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This post explains how you may use a pendulum in everyday life.

(please click here for Intro/Lesson 1; please click here for Lesson 2)

I carry a pendulum with me almost constantly, either in a pocket or around my wrist. I use them so much that I try to keep one in every room, and I even have one in the car that’s made from a teabag string tied to a key!

I’ve played with several designs, and my current favorite is a version that has a loop for my finger as well as for my wrist. I splurged on some silver chain to make some for work… prettier, and less conspicuous…

Why do I seem to have dangly things constantly attached to my body?

I’ve learned that anything that dangles can be my friend, and connect me to my “Special Friends”.

(please click here for a fun little video demonstration)

I know, it sounds like euphemistic language we might use when speaking patronizingly with a child… But it really works for me. This post plays around a bit, but these examples give some ideas of things for which I receive pendulum guidance. Whether you call it intuition or guidance, it serves to focus my mind and offer answers to questions that I might otherwise lose sleep over.

Things I Learn With My Pendulum:

  • What I almost forgot at the grocery store
  • Whether or not to accept that job offer
  • Which bank to put my money in
  • Which phone calls to return
  • Which sweater I’ll enjoy more
  • How to use new software
  • What electronic device does something I’m gonna love
  • Which city to move to
  • When to trust and when to run like hell
  • When I need to stop typing and just go to sleep
  • How to laugh at myself
  • How to follow my heart
  • When to speak and when to keep quiet
  • When I’m balanced and when I’m obsessing
  • When I’m in danger and when I’m just being paranoid
  • How to accept that unpleasant experiences may lead to greater happiness
  • What I need to believe at this particular moment in time

I know this might take the prize for world’s most eclectic list… The beauty of the pendulum’s range astounds me often.

Most of those items appear straightforward; I’d like to explain more about the last two items because they deserve both praise and caveats.

How to accept that unpleasant experiences may lead to greater happiness

Once I discovered how to use a chart, it allowed the pendulum to point out things that were not already looming large in my conscious mind. I began to get explanations for things that I had struggled with for years. I began to get explanations of Dharma , religion in general, philosophy, psychology, and my own intentions. Not all discoveries bring joy, but as I develop more patience with my “teachers”, it becomes clear that even when “they” lead me to experiences I don’t like, an important lesson awaits.

I learned that unless I started being true to myself all of my efforts would end in frustration.

I learned that if I refuse to trust divine guidance, even (especially) in the face of tremendous fear, I become my own worst saboteur.

What I need to believe at this particular moment in time

This one still trips me up the most.

When I first started using the pendulum, and as I’ve offered intuitive readings to others, I noticed an unsettling pattern. If someone asks for a pat answer to a tricky question, we might get a pat answer… with a booby trap!

I cannot count how many times this has happened. I used to become infuriated and inflate with a sense of betrayal whenever I realized that I had followed a rosy path… to nothing.

It took some time, but I began to see that sometimes I (and maybe others) benefit from experiences that I might have avoided without the pendulum. I used to rant and challenge and questions my guides furiously (You told me that if I shared that, he’d call me again!)… Oh, I see… He needed to hear that for other reasons, and I’m better off without him. Still not so convinced I like that method, though…

So now, if someone asks me for a reading, I hesitate. It takes a few minutes to insert this disclaimer: “Sure, I’ll give you a reading, but it may not be the “truth”, and you may not get the results you want, and you may not even like the answer in the first place… But it will be what you need to hear right now. Still sound good?”

(Please see the previous posts if you’d like information about how a pendulum may help focus your mind, and the basics of how a pendulum may work with your energy body to tune into your intuition. Lesson Four – My Story Behind the Pendulum – is an upcoming post telling the story of how I came to use the pendulum this way.)

(Important disclaimer: I’m sharing my understanding in the hopes that some people might find it useful and encouraging. I make no claims about how well this method might or might not work for you, or how long it might take you to become adept with a pendulum. The process depends solely on your motivation, effort, and mental stability. The more advanced use of the pendulum can lead to many surprises, and I make no claims that trying what I describe will lead you to any particular place whatsoever. Thanks for understanding!)


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