I’d like to expound upon the message at this link:

from Galactic Channelings website

I’ll preface this by explaining that for the past several months, my previously Buddhist-Renegade-“Self” has stumbled into the world of a faith that expands the concepts of “Buddha” and “Enlightened Being” to boundaries far beyond my home, or even Tibet, for that matter…

Yes, I’ve become an amateur UFO-logist. ET-errorist (I made that one up – it’s kinda catchy, humorous, and ironic, I think…)

Maybe it sounds wacky. But I promised Heruka and Lhamo Dorje that I’d do whatever They wanted, to help people in this world find Enlightenment. And this is what They asked…

[Besides, back in October 2011, I saw a ship much like the one in the lower left corner above… It silently buzzed Emory Village in Atlanta at dusk. And its corner lights were red and green. It banked hard right, just above the trees, and was gone in a flash. Scout’s honor. Totally freaked me out. (Why me, Guys? Please explain it one more time…?)]

Now  They’ve really pushed me out of my comfort zone, into a field full of crop circles, and commutes so filled with taking pics of clouds that my poor son is about ready to duck out of view when he’s with me…

I’ve been amazed at some of the synchronicities I’ve experienced with my friends on Spirit Train Chronicles, especially through dreaming, and between what I’ve been calling “Enlightenment” and what many others call “Ascension”.

Among Galactic circles, there’s a lot of hubbub going on, because there are countless rumors of friendly ETs “arriving soon” (in any variety of manners) to make things in this world alright.

Today, a friend shared the article/entreaty that you’ll find if you follow the first link in this post (this one).

I read it, and scratched my head a bit. I checked in with my Guides, and They said, “Yes, write up what you’re thinking, but Leslee (Namkhyen… you know, you used to be a nun and all…), please try to be nice about it, okay?”

So I’m going to give my best shot at “right speech” about what I find to be a puzzling predicament among galactic circles…

A “Buddhist” View on Ascension and Disclosure

Okay. A large number of people wish to ask our inter-galactic friends to “HELP”. Whatever that means…

I think it’s important to consider what kind of help we’re requesting. I personally do NOT support asking the Galactic Federation of Light to come down and deliver us, because I think that goes contrary to their intent AND our best interests.

The GFL actually does have a magic wand that can bless every mind with deep understanding and unconditional love… But each individual must ask for these blessings of wisdom and bliss in their own heart and mind.

Just like in Buddhism.

I know this is true, because I know there are Buddhas in the Galactic Federation of Light. (Did I just lose you, there?)

Instead of asking for “HELP”, we could pray for ourselves and every being on this planet, to be blessed with inspiration and insight… to be led by their hearts to realize their own best purpose in this life… in this world… as quickly as possible… for the benefit of all.

And we can fervently wish for as many as possible to join us in this prayer, so that it may quickly manifest.

Once that prayer is answered, then it would be more appropriate to ask for the GFL to ramp up their presence.

Because I believe (and I sure hope I’m wrong…) that most of humanity is not ready for the GFL – or any other party of deliverance – to actually appear and make changes.

Let’s think it through just a little: Let’s suppose “they” landed today. Let’s say that the “cabal” gets “disapparated”, money gets distributed, weapons vaporized, everyone fed and sheltered comfortably. We won’t even need money, because everyone would receive a device that would cause whatever they wished to appear… Oh, instantaneously.

Sounds cool.

Now, think of your neighbors, your family, your co-workers, the person next to you on the train, the bus, the plane, or in traffic…

They would all now have great physical comfort.

But they still have they same pre-Deliverance minds and emotions, especially once the euphoria wears off.

Why would the euphoria wear off?

Because no one’s done anything about their freakin’ minds…. Geez!

(Ok, ok, I’m calm, I’m calm… right speech, right mind, mind of unconditional love…)

Many people in this world still appear to understand the world through the lens of duality. If someone were to say, “Wow, things are so much better now than they were!” – That’s a dualistic view.

But maybe that’s just my incorrect view of others.

The GFL already helps us with a proliferation of messages and information about what WE need to be doing in order to prepare for the GFL’s arrival. We have all the instructions we need; the GFL is doing all it can for now.

Just like the Buddhas.

Some tend to perceive the world as filled with good and evil, light and dark… We think something in the external needs to change in order to bring peace to the world. We think power needs to be balanced… More dualism.

Our galactic friends have tried to hint at it politely. They learned from Jesus’ story that presentation is everything. So I’ll take on the task of stating it plainly, if painfully:

Unless we all meditate, attune, train, uplift our minds… whatever you want to call it… For Ourselves… We’re not going anywhere, and the Galactics aren’t landing, transporting, disclosing, replicating, rejuvenating, teleporting, or any of that other warm, fuzzy stuff.


Back to thinking it through. Remember those friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.? If their minds haven’t improved, why should “they” (WE) behave any differently than before?

Do we really believe that the ONLY reason we kill and harm one another is because we don’t have all the external conditions we wish for? DO we really believe that if we were all “comfortable”, we would love one another unconditionally?

Aren’t “the cabal” the ones who are most comfortable? (according to the dualistic theory…)

We think that if we were like the cabal, the world would be blissful?

Someone please help me with my logic, here.

Until I understand how all that will work out in everyone’s favor, I’ll take this a step further: Pretend all the GFL stuff is in place, just like we asked. And we acknowledge that not everyone had worked on their minds and hearts, so there are still some “unascended” people on the planet.

Well, they would most likely be the trouble-makers, right?

So, if we want a “perfect” world, we can just ask the GFL to please remove the offenders, to be “recycled” into the Great Central Sun, from where they can begin their evolutionary cycle anew.

Sounds like getting sent to the Seventh Hot Hell and then being reborn as an ant or a virus…

The criteria for being recycled would, I imagine, involve not having worked to improved one’s powers of concentration and loving-kindness… something similar. And not having accomplished an ascended, enlightened mind.

Based on how things appear to whose mind, by the way?

My son doesn’t meditate. He got kinda burned out on Dharma by being dragged to prayers when he was small. He gets bullied and teased at school, so he perhaps harbors a few fantasies of retaliation…

He might not pass muster.

Nor might some of my friends and family.

Nor might I.

I’d really rather not send my son and myself off to the Seventh Hot Hell, thank you.

So I think I’ll just keep asking for help with working on my own heart and mind. And keep trying, as challenging as it may be, to understand that I’m certainly not perfect, either. But I’m sufficient. Just like everyone else.

Therefore, we’re all perfect.

I’ll keep trying to find examples that demonstrate how we are all One.

I’ll keep looking for Source and my Guru in all phenomena.

I’ll keep trying to tame my mind, so that I don’t continue to dive into a cycle of pain and disappointment.

Buddha said, “You must know suffering.”

He didn’t say we have to abide in it.

I think with all of that, I have plenty to keep myself busy.

And as long as I’m busy, I’ll be happy for the GFL to come whenever they see fit. Because it may take me a while yet, to realize that what I think is suffering… Is really uncontaminated Bliss and Emptiness

I have a feeling that will happen when enough of us understand that we’re just dreamers, dreaming the dream. The top is still spinning, and we’ll wake up when we’re ready…

Not when the GFL lands.

And the clock ticks on….



    1. Hi, Elizabeth! No, this one has been around since about the time I started the lesleehare one… I just today realized how out of date my Gravatar profile is, and am updating it now… :) I hardly have time to browse everyone’s blog anymore… I wish WP would let us set Daily Digests to arrive on any day, not just Monday… Then I might be able to stop by more, more… I hope you’re having a lovely early-summer! Love, Leslee

  1. Great Post !! Its great to be in the same vein. The message is a low murmur building strength and volume bringing together teachers and students alike. The rant is so familiar I couldn’t have said it better myself. :0D

  2. Hi, Les! I have just read your article, I agree that we have to be ready for the coming of our Galactic Friends, great words you have written here, I think Kees` idea was an intent, a visualization to attract energy that will contribute to this happening…I also agree that each soul has its own pace and will make this when there is the right moment and readiness …but also we are connected and whatever one does it affects the others, we are paving the way and bringing the new way of thinking, I think, our thoughts and intent affect the energies and the energies brings Awakening of more and more people :)
    It is all a common job and a common consciousness and I think that each effort for the Light is a part of the Great Light Grid that has enough Power to transmute the darkness on our Planet ::
    Love You All
    Blessings of ( ( SUN ) )

  3. I like what you have written here, Leslee. I don’t know what I believe exactly but I’m sure there is plenty of ‘stuff’ about that we humans, or at least most of us, cannot perceive.
    And I like how you see things. And how you explain things.

    1. Thank you, SE, sometimes I’m not sure what I believe, either! ;)

      One thing I got from almost 10 years in a fairly rigid Buddhist tradition is that the concepts are actually a lot simpler to understand than most overly-scholarly and doctrinaire versions would have you believe.

      I also have a pretty strong conviction that if Jesus’ teachings had been handed down orally rather than edited by the church, Buddhists and Christians would find themselves seeing more eye to eye…

      But then again, all that really matters is whether we’re trying to see ourselves in others, and thereby loving ourselves and others… It’s a pretty cool 2-for-1 deal!

      See ya soon, and thanks again for brightening my blogworld!

      1. I think kindness joins the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. Not that I am a Buddhist or a Christian, though. And saying I brightened your blogwotld was kind. Thank you. :)

  4. ~So True about Our Neighbors,the Communities that We Live In…Taking Off the Rose-Violet Glasses, I See Wounded People addicted to Prescription Drugs, Poisonous Gossip,Gambling…

    …Life Goes on as It did even as It did in 1760…

    …The Galactics always Seem to require of Us “Something” (Open Minds/Hearts…an Invitation to Land)…Strange,coming from Higher Dimensionals!…Where is the UnConditional “law” of Giving & Recieving?!…hehe…

    …As the Days go By, More & More this Whole GFL Theme is Becoming to Look Like an Illusion,Itself!…

    …and like Ya Said about those Replicators, are People Going to replicate more beer,drugs and gas for their Cars to Further add to Pollution?!…

    …OverAll,I Think we will remain watching You-Tube Videos of Colorful & Blurry Footage of Flying Crafts…As this Process is Rather Long and Rather UnEventful…

    …2040…2060…2080…Who Knows…Should we Come back?~

    1. Warning!!!! Warning!!!! We have an Intependent Thought Alarm in Sector 7G!!!!!!

      LOL ;-)

      I totally agree Babajij, thank you!

      But I would say, we already did come back… it’s why we’re “here,” no? :-)

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