02 open waters and safe harbors

TYPES OF CHANNELING BODIES [from Lhamo Dorje] What is the difference between Channeling and Connecting? When it comes to interacting with spiritual guides, anyone can learn to connect with spirits, ghosts, gods or demons. We may initiate or request this contact, or the "entity" may begin the conversation. Only powerful spiritual guides can contact us … Continue reading 02 open waters and safe harbors


music opens our channels

How notes tune our minds... I’ve blogged about why I love music, Now we’re going to talk about how music affects us on subtle levels. Your channels are your opening to the gateway of Enlightenment. Sure, that sounds great… What are channels? I’ll put it simply: channels are like invisible blood vessels. They carry energy … Continue reading music opens our channels

music will make you a buddha

enlightenment beyond imagining... This post completes a threesome. The other two posts deal with how I enjoy music and how music affects us. This post explains how music can lead us to Enlightenment, without even having to work very hard at it. If you’ve read about the subtle body and channels, you know there’s more … Continue reading music will make you a buddha