music will make you a buddha

enlightenment beyond imagining... This post completes a threesome. The other two posts deal with how I enjoy music and how music affects us. This post explains how music can lead us to Enlightenment, without even having to work very hard at it. If you’ve read about the subtle body and channels, you know there’s more … Continue reading music will make you a buddha


wanna dodge the bullet of buddhism?

Welcome to my irreverent post of the week. I didn’t dodge the bullet. The Buddhas winged me. Does the epithet “Buddha” make you want to read this post, or push you to click away? That word carries many connotations to many people; it simply designates an “Awakened One”, an Enlightened Being. It’s also convenient. I’m … Continue reading wanna dodge the bullet of buddhism?

use your delusions as fuel!

ANGER BLOODY ANGER using delusions as fuel Sometimes anger proves useful. Not all the time; just sometimes, and not frequently. What carries more weight than the frequency, though, is how we deal with the frequency. And “frequency” means both the frequency of occurrence as well as the frequency of the energy generated when we get … Continue reading use your delusions as fuel!

what is an enlightened being?

WHAT IS AN ENLIGHTENED BEING? how i found a path through experience Enlightened Beings makes our hearts pound and our heads swim, even if we can’t find eyes to gaze into or a body to caress. Enlightened Beings perform actions to lead us along our path. I’ve already mentioned I was raised Protestant… When I … Continue reading what is an enlightened being?