)

Do not be afraid of the other patients; your presence helps them.

(I’m so glad I can smile now as I write this!)

By the end of the week, my brother had rescued me (Obama and Oprah never got the message, I suppose… I blame the Secret Service ;), and I headed off to my new home.

As if that wasn’t enough… I had no idea what was in store for me next.

I had just begun to settle in there, secretly channeling whenever I could, when one day, Heruka told me to go buy some notebook paper. We were going to begin a book. And Heruka explained that it was going to be a book of channeled material.

From Seth.

I’ve always been a huge fan of The Seth Material books, so I was thrilled! And sure enough, Seth began to dictate material to me, in a manner almost identical to how Jane Roberts had done. Minus the beer and cigarettes. My stimuli were black coffee and chocolate.

Within two days, I had 24 pages of handwritten notes that were the beginnings of All About Enlightenment.

The next step was to contact the publishers, and jubilantly inform them that Seth was appearing again and offering more material. I took me a little while to track them down, but I did. And I followed Seth’s instructions to the letter.

I mailed the first pages to the publisher. Of course, their website was very clear that they were not accepting new manuscripts, but I knew this would be the exception.

A couple weeks later, I got a very brief, polite and formal letter from the publishers, informing me that Seth had given instructions that he would never channel through anyone but Jane (who is now deceased), and that, in so many words, they really didn’t have time to deal with all the letters they got from people claiming to be channeling Seth… Oh, and by the way, I was free to go ahead and try to publish. But I might be hearing from their attorneys…

As I sat in my car at the post office, reading the letter, a bit stunned (and of course disappointed), I sighed and took out my pendulum.

Okay, what’s going on here?

“We just want you to get used to rejection letters. And not being attached to outcomes.”

Okay, so we go through all this – and now, what does Seth have to say about it?


Yeah! You know: Seth!?!

(soft, mischievous chuckle)

Wait! You mean it’s been YOU all the time???

Heruka was having great fun with me. Damn. He does an amazing Seth impersonation. His energy even felt different.

Wait. You can impersonate Seth… Whom else can you impersonate?


You mean those demons were YOU???


Once you finally GET that you are protected, and that everything appears is a manifestation of your spiritual guide,  things will get a lot easier, Leslee. Just trust.

At that point, we began working on the book in earnest. Within 6 weeks, I had a hundred page manuscript typed, and had even edited it.

The material was amazing – truly amazing – and none of it was (is) mine.

I had painstakingly transcribed every word exactly as it had come from Heruka and all the other Buddhas. I had checked and double-checked on intended meanings and word choices. I had worn out three charts and broken two pendulums.

And, aside from the content’s message, it was the most stilted, dry, incredibly boring book I had ever read. 

I was instructed through designing a cover and printing several copies. Despite the heaviness of the book’s “voice”, I was thrilled that we had finished. And I was certain that finding a publisher or someone to fund self-publishing would be a snap.

Did I say “certain”?

I think I’ve shared this in other posts: I’ve since learned that any time I think I’m certain about something, I’m certainly “mistaken”.

Publishing? First, I had to cross a much more treacherous bridge. I had to somehow begin to tell people what I’d been doing for the past three months. And I argued with Heruka for two weeks over whether I really had to tell my parents.

When I look back on that time now, I enjoy a good laugh. My Mom loves the book, even if she doesn’t understand it all. My Dad just patiently accepts. My son shrugs – he already knows most of this anyway. As long as he gets his allowance, he can take the embarrassment. And no one has suggested that we take a ride to talk to the doctor.

No mistake: The world is definitely changing.

So I began sharing my new world with people. A few friends gave me some wonderful feedback, but in my heart, I felt the book was too stiff and solemn to have any appeal. I continually asked, “Is the wording really alright?” Heruka consistently said that it was necessary to respect the transmission – verbatim.

Finally, one day, as I was handing a copy to a friend, I realized I was embarrassed (danger sign). What was embarrassing?

The book was depressing. This path is not depressing. It didn’t align.

It was almost entirely written in a passive voice, with a negative tone. It projected a sense of impending doom if we didn’t ALL immediately start following our spiritual paths with utmost sincerity. The chances of that happening seemed dismal.

It reminded me of the tradition I’d left.

So I went home and had a talk with Heruka. I was frustrated.

What now? I can’t pitch this book! Actually, this book shouldn’t even need pitching. Nobody’s gonna want to read this. Something’s not right.

“So, you take a shot at it.”

But I can’t mess with Your words!

“Take a shot.”

I spent an evening re-writing one of the chapters. It ended up being a third of the length of the original chapter, and I felt incredibly energized and positive about it.

“See? You’re a better writer than your spiritual guides.”

You know, it’s amazing some of the things that our guides (and parents) do for us to boost our confidence and self-esteem. They are so incredibly patient. We had just spent months on a manuscript that They knew would have to be completely re-written. But They wanted me to feel the greatest possible resonance with the words.

I also struggled with fear. Fear of things so crazy  that I won’t even enumerate them. Fear of some of the outlandish things that might transpire if I really tried to share this material with people. I needed an attorney. I needed thousands of dollars. I needed to read up on the copyright laws. It would take years to find people I could trust.

I was truly concerned that Heruka and Lhamo Dorje’s words would never meet more than a few pairs of eyes.

Then, one night, They told me that actually, we would do several versions of the book. One would be a very beautiful, hand-bound edition, and one would be a very affordable paperback. I liked that a lot.

But oh, yeah, there would be a third version: a free one, on the internet.

Huh? I had no idea how that could be possible.

Around noon, on January 14, 2011, Heruka had me follow a link to what turned out to be a blog. I had been hearing about blogs for a few months, because I had a friend who kept forwarding some to me. After I read the post, I could tell that Heruka wanted to talk to me.

“We want you make your first blog post before you go to bed tonight.”

Very funny. I was certain He was joking. (get it? “certain”?)

I spent almost two hours on WordPress.ORG (please don’t try this at home…), trying to figure out how the hosting thing worked, before I finally called a friend who I knew had a blog. I was panicked. There was no way…

My friend pointed me to wp.COM, and things got a lot easier.

Fortunately, we had just finished creating the “graphic novel” version of the book, Hurtling Towards Enlightenment, so I had a number of posts ready to go. Somehow, just before midnight that night, I clicked the “publish” button, and the welcome page was up for all to see.

Six months earlier, I would have said that I had no idea how that could be possible. I’m beginning to understand that anything is possible.

Using the pendulum, Heruka went on to teach me how to make videos and my own pendulums. I’ll write more about how this actually works (for me, at least), in the next part (s?) of this series.

Here’s the point I’d like to make: We can all accomplish things beyond our wildest imaginings, if we have trust and faith in ourselves, and that we’re guided.

I suspect that your experiences will be very different than mine, in the way these lessons and steps might manifest for you. I suspect that they will be very much like mine, in the joy and peace of mind they’ll bring you.

So, if you enjoy the words we share, our Guides deserve all the credit. And if the compositions or grammar fail, I take responsibility. Either way, if the little spiritual light-bulb goes off for even a few people, then it’s all most certainly worth it.

I  deeply and joyously look forward to hearing about your experiences and progress. We all thank you for reading.

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BOOK TWO: chapter six: meet the new buddha!

[from Buddha Heruka and Buddha Manjushri]

Lhamo Dorje (Lhamo Kalinga Tindley Dorje), emanates especially for these times.

In this busy world, most people don’t find much free time. Distractions abound, as do excuses. Sometimes we wish we had a little special help.

Regardless of our religious (or non-religious) preferences, we all receive help – often – from “beings” we cannot see.

Buddhas – Enlightened Beings – are just as empty as books, laundry, and statues. So is “Enlightenment”. And so is time. In terms of Emptiness, you have already attained Enlightenment, so you already are a Buddha. Through the lens of Emptiness, we may view all beings as Enlightened.

Traditionally, Tibetan Buddhist practitioners rely upon deities (Buddhas with specific characteristics) to help them along their paths. Different deities possess different qualities, and they appear according to the karma and inclinations of the people who practice their teachings. They’re often rendered with great detail in statues and paintings, with elaborate explanations of what the various details signify.

As I understand it, Zazen practitioners (Zen Buddhists), emphasize observing the mind, and any iconography they use tends to be abstract and simple; Zen shrines use very little imagery of Enlightened Beings (compared to some traditions).

Other Buddhist traditions range between these two ends of the spectrum, in terms of representation and emphasis.

Lhamo Dorje falls somewhere in the middle of that range. Then she wanders off in the direction of gesture drawings and modern dance.

Her very beautiful red-colored body and relaxed demeanor indicate that she resides comfortably in her power. She ‘thinks’, and “it is done”.

She resides within a sphere of rainbow-colored wisdom fire, signifying that she acts in all directions and times, to bring about the swiftest ripening of everyone’s potential to attain Enlightenment.

That’s the Tibetan-ish description.

You might also say that she acts everywhere, in the past, present and future, to arrange the world so that everyone finds happiness as quickly as possible.

Describing enlightened beings with images or lists of attributes defies their very nature, but these devices can introduce us to the concepts the images represent.

This list explains some of the symbolism of Her attributes:

  1. Lhamo Dorje shows lightning-fast paths for overcoming all delusions through the realization of Emptiness; this leads everyone to Enlightenment.
  2. Her red-colored body appears like a typical human female. Her “body” is not “idealized”.
  3. Her red-colored body represents Emptiness and the wisdom of knowing all paths to Enlightenment.
  4. Her long black hair represents the river of all spiritual realizations. Its curls flow like great bliss. Her hair’s center part indicates the middle way – the path that navigates between “reality” and emptiness. Her hair flows to the lower tip of her central channel and forms a clockwise swirl, representing bliss leading to all spiritual realizations.
  5. Her hair covers her full breasts, representing freedom from all attachments through the realization of emptiness.
  6. Her widely opened arms embrace and touch all practitioners, and show that she reaches all minds.
  7. Her fingers gently extend; she reaches all points.
  8. Her legs extend straight and spread slightly, and her toes point downwards and outwards, representing that she rests upon Emptiness.
  9. She floats in space inside a sphere of rainbow-colored fire, representing that she needs no “grounds” to support her path. The realizations of all the Buddhas of the three times and ten directions (everywhere and all times) protect her.
  10. Her peaceful expression represents her mind of supreme peace, and her relaxed smile represents her love of all living beings.
  11. Her “eyes” see all.
  12. Her ears indicate that she knows all teachings.
  13. Her round belly embraces all the Enlightened Beings waiting to be born into this world, and signifies her spiritual power.
  14. Countless points of white light surround her within her sphere of wisdom fire, representing the countless living beings who attain Great Enlightenment through her teachings.
  15. The vast swirling blue ocean of the Realm of All Knowledge (Dharmakaya) engulfs her sphere of wisdom fire.

If, as you read this or look at the images, you feel a personal connection to Lhamo Dorje, you’ll know it, and you‘ll know what to do. That’s not meant to sound cryptic or mystical; it rings true because one of Lhamo Dorje’s specialties is working with intuition.

The seeds of everything you need – to reach Enlightenment – are found on this blog site; all you need to add are faith, perseverance, and meditation.

The main practice along any spiritual path is asking for help. Whether you do this through prayer, meditation, reading, attending classes, or simply having the intention to make true progress, all these methods work.

Sometimes, our tears and sighs suffice as supplications. Our Guides hear us.

The simplest practice works best when used with faith. If we believe in Enlightened Beings, they can help us instantaneously. If we trust that anything is possible, and are willing to let go of what we think are the “best” results, then they can get to work helping us.

I’ll give you an example. A few days ago I was cleaning out some papers, and came across a “wishlist” that I had written eight months ago.

It’s a thing that I like to do now and again, and my Guides encourage it. I make a list of things I wish for, and put it on my shrine (or near my pillow). I’m sure it would work if it were put inside a Bible as well.

I just write the list – thoughtfully – and put it away.

As I read the 8-month-old list (it’s 2 pages long), I realized that only two of the items had not been fulfilled. One was about a foundering romantic relationship, and the other was about a job opportunity. I can see now that I’m far better off with those two scenarios not having played out the way I’d hoped.

It’s pretty incredible to consider the conditions that had to be “arranged” in order for those other items to get sorted out. Yet here I sit, in my favorite city, in a lovely home, with wonderful friends and a growing community… enjoying the results.

Please understand, if you try this: the results may not always be pleasant for you. But what is “pleasant”?

To get to this point, I had to make some tough decisions, knowing that it might take years and years to “recover” from some of the consequences. I made the choice to follow a scenario that combined “uncertainty” with peace of mind, rather than a path of “certainty” plus hollow discontent.

The confident feeling of being true to myself negates – most of the time – the temporary inconveniences that I’m still dealing with. I can’t deny – it’s not an easy path. But the rewards are pretty amazing.

(And I’ve been told that before the year is out, that one last item on the wishlist will most likely be sorted. About that, I’ll continue to be decidedly cryptic – no need to set expectations…)

[updated in December 2011 – we’re still working on that one, but it’s going well.]

As we’re being battered by the seas of change, a strong connection with our guides can provide deeply abiding comfort. Our progress depends largely upon our faith in our guides, through the good times and the bad.

Now let’s suppose that you’re one of the many people who will read this and not feel a terrifically strong connection to any particular guide. Maybe the idea of facing difficulty in order to attain Enlightenment (or happiness in any form) is not for you. It’s not for everyone.

You might have faced many trials in previous lifetimes, and you’re here now to take a breather.

Relax, and allow your guides to help you in ways that are more traditional. They delightedly do that as well. Along a less intense path you might become more acquainted with your guides and develop a deeper connection gradually. That’s better than jumping into a torrent only to scramble back out later, cursing and spitting.

Thank you sincerely, if you’re willing to keep an open mind and entertain the possibility that Enlightened Beings exist.

They are very much alive, and they offer us many opportunities because they see that the world is ripe for much positive change.

They are with us, every moment, even if we cannot feel it.