Whenever one of your lifetimes ends,
your body dies but your mind continues
along its indestructible path.

This holds true for everyone: when we die, our minds leave our bodies.

No one gets left behind.

Everyone chooses not how they will match up in this lifetime, but who they will be matched with. Karma determines how people match together, while people and places come together by choice.

When we share choices of the same people and places, we call that ‘collective karma’. However, ‘collective karma’ does not mean that everyone shares the same experience. Collective karma means nothing other than that people share a connection.

Karma stores like merit. You accumulate it, and karma may ripen immediately or in the future.

Karma differs from merit in that you exercise no control over how it’s spent

Merit earns people help, and karma earns people good conditions; you cannot always have both.


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