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protectors in the shadows



(from Leslee)

Years ago I had a dream that I was trapped in a cave – naked and defenseless and very frightened.

I cowered in the cave while around me danced many evil demons. I knew they were going to kill me, but only after they taunted and terrified me mercilessly.

Suddenly there was a flash of light, and on the stone table in the center of the cave appeared a powerful tall dark-skinned man with dreadlocks down his back.

As soon as he appeared, most of the demons dissolved instantaneously. He jumped down from the table and pointed his staff at the remaining few demons, who then either disappeared or fled out of the cave.

When I awoke, I realized that the dream was telling me that I’d always be protected.

We all have protectors, and They shadow and care for us no matter what.

When we’re able to tune into Them, They’re able to help is even more powerfully.

This dream was also about self-grasping.

No matter how tightly we grasp, our Protector will always loosen our grips. Protectors play key roles along our Spiritual Paths, because without a Protector, we’re left to our own devices.

Only a Protector can protect us from our own delusions. Enlightened Beings show us the path; Protectors keep us from self-sabotage.

I learned this from that dream: I was paralyzed by my fear, and I also couldn’t defend myself. Now I know that all my fear comes from self-grasping, so that’s why I try to work hard to overcome my self-grasping.

I know that once I have that under control, I’ll be home free.

Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

I’ve been reading quite a few books, blogs, and websites in the past several months, and I’ve noticed some patterns. Also, a dear friend asked me recently if I could help them learn how to better connect with their spiritual guides.

When we feel confused, we become particularly susceptible to thinking that another person holds the answers for us. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent most of my life in that state!

It helps me to view teachers as stepping stones, rather than destinations.

I sure haven’t figured it all out, but over the years I’ve become happier, so I figure something’s working. Since I’ve noticed some patterns, I’ll share some observations:

1. Please follow what you feel best suits you, in your heart, as often as you can.

2. Please read this post in my blog All About Enlightenment, about what to look for in a spiritual guide.

3. Please turn your back peacefully and confidently on anything or anyone who seems to enocurage you to feel fear, guilt, regret, or inadequacy.

4. Please try your best to reach an understanding of how none of us actually exist. None of our joys or sorrows or accomplishments or failures or possessions or losses have any power over us, other than the power that we give them.

5. You have nothing to fear.

6. There is no one to criticize.

7. No one can send you to heaven or hell; only we can do that to ourselves.

There exist beings “out there” that we may not be able to see or sense. ‘Out There’ simply means that we don’t recognize them as parts of our Self.

But that’s what they are. We’re all connected in so many ways… Usually on levels that we, in our ‘gross’ bodies, find elusive.

We all bear light, and we all harbor dark sides, too.

This creates balance. This allows us to make choices.

We arrive here swaddled in forgetfulness, and choose whether to exit this moment in confusion, or with wisdom and joy.

No politician, disclosure, stock market, currency, teacher, relative, boss, judge, doctor, offspring, failure, success, meal, muscle, organ, weather, conquest or evasiveness offers true relief or condemnation from our choice to have appeared on this planet, in this moment, with this set of conditions and riddles.

Because we’re born into forgetting, we may find ourselves at the mercy of a few who have figured out a bit more of the game.

Some people get a taste of power and that fall into the trap of thinking that the adrenaline rush is the prize.

Knowledge produces strength. Some might say that ‘knowledge is power’, but power distorts.

Strength multiplies itself when shared with others.

When we meet people who relish their own power as a means of bending others to their will, we can recognize this in many forms.

Some are obvious, and these usually provoke anger. We can deal with that easily enough.

The ones that can lead us ’round the bend into the dark noggy place are the ones who pose as teachers and healers, while withholding the means we can use awakening ourselves.

Or, who pose as teachers and healers just because they seem to have more knowledge than some others. Et cetera.

Fact: as long as you’re in a body, you’ve still got something to learn.

Accept and enjoy.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you with rank or knowledge.

At the same time, maintain humility, because…

Fact: As long as you’re in a body, there will always be another ‘body’ that knows something you don’t.

We designed the Universe that way.

(‘We’ as in all of us.)

We can access all the knowledge we need; we’ve taken the first step when we dare to believe this might be possible.

We’ve taken the second step once we become willing to trust in ‘the unknown’.

With two steps, we find our feet planted on a completely new path.

Don’t worry – you’ll find friends and kindred spirits quickly.

It’s one amazing ride – relax and enjoy!

[This is a re-post from: http://thinktoask.com/2011/12/28/knock-knock-whos-there/]

20.12.2011 update from leslee

I just realized that today is 2012!

(that explains a lot…)
I’m sharing this brief post to deeply and sincerely thank ALL of my new friends who’ve visited this site (thanks to Wes Annac), and to let you know that I’ve been getting some nearly overwhelming downloads about what we’ll be posting in the near future.

I apologize, I really don’t mean to be a tease… But I have an unusual amount of traveling coming up over the next two weeks, and am not sure how much I’ll be online or have time to create posts.

So, this post will also serve as my to-do list… as the posts are created, I’ll turn them into links.

I’m creating a new category, “UPDATES”, which is where I’ll file these types of posts, as they arise.

1. I’m pretty sure the next post will be Part 3 of putting it out there, and it focuses on the phases I’m going through as I continue to learn to use the pendulum to connect with my Guides.

2. There will be more info appearing on BUTTA (Because U Think To Ask).

(This morning, the Buddhas have explained that the method I’ve been using with Adca Mupea is a way for Inner Beings, Extra-Terrestrials and Intra-Terrestrials to interact with us while still honoring our perception of free will. We ask, and they can answer. It’s also a great training tool for tuning in with your intuition.)

3. I need to update the TABLE OF CONTENTS for this site, and link the entries to related posts.

3. The remaining chapters/sections of All About Enlightenment will be posted/re-posted. There are 5 chunks remaining: Ch 8: Making The Most Of Anger (most of this has already been posted here); Ch 9: The Nature and Meaning of Dreams and Visions (there are 8 parts to this chapter); Ch 10: What To Do When You Freak Out (most of this has already been posted here); Afterword; Appendix One (which has already been posted here)

4. We’ll post a series of sketches, videos, and who knows what else, on making and using a pendulum… sort of like a DIY instruction manual.

5. Posting will begin on Raging Pandit; these posts will mostly comment on contemporary Buddhism. My Guides have some strong words for some of the distortions and manipulations that have been going down over the past few hundred years. There’s a lot to clear up.

Right now, I’m most energized about #4; I got a lot of images/ideas last night about how we’re going to do this, and I’m thrilled to begin to see better how to make these tools available to others, so they can try them out too.

Knowledge is power. When it’s spiritual knowledge, combined with deep understanding, there’s no stopping the flow towards Enlightenment.

Thank you again – so much – for joining me here!

With lots of love,


putting it out there (part one)


[by Leslee]

My dear friend Wes Annac, who has a wonderful site at [Occupy] Aquarius Channelings (happily serving the 100 percent) http://aquariuschannelings.com/ inspired this post series.

I had expressed in an earlier post that I feel like a novice at doing this (putting it out there, and channeling), and Wes has a different view.

It occurred to me that some might enjoy – and relate to – hearing about some of the “phases” I’ve gone through with my Guides since I discovered we could “chat”. The overarching point emphasizes that most of us may well need to go through phases along the way, and this doesn’t imply that we’ve made mistakes.

It’s all part of the process.

(In fact, the process can be so unknown, that right now I sit bemused to think that in a few months I may shake my head when I re-read this post, too…)

So I’m going to make at least two posts on this. The second one will be about learning to use a pendulum… For now, please have a chuckle with me about some of the wild goose chases Heruka has taken me on while connecting with Him…

It all started when I signed up for a webinar on connecting with your spiritual guide. I’d been Buddhist since 2000, and was really happy with my Yidam (that’s Sanskrit for spiritual guide) Heruka. I just wanted to be able to talk to Him. I could feel His presence constantly, but had the nagging feeling that He was trying to tell me stuff that I just wasn’t getting.

As part of my trying to listen, I had returned my nun’s vows and left the tradition I had been affiliated with. I wasn’t sure what was in store for me, but I knew it was what He wanted – because He knew it was what was best for me. It was tough, because of course all the other members of that community felt pretty much obligated to hold the view that I had just bought myself a one-way ticket to Hell.

I knew otherwise; but my “knowledge” didn’t fit the doctrine…

So I was out of there. And lonely. This class seemed to beckon towards my next step. And the class led me to using a pendulum to connect with my guides.

In short, I found that those wonderful, sparkly, dangly little jewels were like a silver cord between us, and that if I used an alphabet chart, “they” could spell messages. About stuff that I had no idea I “knew”… (for those skeptics out there)

Here’s the funny part. The first contact was with a couple of beings who had popped in and out of dreams and past -life regressions I’d experienced.  Maybe I’ll share their names someday, but right now, it doesn’t seem too relevant.

The attraction was strong, because these were familiar and comfortable “images”/understandings of former teachers and loved ones.

Cool. Comfort zone accomplished.

Over a couple weeks of tedious and fairly obsessive work with my new friends and tools (I think I estimated 150 hours until I met Heruka, then at least that many more before I met Lhamo Dorje and we began working on All About Enlightenment), the connections shifted dramatically.

Through those initial teachers, I was given an overwhelming amount of information about past lives, splinters of my continuum, my connections to others alive now, things that were going on in the world… It was a lot to take in.

Along the way I met Archangel Michael, and he explained some basics about some of the unseen Communities that surround us (the Oikos & Keres, for example). He also gave me some instructions for protection and connection.

I know you want to know, so here’s a brief synopsis: Generate an awareness or make a request for the Oikos to watch over you during the daytime, and for the Keres to watch over you at nighttime.

(By the way, they (O&K) include all the hosts of angels and archangels and everyone good and holy that you may already be familiar with.)

Also, if you can keep a small vessel of natural stone (glass is the next best choice) near your bed when you sleep, filled with fresh water, your guides can use that to connect with you when you sleep. And Iona will use it to connect with you upon rising, channeling fresh energy and light into your room.

A small (natural, not lead) crystal bowl works best, but these are rather hard to find and can seem expensive; a glass of water works just fine. And it’s okay if you drink it, too.

So I started following those suggestions, and soon another shift occurred.

Michael handed me off to Mimmakkme, who apparently is currently embodied in a deep cavern somewhere under Greece. She’s lovely, but all I can say right now is that she knows full well that I am totally going to kick her butt if I ever meet her in person. And we’ll both have a good laugh over it!

She led me, for months, in hounding a connection from a previous life, whom I had met on a social networking site. She told me many stories about times we had spent together, and lessons that needed learning, as well as what was going on in this person’s life.

That time brought a lot of pain, and led to another split between myself and that person. It took a while, but the lesson I got from it was this:

We can only do so much for others, and we cannot tell them what they need.

No matter how deep and tight our connections have been. And this applies even when we think we’re doing it on behalf of a holy being who knows everything.

Sounds a bit like the role some religions adopt…

[Please see Roadtrippin’ with Heruka for the next part of the story…]

BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 4)

PART FOUR:  Mastering Your Inhibitions and Fears Through Dreaming


[From Buddhas Manjushri, Naropa, Heruka and Amitabha]




The fluidity of dream worlds makes them a great testing ground for working on releasing your fears and inhibitions.

You can overcome all these fears and inhibitions; knowing this, you can face them with confidence and patience. The more readily you approach confronting your fears, the more easily you can master them.

For the sake of brevity, let’s use the word ‘fears’ to refer to fears and inhibitions, since these two separate manifestations in the mind have similar remedies.

So – how do you use dreams to overcome fear?

By trying over and over again and experimenting with new responses to familiar situations… while in your dream world.

Learning to dream lucidly will help you do access this ability more easily; this is why attaining tranquil abiding is so essential. But it doesn’t matter if you’re yet to attain tranquil abiding; you can go ahead and start working on your fears even if you’re a novice meditator.

The key? Ask for help.

Again: you don’t have to pray; just try to remember to request help from Enlightened Beings whenever you go to sleep.

We’re here to help you, but We do nothing without your permission. If you ask for help, even if you’re not a lucid dreamer, you’ll be guided (and protected) into dream situations that give you exercises intended to improve your confidence and self-assurance. Then as your meditation improves and you begin to dream lucidly, you can begin to take the reins of the dreams and guide them yourself.

Once this happens, you’ll learn and develop much more quickly.

When you manage to relax around dream-circumstances that previously have caused you anxiety, you can step back and get a big-picture view. You’re able to see that all will be well, no matter how you choose to react in the dream.

And guess what? This is how it is in the ‘real world’ too.

Many of people’s “problems” come from grasping at how they want things to turn out in everyday life. They tend to think results carry importance, because it seems to affect the Big Picture of your life. Actually, only your intentions affect your Big Picture; the day-to-day instances are sometimes no more than distractions.

Here’s the rub: if you don’t have an intention in your life, there is no Big Picture.

Then, all you’re left with are your little day-to-day incidents, and in that sense they do become important.

So please check – what is your intention in life? If you can’t find one, then you might want to take the time to develop one. Reading or re-reading Book One might help with this.

As We’ve said before, if you intend to help others or attain Enlightenment, you can’t go wrong.

If you adopt one of these intentions, then from that intention all good things will flow.

So, back to dreaming and visioning and how you can use them to master your fears.

As you get better at focusing your mind, you can easily see how to exert more control over your dreams and visions. But what if you’re barely able to sit for five minutes without forgetting your object of meditation? The first thing you need to do is NOT WORRY.

Even if you forget your dreams, you may still have some control while you’re in them. Even if you can meditate for just seconds, you can still focus your attention well enough to do some good.

Discouragement slows spiritual progress, so please ignore this mind.

Is discouragement founded on good reasoning?

Reasoning through a challenging situation may give you ideas about how to break down the problem into pieces and tackle them one at a time. This very manageable approach may help you solve many ‘difficulties’ in life.

So… how do you overcome, by reasoning through, obstacles in your spiritual progress caused by fears and inhibitions? Let’s look at that now.

First, try to identify the problem.

This means come to understand how your fear affects you. People usually spot effects easier than causes.

Once you really see and feel fear coming from its source – for yourself – you remember what caused the fear. Telling someone else that – or why – they have a fear seldom helps that person overcome the fear. (As an aside, this principle applies to any situation when a lesson needs learning.)

If you ask Us for help (sometimes called ‘going for refuge’ in Buddhist circles), We can send you dream situations that illustrate patterns in your behavior, so you can notice them. We can also give you opportunities to try out new approaches for handling those situations.

You may not consciously notice the lessons taking place, or even remember a single dream or vision that seems relevant, but you will probably notice a subtle waking change in how you deal with your life.

Please feel encourage to know that you can make significant progress without even having to do anything consciously besides asking for help.

That’s how powerful your mind is.

Hopefully this encouragement will help you better use your Super-Conscious Mind to overcome waking obstacles. Just give yourself some time, pay attention to your reactions to life, and see if you notice any change.

Now let’s talk about sabotage, because many people exercise this powerfully controlling negative tendency.

Fear prevents you from beginning an activity; sabotage prevents you from completing it.

Few things are more discouraging than finally getting up the nerve to try something new, only to find yourself face-down in the metaphorical mud before you can claim success. Because it may bring such deep discouragement, sabotage proves a much worse enemy than fear.

Many forms of sabotage exist.

You may sabotage your own efforts through your own lack of self-esteem, or others may try to sabotage you through their lack of self-esteem.

The two are the same in terms of the effect they can have on your progress, but the latter is a heavy negative action (especially with regards to spiritual practice). So please be very careful not to (even sub-consciously) try to sabotage others.

Teachers who repeatedly thwart their students due to the ‘teacher’s’ own negative feelings present one of the worst kinds of false spiritual teachers that a student may meet.

As you may imagine, anyone who spends their lifetime this way (discouraging others), is not likely to receive much help the next time they walk down their lane between lives. This kind of action also creates a great deal of negative karma or potentiality, and although you can’t be certain when it will ripen, you can be sure that it will not be pleasant.

If someone else spiritually sabotages you, you may experience some setbacks or delays, but at least you’re not the one who committed the negative action of sabotage.

If you sabotage yourself spiritually, that’s a bit more complicated.

Some people fear success more than they fear failure.

People like this often faced ridicule from loved ones at some point in their lives. The ridicule could have seemed very minor to the person doing the ridiculing, or it could have been something very important to the person being ridiculed, or it could have been both.

The most important point to remember, if you tend to sabotage yourself, is that you’re not alone, and We will never give up on you.

Even if it takes thousands of years, We will always be at your side, giving you whatever tiny or tremendous lessons you need in order to help you regain your confidence.

This holds true no matter what obstacles you may feel you face along your spiritual path. It doesn’t matter if your ‘difficulty’ seems insignificant to others. We know at all times what challenges you face, and what lessons you need in order to overcome those hurdles.

So please do not concern yourself too much with whatever you feel might be blocking your path. You don’t even need to recognize the problem. Delusions need to be recognized; fears do not.

Just focus on your progress and We will take care of the rest.


BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 6)

PART SIX: Fantasy And Reality


[From Buddhas Heruka and Naropa]

You can also use your dreams to create your waking life.

This differs from literally turning your fantasy world into your ‘real’ world, because the dreams and wishes of the other actors powerfully affect the ‘real’ world.

You can, however, use your wishes to bend reality somewhat, and influence energies to flow in the direction that you’d like.

How quickly and to what extent this can manifest depends considerably on the wishes of the other people surrounding you (this is one reason why many spiritual traditions emphasize community). But even if you often feel like a stranger in a strange land, your wishes constantly affect your experience.

For instance, let’s say you’re in a job that you really don’t enjoy. Or maybe you just need to find a job. If you focus your mind on an imagined situation that you wish to find yourself in, the energies of your wish flow in the direction of that outcome.

If you can also manage not to think negatively about your ‘existing’ situation, that keeps the way clear for the energy to flow more precisely in the direction of your desires. Your energy goes where your mind goes, so negative thoughts, especially discouragement, tend to divert or short-circuit the fulfillment of your wishes because they dilute the amount of energy that actually goes in the direction you want.

It’s essential to understand that this manifestation process works in a rather unpredictable way.

So it’s best not to focus too much energy on the specifics of what you wish for, or you may miss opportunities arising.

This shows another example of how grasping may sneak in, disguised as part of your spiritual endeavors.

Generate your wish enthusiastically but try not to grasp too tightly at how you think it ought to come true.

The more clearly you can understand what it is you’re really wishing for (the stripped-down version), the more latitude Enlightened Beings have to influence outcomes. Then, the more quickly and easily you’re likely to notice results.

Even the smallest inspiration you get could be coming from Enlightened Beings trying to help you open up and allow your dreams to come true.

You can do this with any wish you have in your life. The state of mental relaxation that allows Us to plant seeds resembles a dream state, and with some people, dreamtime is the best time for Us to plant those seeds. You can take your wishes to sleep with you, and We may use that opportunity to both give you ideas and show you how you may need to fine-tune your wishes.

During your waking time you can process what you remember from your dreams, and also work on focusing your energy towards them.

In this way We can help you to dream yourself to a more fulfilling life.

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