01 open waters and safe harbors


We can give our guides mechanisms through which they can talk to us directly.

As long as the basis of our chosen method has elements of randomness and flexibility (and we can loosen our minds), we can access even Buddhas using external mechanisms.

Generating random data with computers, touching ouija boards, holding pendulums, writing in the sand, reading tea leaves, tossing runes, counting I Ching stalks, throwing shells, drawing arrows, choosing cards, talking spontaneously, wishing and praying… All of these activities hold the potential to bring us to ourselves and guidance.

Non-physical entities connect very easily to electronic and electro-magnetic devices, and can influence energetic data. Energy permeates all matter, so matter can be manipulated too, but its density presents more challenges.

Faith determines the quality of the results. Disdain interferes more than skepticism. Skepticism can have a positive intention; disdain is always negative.

This series of articles, Open Waters and Safe Harbors, welcomes you to the world of connecting with your spiritual guides, as a basis for making spiritual progress.

(I’ll begin here with a personal note, explanation and disclaimer. Almost all of the material found on this blog site was accessed through methods described in these articles. I don’t at all consider myself an expert in any but one – the pendulum and charts. Acquiring proficiency with the pendulum has taken many hours of practice, patience, and perseverance – and a lot of faith. I’ll further advise that the higher the road one takes, the more clear the air. I merely present options. If you decide to try any of the methods, you’ll discover the results for yourself, and only you can determine the nature of the information and contact you might receive. At times I’ve been terrified by what I’ve immersed myself into, and at times I’ve been delighted. The only result I’ve experienced consistently has been a deep understanding that every moment we exist presents an essential lesson. I thank my Guides deeply for all the protection and guidance They’ve offered. Please proceed carefully and respectfully, as not all beings are of the light. Best wishes to you on your journey.)

Channeling and Connecting are variation of an organic process that’s very useful for people on a spiritual path. It requires a certain amount of sensitivity to begin receiving information, and the process peaks, valleys, and plateaus. Several conditions affect our ability to engage, including proper hydration and grounding of the energy body (more on these later). Stress reduces sensitivity by contracting the subtle body, and this can interrupt or distort our messages and perceptions.

Channeling is like navigating inside a safe harbor; Connecting is like venturing onto open waters to explore the unknown.

We need to learn to channel first – receiving specific information – in order to develop a technique that works for us. Both forms of communication are equally effective; one is not superior or inferior to the other.

Our technique becomes our wheel of navigation for open waters.

Techniques also peak, valley, and plateau. Switching methods from time to time refreshes our connection and fluidity, and different techniques exercise different parts of the brain, so variety is beneficial.

Trying a new technique is like re-booting our brains, if we feel that our connection has become weak.

The ability to Channel and Connect lies on a spectrum, as do many things. As with wellness, autism, physical ability, longevity, karma and merit, our position on the spectrum can change. We’re not always consciously in control of where we sit, but can often impact our position.

Channeling and Connecting require a great deal of subtle energy. Diet, activity and state of mind affect our ability to interact deeply, and our bodies and minds respond rapidly when conditions shift.

Channeling and Connecting also require expansive energy. Many forms of expansive energy fill our world, and people “plug in” for different reasons. Expansive energy can be receptive or productive, and it helps if we’re aware of what type we have, and what we expose ourselves to: negative or positive, nourishing or draining.

Taking breaks is important; otherwise, distraction, tension, and resistance may develop.

Please be sure to get proper rest. We may receive strong floods of energy at times, especially when connecting with beings (including people( whose energy produces strong drawing or draining action.

Energy drops don’t necessarily indicate being drained; sometimes drops manifest because of an uncontrolled or involuntary contraction of the energetic or subtle body when the senses are assaulted. Many people on the autism spectrum might relate to this and recognize the sensation. I won’t list symptoms here; please learn your own body and energy system through meditation and observation.

Energy drops may be relieved by sleep, circulating energy, or radiating unwanted energy (but neither of the latter are replacements for sleep!).

Receiving energy from others is not necessarily helpful when our energy is low.


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