These pages access excerpts from the preliminary content of ALL ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT If you look in the Menu of the site, you will find a "tab" (page) titled "THE BOOK". Once you arrive on that page, you will find links to each of the sections of the book, arranged "in order". Most of the links … Continue reading THE BOOK

a method of teaching

WHAT YOU MAY LEARN WITH A PENDULUM – LESSON THREE This post explains how you may use a pendulum in everyday life. (please click here for Intro/Lesson 1; please click here for Lesson 2) I carry a pendulum with me almost constantly, either in a pocket or around my wrist. I use them so much … Continue reading a method of teaching

BOOK TWO: chapter one: how to make progress

So, now that you have the basic instructions and some concluding advice, how do you “Practice like your life depends on it”? What does that mean? What is ‘practice’? What is progress, anyway, and how can you tell when you’re making it? How does the average person do this on their own? First of all, … Continue reading BOOK TWO: chapter one: how to make progress

awaken – standing in the clear light

BEGIN AGAIN. Suddenly all will be whiter than white, so white it clears all white. And you will begin again. You will know, in that instant, that you are everything you ever imagined and everything "everyone else" ever imagined. For a brief moment you will understand with a fullness and intensity that can hardly be … Continue reading awaken – standing in the clear light