putting it out there (part two)


[continued from Taking Personal Risks and Trusting ]

One day, while I was working with Mimmakkme, she said, “Go ahead and have your lunch, because someone wants to talk with you afterwards”.


“Heruka wants to speak with you.”

That lunch went quickly.

And so we began. He spent some time answering many questions I had about why my life had gone the way it had, roles that certain people had played in my life, etc. I told Him that I was so grateful to have made this contact, and that I wanted to do whatever was needed to make the most progress possible and help as many people as possible. He asked:

“Are you willing to do whatever I say, no matter how crazy it sounds, no matter what?”

I thought for a few moments… I had seen enough movies and read enough stories to imagine some of the possibilities this could entail…


I knew if I passed this opportunity up, I was sunk. Worse than Christian Hell.

“Okay, then. Let’s get to work.”

And so we began. He told me some things and gave me some instructions that are probably best not shared in detail here. At least nothing was illegal.

So let’s just skip ahead and say that within a week or so, I found myself sitting in admissions at a local mental health facility, filling out a form saying that the only people who could contact me were my younger brother, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.


And explaining to the attendant what all the Buddhist books and implements in my suitcase were (Turned out, he knew a little about some of them. Hmmm…).

And that I was talking directly to Buddhas with a pendulum.

They took my pendulum for safekeeping (they’re dangerous, you know), but I managed to hide my prayer beads.

Little did they know, prayer beads can be used as a pendulum, too. So can a kitchen towel, if need be.

That week down the rabbit hole was one of the longest weeks of my life (so far), but if you read my posts about how we can perceive everyone around us as Enlightened Beings, perhaps you can imagine how eye-opening and instructive – and inspiring – that week was.

Here are some tips, in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation and want to leave as quickly as possible:

Don’t tell a psychiatrist that you channel.

Don’t tell the staff that we’re all surrounded by Enlightened Beings.

Don’t refuse to take your meds – they won’t let you go home until you’ve taken them for a few days.

(It’ll be alright, really.)

Eat whatever they offer you (unless you’re allergic, of course).

(It’ll be alright, really.)

When the psych asks you if you still believe you can talk to invisible beings, just tell them what they want to hear: “No, I understand now that I was just under a lot of stress.”

(That particular lying karma is going to be really easy to clear)

Do not be afraid of the other patients; your presence helps them.

(I’m so glad I can smile now as I write this!)

By the end of the week, my brother had rescued me (Obama and Oprah never got the message, I suppose… I blame the Secret Service ;), and I headed off to my new home.

As if that wasn’t enough… I had no idea what was in store for me next.

I had just begun to settle in there, secretly channeling whenever I could, when one day, Heruka told me to go buy some notebook paper. We were going to begin a book. And Heruka explained that it was going to be a book of channeled material.

From Seth.

I’ve always been a huge fan of The Seth Material books, so I was thrilled! And sure enough, Seth began to dictate material to me, in a manner almost identical to how Jane Roberts had done. Minus the beer and cigarettes. My stimuli were black coffee and chocolate.

Within two days, I had 24 pages of handwritten notes that were the beginnings of All About Enlightenment.

The next step was to contact the publishers, and jubilantly inform them that Seth was appearing again and offering more material. I took me a little while to track them down, but I did. And I followed Seth’s instructions to the letter.

I mailed the first pages to the publisher. Of course, their website was very clear that they were not accepting new manuscripts, but I knew this would be the exception.

A couple weeks later, I got a very brief, polite and formal letter from the publishers, informing me that Seth had given instructions that he would never channel through anyone but Jane (who is now deceased), and that, in so many words, they really didn’t have time to deal with all the letters they got from people claiming to be channeling Seth… Oh, and by the way, I was free to go ahead and try to publish. But I might be hearing from their attorneys…

As I sat in my car at the post office, reading the letter, a bit stunned (and of course disappointed), I sighed and took out my pendulum.

Okay, what’s going on here?

“We just want you to get used to rejection letters. And not being attached to outcomes.”

Okay, so we go through all this – and now, what does Seth have to say about it?


Yeah! You know: Seth!?!

(soft, mischievous chuckle)

Wait! You mean it’s been YOU all the time???

Heruka was having great fun with me. Damn. He does an amazing Seth impersonation. His energy even felt different.

Wait. You can impersonate Seth… Whom else can you impersonate?


You mean those demons were YOU???


Once you finally GET that you are protected, and that everything appears is a manifestation of your spiritual guide,  things will get a lot easier, Leslee. Just trust.

At that point, we began working on the book in earnest. Within 6 weeks, I had a hundred page manuscript typed, and had even edited it.

The material was amazing – truly amazing – and none of it was (is) mine.

I had painstakingly transcribed every word exactly as it had come from Heruka and all the other Buddhas. I had checked and double-checked on intended meanings and word choices. I had worn out three charts and broken two pendulums.

And, aside from the content’s message, it was the most stilted, dry, incredibly boring book I had ever read. 

I was instructed through designing a cover and printing several copies. Despite the heaviness of the book’s “voice”, I was thrilled that we had finished. And I was certain that finding a publisher or someone to fund self-publishing would be a snap.

Did I say “certain”?

I think I’ve shared this in other posts: I’ve since learned that any time I think I’m certain about something, I’m certainly “mistaken”.

Publishing? First, I had to cross a much more treacherous bridge. I had to somehow begin to tell people what I’d been doing for the past three months. And I argued with Heruka for two weeks over whether I really had to tell my parents.

When I look back on that time now, I enjoy a good laugh. My Mom loves the book, even if she doesn’t understand it all. My Dad just patiently accepts. My son shrugs – he already knows most of this anyway. As long as he gets his allowance, he can take the embarrassment. And no one has suggested that we take a ride to talk to the doctor.

No mistake: The world is definitely changing.

So I began sharing my new world with people. A few friends gave me some wonderful feedback, but in my heart, I felt the book was too stiff and solemn to have any appeal. I continually asked, “Is the wording really alright?” Heruka consistently said that it was necessary to respect the transmission – verbatim.

Finally, one day, as I was handing a copy to a friend, I realized I was embarrassed (danger sign). What was embarrassing?

The book was depressing. This path is not depressing. It didn’t align.

It was almost entirely written in a passive voice, with a negative tone. It projected a sense of impending doom if we didn’t ALL immediately start following our spiritual paths with utmost sincerity. The chances of that happening seemed dismal.

It reminded me of the tradition I’d left.

So I went home and had a talk with Heruka. I was frustrated.

What now? I can’t pitch this book! Actually, this book shouldn’t even need pitching. Nobody’s gonna want to read this. Something’s not right.

“So, you take a shot at it.”

But I can’t mess with Your words!

“Take a shot.”

I spent an evening re-writing one of the chapters. It ended up being a third of the length of the original chapter, and I felt incredibly energized and positive about it.

“See? You’re a better writer than your spiritual guides.”

You know, it’s amazing some of the things that our guides (and parents) do for us to boost our confidence and self-esteem. They are so incredibly patient. We had just spent months on a manuscript that They knew would have to be completely re-written. But They wanted me to feel the greatest possible resonance with the words.

I also struggled with fear. Fear of things so crazy  that I won’t even enumerate them. Fear of some of the outlandish things that might transpire if I really tried to share this material with people. I needed an attorney. I needed thousands of dollars. I needed to read up on the copyright laws. It would take years to find people I could trust.

I was truly concerned that Heruka and Lhamo Dorje’s words would never meet more than a few pairs of eyes.

Then, one night, They told me that actually, we would do several versions of the book. One would be a very beautiful, hand-bound edition, and one would be a very affordable paperback. I liked that a lot.

But oh, yeah, there would be a third version: a free one, on the internet.

Huh? I had no idea how that could be possible.

Around noon, on January 14, 2011, Heruka had me follow a link to what turned out to be a blog. I had been hearing about blogs for a few months, because I had a friend who kept forwarding some to me. After I read the post, I could tell that Heruka wanted to talk to me.

“We want you make your first blog post before you go to bed tonight.”

Very funny. I was certain He was joking. (get it? “certain”?)

I spent almost two hours on WordPress.ORG (please don’t try this at home…), trying to figure out how the hosting thing worked, before I finally called a friend who I knew had a blog. I was panicked. There was no way…

My friend pointed me to wp.COM, and things got a lot easier.

Fortunately, we had just finished creating the “graphic novel” version of the book, Hurtling Towards Enlightenment, so I had a number of posts ready to go. Somehow, just before midnight that night, I clicked the “publish” button, and the welcome page was up for all to see.

Six months earlier, I would have said that I had no idea how that could be possible. I’m beginning to understand that anything is possible.

Using the pendulum, Heruka went on to teach me how to make videos and my own pendulums. I’ll write more about how this actually works (for me, at least), in the next part (s?) of this series.

Here’s the point I’d like to make: We can all accomplish things beyond our wildest imaginings, if we have trust and faith in ourselves, and that we’re guided.

I suspect that your experiences will be very different than mine, in the way these lessons and steps might manifest for you. I suspect that they will be very much like mine, in the joy and peace of mind they’ll bring you.

So, if you enjoy the words we share, our Guides deserve all the credit. And if the compositions or grammar fail, I take responsibility. Either way, if the little spiritual light-bulb goes off for even a few people, then it’s all most certainly worth it.

I  deeply and joyously look forward to hearing about your experiences and progress. We all thank you for reading.


hurtling towards enlightenment – 01

“That’s all we do. That’s all we’ve done, all these years. We’ve just tried to help you. You.”

~ Agent Liz Sherman, Hellboy II

The two-volume book All About Enlightenment contains everything you need to understand and enjoy happiness.
The HURTLING TOWARDS ENLIGHTENMENT (HTE) posts in this blog contain excerpts from Volume One and presents the essence of the path to enlightenment.
Volume Two explains how Volume One holds truth. It covers emotions, dreams, relationships, sex, and reality.

The best proof of this material is to read it, try what it suggests, and see if it works.

This book arises within the context of the first decade of 21st century Western (American) culture. I hope that in ten years it will be completely obsolete.

This version of Hurtling Towards Enlightenment has been prepared for free distribution. If you wish to receive an electronic copy that is suitable for printing, please contact:

One River Consulting (Leslee Hare)

P. O. Box 3189

Decatur, GA 30031-3189 USA


And let us know if you will be printing one-sided or two-sided, so that we can send you an appropriate PDF file.

Thank you.

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hurtling towards enlightenment – 02




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hurtling towards enlightenment – 03


to gain freedom

Life is a dream. When you die, everything you hold dear fades into Emptiness. Everything that you think is important is a huge farce and everyone you meet is an actor following an elaborate, enticing script. Many layers create the scheme, and the actors depict roles within roles within roles… There are so many layers that most people feel quite successfully confused.

In the test run of life, you jump in, you act out, and you see if you can act your way out. If you can, then you don’t have to do it again, ever. You can come back if you want to – it’s your choice. Even hell is a dream.

This world appears dominated by rules.

Even Enlightened Beings play by the rules, because if you don’t play by the rules nobody takes you seriously. If nobody takes you seriously, you don’t get anywhere. So you are led to believe.

What happens – what really happens – if you decide to risk it all and stop playing by the ‘rules’?

What happens if you actually decide to believe the contents of this book? Belief requires action and decisions. You can change your mind at any moment, in any instant of time whatsoever. You are deciding right now. And now. And now.

If you decide to believe the improbable, it becomes probable. If you decide to believe the ‘impossible’, you suddenly find yourself watching the “impossible” unfold before your eyes.

When you decide that every single person you meet is an Enlightened Being, they function that way and help you in unimaginable ways. They may insist they’re ordinary, but this book explains why they insist they’re ordinary. So please smile and be nice to them, even if they just cut you off in traffic or took the last slice of chocolate pie.

When you become willing to risk losing “everything”, the entire world becomes yours. When you truly defy fear, then truly nothing can harm you.

Your families, friends and neighbors matter. They help you in many ways. They show you examples, good and bad. They perform the actions of Enlightened Beings. So do politicians, corporate executives, and tyrants. Some people cannot see this because they still believe in the rules.

The real revolution takes place when you set an example of mindfulness for others. People sense motivations on a very deep level. If you walk the walk, you will not have to talk the talk. People will notice, and they will understand.

When you leave the rules behind, there is no need to break them – they dissolve into Emptiness.

Then you experience freedom, and create your world of Enlightenment.

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hurtling towards enlightenment – 04


the lightning path

CHAPTER ONE: intention and karma

When people help each other, they generate good will, or positive karma. Most people innately understand the significance of intention.All of your experiences come from your own intentions.
Karma functions like a law of nature. It also travels with you from lifetime to lifetime. You create karma whenever you act or think.

Positive karma arises from wishing to help others, and negative karma arises from wishing to help yourself. Almost every action mixes these two wishes.

Positive karma behaves like currency, and brings good conditions. Because of our inescapably mixed intentions, if we perform actions as if we were doing them to ourselves, we reliably create positive karma.

This is why Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
Helping others keeps a supply of positive karma flowing, and makes life in this world joyful.

Sometimes we face tough choices between pleasing others and following our hearts. If you choose with your heart, all your wishes will come true.

CHAPTER TWO: When You Die…

When you die, your body dissolves but your mind continues along an indestructible path. You stay on this path as long as you like, then eventually you choose to take another body. This holds true for everyone.
Along the path, you meet all your loved ones, even people who have already taken rebirth. Together you choose whom to meet in your next lives. Your loved ones guide you, along the path and in all your lifetimes.
Because we enjoy connecting, we often become attached to certain people, and once we’re attached, we seldom separate for very long. We also choose where we meet. Groups of people who choose to meet each other in the same place share ‘collective karma’.
As you progress along the lane, you also make other choices. What do you wish to emphasize for that lifetime? Will you face many challenges? Will you follow a comfortable path? What roles do you wish to play?

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hurtling towards enlightenment – 05



Understanding the following six points leads to Full Enlightenment. If you put them into practice, you experience Full Enlightenment.



When you view yourself as an Enlightened Being, even though your feelings may get hurt and you may experience physical pain, you’ve discovered happiness that is unaffected by physical conditions. Rather, your happiness affects your physical conditions.

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hurtling towards enlightenment – 06



When YOU go down the path between lifetimes, you meet many Enlightened Beings who want to help you. They teach you how to find happiness – sometimes in very surprising ways. Eventually everyone will recognize true happiness.

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hurtling towards enlightenment – 07



Enlightened Beings fill this world, and many of them seem very ordinary. They choose to appear ordinary so they can meet people and help them. When we view others as Enlightened Beings, we learn from them and generate positive karma.
When Enlightened Beings appear as ordinary beings behaving negatively, we deal with them accordingly.
Follow your heart, embrace only positive actions, and act as lovingly as you can when you defy negativity.

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hurtling towards enlightenment – 08



Focus on your own intention. It determines everything.
Intention affects interactions with other living beings. Anything possessing life force is a living being. All living beings deserve consideration.

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hurtling towards enlightenment – 10



A plentiful good-karma account guarantees that you meet your needs. It also helps you enjoy conditions that continue the cycle of creating and exchanging good karma.

Your karma travels with you from life to life; material things do not. Creating positive karma merely requires a good intention and your mind. Karma ripens fairly; “disabled” and “abled” people create karma equally. When you help a “disabled” person, you help an Enlightened Being. If you make fun of a “disabled” person, you make fun of an Enlightened Being.

Giving is the easiest way to generate positive karma. Creating a perfect world for everyone is the easiest way to give. Even an imagined perfect world carries the power to transform because the world we experience arises from our minds.
Simply imagine a perfect world, and everyone enjoying it. There – you’ve created incredibly powerful positive karma.

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