Afterword: Risking Everything and Losing It All

How To Gain Your Freedom

[From Buddha Heruka]

Maybe that title loses some of its impact when you see the sub-title…

But this is the last chapter of the book, so what do We have to lose, right?

You’ve either made it this far through the book, or else you’ve skipped ahead or landed here by chance… Either way We probably have your Attention at the moment.

All of your life is a Dream.

When you die, everything you hold dear will fade into Emptiness. Everything that you think is important at the moment is a tremendous comedy, and everyone you think you interact with in this World is actually an actor, following through with an elaborate scheme devised to draw you in.

The actors in this many-layered scheme depict roles within roles within roles. There are so many layers, that most people involved who have bodies here and now most likely – and quite successfully – feel very confused.

The point of this confusion is the same as the point of an un-remembered dream: it’s a test run.

You get thrown in, you act out, and We see if you can act your way out.

If you manage that, then you don’t have to do it again, ever. Unless you just want to (some of Us do, actually). If you get stuck, we yank you out, toss you back in, and you give it another try.

Even Hell is a Dream.

If you follow what We’re talking about, then you, dear friend, are in very good shape.

You may still benefit from a reminder from time to time, but when you get it you thump yourself on your forehead and say “Doh!”. Or you may have been chuckling for some time because you know exactly what’s going on, and you’re just so glad to find someone else talking about it. Or, you may think you get it, but you’re not entirely sure…

If you’re pretty sure this whole book is either a joke or an insult, or both, but you still read it, then We’re really pleased. And We’re even more happy if this book actually inspires you to think for yourself, to check your own wisdom impartially.

This world appears to be dominated by rules. And yes, even Enlightened Beings seem to have to play by the rules in this world. If you don’t play by the rules, few will take you seriously. And if nobody takes you seriously, you don’t get anywhere. Thus you are led to believe…

What happens – what really happens – if you decide to risk it all and stop playing by the ‘rules’? What happens if you actually decide to believe the contents of this book? Yes, belief is a decision. It requires action on your part. And you can change your mind at any moment, in any instant of time whatsoever. You are deciding right now.

And now.

And now.

If you decide to believe the improbable, then it becomes probable. If you decide to believe the ‘impossible’, then you suddenly find yourself believing the possible.

If you decide that every single person you meet is an Enlightened Being, then those people will function for you as Enlightened Beings and help you in unimaginable ways. They may insist they are ordinary, but this book explains why they have to insist that they’re ordinary. So just smile and be nice to Them, even if they just cut you off in traffic or took the last slice of chocolate pie.

If you believe that everything that happens to you results from the actions and machinations of Enlightened Beings, then you will begin to understand why that (apparently very human) Enlightened Being might have cut you off in traffic or taken that pie. Remember that you never really know what ‘disasters’ you might be spared, in every moment.

Once you become willing to risk losing everything, the entire world becomes yours. Once you become truly unafraid, then truly nothing can harm you. Once you admit that maybe you really have no idea how to find happiness in this world, then you may find boundless joy.

Your families, friends and neighbors matter. They help you in many ways, some less obvious than others. They show you examples, good and bad. They perform the actions of Enlightened Beings. So do politicians, corporate executives, and tyrants. Some people cannot see this because they still believe in the rules.

Would you rather follow the rules and risk remaining stuck, or question the rules in your mind, and find freedom?

Protesting may raise awareness, but anger is deadly poison. The real revolution takes place when you change your mind and set an example of mindfulness for others. People can sense motivations on a very deep level. If you walk the walk, you will not have to talk the talk. People will notice, and they will begin to understand.

Once you leave the rules behind, there is no need to break them. They dissolve into the Emptiness that they are.

And then you will recognize your freedom, and move forward in your power to create your World of Enlightenment.



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