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Lately I’ve been fascinated by the Earth Wisdom (Native American) Medicine Wheel. I’m digging in to find connections between it and Heruka’s mandala (Chakrasamvara), and this sketch represents my thoughts in progress. I feel countless layers interlacing about that Center Point, worlds beyond the ones we know…

The colors of the Medicine Wheel moons, paths, etc. borrow inspiration from the crystal Medicine Wheel created by the wonderful folks at Crystal Vaults, based on the book by Sun Bear. Perhaps I can take this into a 3D rendering someday, but for now the charteuse/magenta tilted axis (slightly NNE & SSW) represents beings and energies above and below the surface of the Earth.

Here’s the link to Crystal Vaults’ image of the wheel they offer in their kit: http://crystalvaults.com/medicine-wheel-guide/native-american-medicine-wheel. They also publish an online guide that I imagine several of my friends will enjoy.

Thus continues my yearning to integrate wisdom available from all our cultures here on Earth and beyond. I’m still spinning in that state of fascination and rearranging, not yet having arrived at a place anywhere near reaching insights or conclusions.



city of fiery light

22 March 2014

Let’s continue along the theme of integrating thoughts and impressions about Native Wisdom, Extra-Terrestrial life and beings, and my personal (perhaps unconventional) experience of Vajrayana Buddhism… I recently posted about this in “Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka” and “One River” …

I received a little more on this from Heruka yesterday, which I’ll share below. I was also struck that after I published a post before going to bed last night, Ghost Radar produced these words almost immediately and in quick succession: [He-He-Ru-Ru-Kham (this is part of Heruka’s mantra) traffic experiment very-subtle-mind points-of-light Hopi threw past-tense Google Vajrayogini (another Vajrayana deity)  crowd (as in Mandala or Field of Merit?)  strip larger fiction slight time-warp element stove string swimming Catherine news rather Airl deaf 5 hiker shells lack virtuous behavior stone generally (the previous words all flowed out over the span of just under an hour) Bronwen Luke offer grandfather].

I’ve also been spending some time on studying the prayer practice I was taught for Heruka years ago, and this is the one I’ve used for 12 years now. I’m getting that He wants to use this practice as a way to show these connections, so I’ve started taking notes on this… that project is going to take a while. But I digress. Anyway, these prayers are called a “sadhana” in Sanskrit, so now that you know that you’ll understand what’s referred to below.

(The following is from 21 March 2014)

  • Heruka, can we talk about your sadhana, meditation, citites of light, mandalas, and what can appear here in physical?

Yes. Please take the chart, it clears your mind.

  • I sense the presence of the Field of Merit…

Yes – well, some very specific members. Let’s go.


One might say that only certain people can see what’s really here. You get the image of a city filled with blind people who cannot see the spirits. Even more subtle are certain energies. It’s alright for different beings to perceive in different ways, while all are still seeing from the same reference point of inhabiting a human (physical) body.

Yes: Not all humanoid bodies here are human.

No: The “Cities of Light” as you call them, will not appear in physical as long as there are nations or other abstract entities that maintain armies.

Yes. But it’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario – which came first, your feeling drawn to that book and film, or the situation we’re describing? That feeling of familiarity is a cue to look deeper.

Back to Cities of Light. Too much is at stake to risk having these loci [proton] manifest in this realm as long as there is violence. Weapons can be symbolic (as implements) [reason] and can be held [spell] without violence. But not armies.

There’s another aspect of an army, a military force, that is just as degenerate as the fear and compulsion that militaries represent. That is a motivation that some might have to join a military force as a means of benefitting materially or personally.

Give four years of one’s life and get an education, a pension, and non-discriminate benefits throughout one’s life. A bit of a free ticket for selling one’s soul.

This is another prevalent mindset that is just as destructive and limting as war. It represents an inclination towards despair coupled with a sense of entitlement, both of which reflect a lack of accepting responsibility for one’s own life. It generally comes not from bad intentions so much as ignorance. And it’s just [better] as effective as war, at numbing the mind.

A numb mind is easily controlled and manipulated.

So people would do better to look for peace and reconciliation between “nations” [thee] before expecting Cities of Light to appear to the eyes of all inhabitants.

The work of people striving to transform science and industry [needle] towards Unity, Equality, Freedom, and Understanding are Next Steps in this world. These must be established well before this world will be ready for any sustained [aloha] presence of anything so powerful yet delicate as a City of Light can be maintained.

So, if you manage to perceive these dreams of peace, even on a subtle level, while in this world, that moves you in the right direction. Please hold these dreams dear in your hearts, and continue to envision them as someday manifesting in your “real” world. Every little bit helps.

Meanwhile, visiting them during dreams and meditation is valid and restorative.

You can use the concept of a City of Light as an object of mindfulness meditation. Place in front of your mind your expectation of what a “City of Light” might be, and examine your expectations – for they are a very powerful part of your mind! – closely, deeply and dispassionately. What are you really asking for?

Envision Peace. Regard any perception of “enemy” or “other” as a flaw in your perception, and work diligently to erase that energy from your field of influence.

Meditate. Watch your thoughts  as you move through your day. Build your perfect world from the outside in and from the inside out. Mentally first, energetically second, physically last.

To expect a physical manifestation before the mind and heart are prepared is [sudden] tantamount  to putting the cart before the horse. You won’t get anywhere but frustrated.

  • Now we’re at March 22, and I’m wondering what you wanted to say about the sadhana…

Yes. When we started out, you thought I was going to give you a translation, so to speak, for your present day, time, and culture. Now you’re seeing that it’s more a matter of my wishing to share with you and others the meaning and significance of the steps of the practice.

You are now beginning to see that there is a relationship between the 3D-modeling studies you’ve been doing of tetrahedra gathered to enclose octahedra. Look at Nassim Haramein’s work, the tetragrammaton; each encloses an octahedron. Haramein says the tetragrammaton is a valid representation of “the vacuum”, which I’m telling you may be likened to Emptiness, Ultimate Nature. Does Haramein mention that there is an octahedron enclosed? For that shape represents Earth, does it not? How about that.

And you see that these forms also construct the Mandala. From Emptiness into Form. And back again, in phases. The physicists understand much, but there is ar more to come…

So as we continue on looking at the sadhana I will explain more about how the various steps bear relevance to your situation in this world today, how you can see the stages of the practice as symbolic of actions and views you can adopt in everyday life as a way of transforming the appearance of a distorted confusing world into a blissful experience. But for now, the physical beckons and you need to go get your car serviced. We will talk more about this soon.

hurtling towards enlightenment – 06



When YOU go down the path between lifetimes, you meet many Enlightened Beings who want to help you. They teach you how to find happiness – sometimes in very surprising ways. Eventually everyone will recognize true happiness.

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BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 7)

PART SEVEN: Those Dreams You Don’t Talk About


[From Buddhas Manjushri, Heruka and Naropa]

There’s one kind of dream that We haven’t mentioned yet, but We can’t ignore it, because it’s probably everyone’s favorite type of dream.

Yes, We’re talking about Sex Dreams, and yes, We’re going to offer some explanations and information for your consideration.

First, let’s get the technical part out of the way: Sex Dreams are usually Non-Lucid Action-Making dreams, but you’d probably already figured that out.

What do Sex Dreams have to do with Dharma?

Well just like sex itself, they can have everything to do with Dharma, but it all depends on one’s point of view and attitude. We’ll go into Pure View in more detail in a moment; for now, let’s just say that there’s no action more virtuous than engaging in union with an Enlightened Being. If you truly engage in union with an Enlightened Being, your mind is mixing completely with the mind of the Union of Bliss and Emptiness, and if you can manage to sustain that Union permanently, then you’ve attained Enlightenment.

Please note that we said permanently.

That means never pausing, never ceasing, never taking a break. We think it’s safe to say that most sex is not like that.

Just the same, sometimes the experience of sex can give you glimpses of what the experience of Union is like. So, in that respect, it can be a very worthwhile endeavor.

We’d like to pause here and make a clarification. Many Buddhist stories make vague references to something called ‘meditation’ when they describe practices that involve ‘consorts’.

In almost all of these instances, ‘meditation’ refers to what might ordinarily be called ‘sex’.

The word ‘ordinary’ is key to understanding why sometimes it’s more fitting to use the word ‘meditation’.

A chapter on Dreams (and Sex) seems to be just as good a place as any to address the differences between ordinary view and Pure View.

Simply out, Pure View is an Enlightened Being’s point of view.

Practitioners of Vajrayana Buddhism make their best effort to engage in Pure View, and this means their goal is to constantly do a number of things. We might call it Supreme Multi-Tasking, but Pure View is much easier to say.

And it’s much easier to say than to do, so an intent Vajrayana practitioner continues to make effort to improve their multi-tasking ability until it finally becomes their very nature, and they’ve therefore attained Enlightenment.

Since We’ve begun a digression, let’s take it a little further and explain a little bit about the Vajrayana Path and Empowerments. We predict that the following explanations will likely receive criticism from traditional Vajrayana Buddhist circles; We’re treading on very sacred ground.

So We’re saying to you that since you’re reading these words, you have the very special karma to be receiving this transmission of an explanation.

What you choose to do with it’s entirely up to you. This advice resembles the advice given to anyone receiving an ‘actual’ Empowerment directly from a Vajra Master appearing in human form before them.

Vajra Masters may appear in any form they choose. The advice is the same: If you believe you’ve received an Empowerment from a Fully Enlightened Being, then that’s exactly what’s happened. If you don’t truly view the Vajra Master as an Enlightened Being, then you might as well just have gone to dinner with him or her, because that’s about how “empowered” you’ll get.

So if you believe that Enlightened Beings can give you a transmission through words that appears to be written by a human being, and from that transmission you may attain Enlightenment, then you have a tremendous amount of faith and will probably attain Enlightenment very easily.

If you think that idea is preposterous, then you might as well skip ahead to the next section, or put the book down altogether, because the explanation about sex won’t do you any good either.

If you fall anywhere in between, then you still have enough faith, so please read on and enjoy.

Now let’s get back to sex, and eventually we’ll get back to dreams about sex.

If you’ve ever had sex of any kind, then you’ve probably got a pretty good idea of how it affects the physical body. There are some wonderful explanations available about how it also affects the energy body: what precisely happens with the channels, winds and drops when one is aroused, and when two people enter into union.

Rather than repeating what’s already been skillfully said, We’ll simply summarize:

When the physical and energy bodies are aroused, one enters into a sort of altered state of awareness.

Then it’s possible that the perceptions of one’s energy body may begin to dominate over the familiar physical perceptions.

This may in turn lead to a transcendental experience, and We’re not talking about physical orgasm. We’re talking about a state of mind with very dreamlike qualities, that’s very subtle and fluid. This state mimics the experiences of highly-realized meditators when they’re approaching Enlightenment.

So, if you enter such a state of arousal, that arousal may act as a stepping stone for making spiritual progress.

We don’t guarantee this will happen for you, so by telling you this We’re not encouraging you to go out and have sex with wild abandon – that’s more likely to produce the opposite of the desired effect. But if the opportunity arises, We’re encouraging you to use your sexual practice as spiritual practice.

The more you meditate, the more you’ll gain control over your mind as well as your subtle channels, winds and drops, and this will positively impact your sexual experience.

Now We can get back to the main subject at hand: Sexual Dreams.

Really, all that’s left to say is that Sexual Dreams may serve the same purpose as the actual sex act when it comes to spiritual progress, and the more mindful you are during your dreams (of using them for spiritual progress), the more progress you’ll make.

It’s also worth telling you a little about the origin of these types of dreams.

Enlightened Beings help manifest your powerful sexual dreams. Spirits, gods and demons aren’t spiritually powerful enough to affect your mind and subtle energy body enough to produce strong sexual arousal when you sleep.

We make a distinction between powerful sexual dreams and simple fantasy dreams. The latter aren’t any more influenced by Enlightened Beings than your other ‘normal’ dreams. But you’ll know the difference if you have a powerful sexual dream, because you’ll remember it and understand naturally that it was a special dream.

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if this is buddhism… intro



I’ve created this category for posts about my path, my search to find spiritual truth and meaning in the midst of a world that spins on a wobbly axis and arises and fades like dreams…

I call myself a Buddhist; I grew up in a liberal protestant setting, going to a church where the minister was a bit of a hippie. I never even read a Presbyterian catechism until I was in college, and my initial reaction was, “Wait… I signed up for this?”

That cued me to start doing more research before I committed to anything.

One thing that sold me on Buddhism was this entreaty:

“Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. Do not believe in anything simply because it is spoken and rumored by many. Do not believe in anything simply because it is found written in your religious books. Do not believe in anything merely on the authority of your teachers and elders. Do not believe in traditions because they have been handed down for many generations. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.”

~ Siddartha Gautama, The Buddha

Permission to question. Priceless.

This category revolves around questions. Each post will be in the form of a question, and I will share the answers as I understand them.

I won’t go into great detail here about how I get my answers, other than to say: lots of meditation. These are very personal understandings. Yes, I call myself Buddhist, while not adhering to a particular tradition or doctrine, other than to say that much of what I share here falls into the category of esoteric secret teachings.

Please join me, please feel free to ask your own questions, and I will do my best to give you a meaningful answer.

If you’re reading this, your journey is part of my journey. Thank you.

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