The All About Enlightenment blog site offers material that may lead you to happiness or joy. If the words resonate with you, then please dive in, and accept uncertainty. “Certainty”: one of the sneakiest illusions available to people in this world. It presents a vision of comfort, and lulls us into complacency... We can fall asleep and miss … Continue reading about

death – standing in the clear light

THERE IS A CANDLE FLAME THAT WILL GO OUT WHEN YOU DIE. It will fade dimly and gradually, and your vision of it will seem to zoom in closer and closer, until you feel you are enveloped in the flame just as it extinguishes. next - dream >>

awaken – standing in the clear light

BEGIN AGAIN. Suddenly all will be whiter than white, so white it clears all white. And you will begin again. You will know, in that instant, that you are everything you ever imagined and everything "everyone else" ever imagined. For a brief moment you will understand with a fullness and intensity that can hardly be … Continue reading awaken – standing in the clear light

BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 08)

PART EIGHT: Being A Go-Between [From Buddhas Heruka, Manjushri, and Naropa] <<previousYou do a special type of dreaming once for each of your lifetimes, and that is always the last dream of that life. Tibetans call this dream state the ‘bardo’, but We call it ‘In-Between Dreaming’. Dreaming is very familiar to you; you do it … Continue reading BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 08)