heruka statue faces

I’m devoting this page to my Best Friend.

Heruka’s my muse, my source, my rock, my fount, my inner guide, my protector, my teacher, my jesus, my god, my one, my universe, my higher self, and my source of passion.

His world exudes bliss, and when I’m one with him, all appearances ripple like an intoxicating ocean of light. Yes.

I first met Him in this adult life in this form:

Wikipedia offers several articles on Him. This link will take you to just one: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chakrasamvara

As I’ve come to know Him better, I’ve learned that He often takes on countless forms besides the traditional ones, and some still surprise and shock me. But in every instance of my experience with Heruka, I’ve benefited immensely.

His laugh rolls like thunder, His tears pour like a river, and His touch can ignite even the most deeply sleeping spark of life.

I wish you the joy of recognizing Him as yourself, as you move through your dream of this life.


11 thoughts on “HERUKA

  1. Hi Leslee, I also posted this reply on my Transcending the Mundane post…

    Thank you very much for the thoughts on the post Leslee. First I must respond to your process on Heruka. It is extradionary, that we are simultaneously creating pieces via similiar processes. As you methodically took me through your steps, I was able to relate to your art, as I envisioned my own. How refreshing and exciting that was. I love the drawings. I have not created any drawings or paintings in some time, and my collection from the past have been lost. I really need to spend some time drawing and bringing back that skill. My image for Transcending the Mundane, is primarily two digital sources both starting from photographs of flowers. A lot of layering and using effects. I always combine effects with photo adjustments. And like you it is mostly intuitive–the process. That is what I like about the medium–seemingly infinite possibilities. I save various samples on the way to the final image. I think what is significant is the fact that I have been creating digital images for some time and have a lot of images for implementing into pieces. What is important to me is being able to convey almost immediately the expression of my life experience. And I find the digital medium like no other, gives me this possibility.

    1. How wonderful, Walter! Yes, the digital medium is very alluring… Now I wish I could find a program that could create a 3D rendering of what’s in my head, lol! I bet that once you begin drawing again you’ll find that the intuitive process works perfectly there, too! I discovered this over the summer… trying not to have any preconceptions of what would appear on the paper. I look forward to seeing more of your “work” – I’m sure it will be wonderful!

  2. This is a beautiful piece of art Leslee. Tell me a little about your process. The images have a similar feel, however the style is so distinctly different. I really like the pen work.

    1. Hi, Walter! I’m finally getting around to this one! Sorry it took so long…
      This image is actually a combination of several… The final is done in Photoshop, but let’s see… The top half uses a sky photo I took, scans of two drawings, plus a digital drawing… Then the bottom half is more simple. For that I layered the scan of a pen drawing over a scan of an oil pastel… Of course there’s filtering and blurring and color adjustment and blending mode settings… the pastel drawing is 10 years old, and the others are from the past year or two.

      All that being said, the process is very intuitively guided. It’s kind of hard to describe, but sometimes I open folders and images with no idea of what the end product will be, and just start layering and adjusting.

      I use a pendulum in the process, and it’s very meditative. I consider it all to be guided, and am sometimes amazed by the results! My guides know my computer programs better than I do, that’s for sure… I just try to tune into the “signals”, trust and follow.

      I’ve only been using this method since the summer, and hope to be trying it out on some watercolors soon.

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