hurtling towards enlightenment – 05

CHAPTER 3 Enlightenment! Understanding the following six points leads to Full Enlightenment. If you put them into practice, you experience Full Enlightenment. POINT 1: ONCE YOU ATTAIN ENLIGHTENMENT, ALL YOUR SUFFERING ENDS. When you view yourself as an Enlightened Being, even though your feelings may get hurt and you may experience physical pain, you’ve discovered … Continue reading hurtling towards enlightenment – 05


the one who got away

LEAVING THROUGH THE BACK DOOR Jetsun. Do your job and leave. Go far, far, away, and do not regret, do not look back, and do not expect help. This way you will find freedom. The phenomena of organized religion forges shackles around the stoutest of hearts. People will expect something in return for helping, even … Continue reading the one who got away

BOOK ONE: chapter one: introduction and beginning

Whenever one of your lifetimes ends, your body dies but your mind continues along its indestructible path. This holds true for everyone: when we die, our minds leave our bodies. We travel down a long and winding lane where we meet all our loved ones. We choose which of them we wish to be reborn … Continue reading BOOK ONE: chapter one: introduction and beginning


The All About Enlightenment blog site offers material that may lead you to happiness or joy. If the words resonate with you, then please dive in, and accept uncertainty. “Certainty”: one of the sneakiest illusions available to people in this world. It presents a vision of comfort, and lulls us into complacency... We can fall asleep and miss … Continue reading about

BOOK TWO: chapter three: reducing grasping

[From Buddhas Heruka and Vajravarahi] What is grasping? Grasping is not letting go. It’s that simple. It’s holding on tightly to how you think things are, and/or how you want them to be. It can show itself in things as wide-ranging as racial profiling, conspiracy theories, and seasonal depression. It can cause marriages, and it can … Continue reading BOOK TWO: chapter three: reducing grasping