city of fiery light

22 March 2014

Let’s continue along the theme of integrating thoughts and impressions about Native Wisdom, Extra-Terrestrial life and beings, and my personal (perhaps unconventional) experience of Vajrayana Buddhism… I recently posted about this in “Disclosure, Mandalas, Heruka” and “One River” …

I received a little more on this from Heruka yesterday, which I’ll share below. I was also struck that after I published a post before going to bed last night, Ghost Radar produced these words almost immediately and in quick succession: [He-He-Ru-Ru-Kham (this is part of Heruka’s mantra) traffic experiment very-subtle-mind points-of-light Hopi threw past-tense Google Vajrayogini (another Vajrayana deity)  crowd (as in Mandala or Field of Merit?)  strip larger fiction slight time-warp element stove string swimming Catherine news rather Airl deaf 5 hiker shells lack virtuous behavior stone generally (the previous words all flowed out over the span of just under an hour) Bronwen Luke offer grandfather].

I’ve also been spending some time on studying the prayer practice I was taught for Heruka years ago, and this is the one I’ve used for 12 years now. I’m getting that He wants to use this practice as a way to show these connections, so I’ve started taking notes on this… that project is going to take a while. But I digress. Anyway, these prayers are called a “sadhana” in Sanskrit, so now that you know that you’ll understand what’s referred to below.

(The following is from 21 March 2014)

  • Heruka, can we talk about your sadhana, meditation, citites of light, mandalas, and what can appear here in physical?

Yes. Please take the chart, it clears your mind.

  • I sense the presence of the Field of Merit…

Yes – well, some very specific members. Let’s go.


One might say that only certain people can see what’s really here. You get the image of a city filled with blind people who cannot see the spirits. Even more subtle are certain energies. It’s alright for different beings to perceive in different ways, while all are still seeing from the same reference point of inhabiting a human (physical) body.

Yes: Not all humanoid bodies here are human.

No: The “Cities of Light” as you call them, will not appear in physical as long as there are nations or other abstract entities that maintain armies.

Yes. But it’s a bit of a chicken and egg scenario – which came first, your feeling drawn to that book and film, or the situation we’re describing? That feeling of familiarity is a cue to look deeper.

Back to Cities of Light. Too much is at stake to risk having these loci [proton] manifest in this realm as long as there is violence. Weapons can be symbolic (as implements) [reason] and can be held [spell] without violence. But not armies.

There’s another aspect of an army, a military force, that is just as degenerate as the fear and compulsion that militaries represent. That is a motivation that some might have to join a military force as a means of benefitting materially or personally.

Give four years of one’s life and get an education, a pension, and non-discriminate benefits throughout one’s life. A bit of a free ticket for selling one’s soul.

This is another prevalent mindset that is just as destructive and limting as war. It represents an inclination towards despair coupled with a sense of entitlement, both of which reflect a lack of accepting responsibility for one’s own life. It generally comes not from bad intentions so much as ignorance. And it’s just [better] as effective as war, at numbing the mind.

A numb mind is easily controlled and manipulated.

So people would do better to look for peace and reconciliation between “nations” [thee] before expecting Cities of Light to appear to the eyes of all inhabitants.

The work of people striving to transform science and industry [needle] towards Unity, Equality, Freedom, and Understanding are Next Steps in this world. These must be established well before this world will be ready for any sustained [aloha] presence of anything so powerful yet delicate as a City of Light can be maintained.

So, if you manage to perceive these dreams of peace, even on a subtle level, while in this world, that moves you in the right direction. Please hold these dreams dear in your hearts, and continue to envision them as someday manifesting in your “real” world. Every little bit helps.

Meanwhile, visiting them during dreams and meditation is valid and restorative.

You can use the concept of a City of Light as an object of mindfulness meditation. Place in front of your mind your expectation of what a “City of Light” might be, and examine your expectations – for they are a very powerful part of your mind! – closely, deeply and dispassionately. What are you really asking for?

Envision Peace. Regard any perception of “enemy” or “other” as a flaw in your perception, and work diligently to erase that energy from your field of influence.

Meditate. Watch your thoughts  as you move through your day. Build your perfect world from the outside in and from the inside out. Mentally first, energetically second, physically last.

To expect a physical manifestation before the mind and heart are prepared is [sudden] tantamount  to putting the cart before the horse. You won’t get anywhere but frustrated.

  • Now we’re at March 22, and I’m wondering what you wanted to say about the sadhana…

Yes. When we started out, you thought I was going to give you a translation, so to speak, for your present day, time, and culture. Now you’re seeing that it’s more a matter of my wishing to share with you and others the meaning and significance of the steps of the practice.

You are now beginning to see that there is a relationship between the 3D-modeling studies you’ve been doing of tetrahedra gathered to enclose octahedra. Look at Nassim Haramein’s work, the tetragrammaton; each encloses an octahedron. Haramein says the tetragrammaton is a valid representation of “the vacuum”, which I’m telling you may be likened to Emptiness, Ultimate Nature. Does Haramein mention that there is an octahedron enclosed? For that shape represents Earth, does it not? How about that.

And you see that these forms also construct the Mandala. From Emptiness into Form. And back again, in phases. The physicists understand much, but there is ar more to come…

So as we continue on looking at the sadhana I will explain more about how the various steps bear relevance to your situation in this world today, how you can see the stages of the practice as symbolic of actions and views you can adopt in everyday life as a way of transforming the appearance of a distorted confusing world into a blissful experience. But for now, the physical beckons and you need to go get your car serviced. We will talk more about this soon.



I found the draft of this post from nearly a year ago. I smiled to notice that on the surface, I seem to have made very little progress over the past year.

I’m still puzzling over the same connections and questions, and I’m still not ready to fill in the end. Maybe that’s the whole point…


(from 23 April 2013)

Lately I’ve been grappling with some frustrations over wanting more clarity about several decisions I see hovering in the coming weeks.

I’m dancing around Springtime energies, which for me seem to be as disruptive as fat bamboo bursting through Georgia clay.

As I walked home last night, I tried my best to focus on figuring out what I even wanted clarity about. I’ve spent a couple months sitting down, asking to connect, to be shown something, anything, that might give me some direction.

I confess I’m nostalgic for the days from three springs ago, when the words of All About Enlightenment flowed through the pendulum and pen for hours a day, for six weeks. Those days burst with energy and purpose, but they also brought great trauma and deep disruption in my family life and relationships. I received the connection I longed for, and the assignment I craved, at the price of a semblance of a “normal” life.

In the aftermath, I’m cautious about what I ask for, and how strongly I stamp my feet when things seem a bit quiet for my taste.

Back to my walk home and its results.

I’ve also been sorting through a range of interwoven threads I’ve noticed; these  amount to sensing connections between Buddhism, Native American wisdom, and my friends the ETs.

I’m terrifically encouraged by suggestions I received yesterday evening for dreamwork, and the results.

I’ll share them in the next post, in hopes that you might them helpful.



27 March 2012

I had a waking vision last night of surgery, my own chest being opened. It was not a “human” chest. I know this connects to dreams of several of my friends.

We’re seeing/remembering a past AND parallel experience we shared together. These memories spark our many dreams of chasing and monsters and fear, as well as our inability to remember from time to time.

When I was retiring last night, my Guides made an UNusual request:

“Please ask Buddha Vajrapani to dispel all spies before you go to sleep.”

Vajrapani does two things, principally: 1. Cause Dharma (Wisdom) to appear so that others may understand; 2. Trample the “white, yellow, black, and multi-colored naga lineages”.

Nagas are “reptiles” that live within the waters and earth. Most humans are not able to see them.

I understand now that these are sometimes referred to as “Reptilians Aliens”.

I’ve realized this week that Peaceful-Aspect Vajrapani and Adama of Telos are one. Long, pale blue and white robes, long white-blond hair…

A we continue to connect directly, we will realize we are no longer “channeling”, but remembering and knowing from direct experience. We access information from other times, dimensions, and aspects of ourselves.

This morning, I had a waking vision of “storm troopers” raiding a “concrete” bunker, looking for someone. This was a memory, from a very very long time ago.

When fear is used to paralyze, it’s most effective to exploit the most treasured emotions, associations, and sensations. These easily become triggers for those being conditioned, because of their intense, deep, and lasting effect on the mind.

The more we remember and the more we record, the more we prevent the further perpetuation of the illusions of separation and fear.

We must do this for others. We must do it together. Tiny pinpricks of individual effort to crack the shell are easy to re-close. One good crack formed by a series of pinpricks… and the shell dissolves into dust.

Lastly: Yesterday afternoon as I was driving home I took a series of photos of the sky. Small, discrete clouds appearing and dissolving right before my eyes, in the midst of a brilliant blue, clear field.

I realized there were green and violet auras in the sky, that held their shapes, even as the small white clouds appeared and disappeared within the auras. More blue orbs, and a shadow one as well.

Portals are beginning to open, and we will be able to see the “world” outside of our perceptions soon. If you can unfocus while looking at the blue sky and see the Purkinje lights in your eyes, you will be able to perceive more as things are revealed.

We need one another, to assure one another that we are truly seeing our new reality.


How Do You Say… “Extra-Terrestrial”?

Since I haven’t made a “personal” post on some of my sites for a while, I might as well make it a juicy one. And spread it all around.

(Words like [this] are generated by Ghost Radar; I often type them into posts when they are generated as I’m writing. Words like <this> come from Adrial or Adca, and I receive them telepathically, usually with the aid of a pendulum. Sometimes I don’t use the punctuation if it seems clear who’s “speaking”.)


I feel both relieved and a little anxious about it – I finally know exactly what I need to do, but I’m not sure how it’ll be received. So here goes.


from The Last Airbender

I won’t bore you here with how “intriguing” my life has been… You can find bits of that on my blog sites and YouTube channel.

Let’s just say that about 12 years ago I had a very profound spiritual experience. Some might describe it as being similar to a Kundalini Rising, or maybe even an NDE. Or dropping acid. Whatever. I’ve never looked at life the same way since.

Shortly thereafter, I launched a personal quest for “truth”. It led me eventually to Buddhism, and I was a nun for 4.5 years. I still consider myself one, at heart (both, in ways, in case you’re looking for specifics.).

But a couple years ago, and especially last September, things got complicated.

I realized I’m psychic.

Had a breakdown or two, lost a lot of friends, confused a lot of relatives… and gained a lot of friends. And a lot of insight.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that we’re all guided [tightly] at all times.


I was just fine with the Buddhism… After all, it’s kind of chic these days.

But last September, my “Buddhist” guides led me to a funky little iPhone app called Ghost Radar, by Spud Pickles. Geez, I was just looking for a tuning fork app… I wasn’t interested in hunting ghosts!

Consistent with my history of being rather “compliant” (euphemism: wanting to please as many people as possible at all times, and harboring deep fear of authority figures…), I ran it nearly constantly for a couple weeks.

Kinda weird. I started noticing patterns in the words the app generated. [motor Mexico]

I finally realized that a being – one I could not see – was manipulating the app to try and tell me something. Maybe I’ll share more on that in later posts…

(American Kabuki wrote a wonderful post about his experiment with Ghost Radar during the eclipse on May 20…)

So I started keeping track of the words, and asked the Buddhas, with my pendulum, what they meant. Thus arose a glossary. [slight]

But I was a bit distressed when I understood that the being was (is) not a Buddha. I had almost grown accustomed to talking with Buddhas, by then.

No, this being made itself known as an Extra-Terrestrial.


Now, crop circles are beautiful and fascinating. And to Americans especially, rather exotic.

But ETs are geeky, not chic. And to some folks, they’re downright scary. In fact, if you believe in them, you might even be a little psychotic. Or at least delusional. And probably a Socialist.

Great. Sigh. Now what?

Fast forward a few months, through adding some amazing people to my life, to adding geology, optics, esoteric Christianity, fractal generators, Egyptology, hollow earth studies [California], and a whole lot of other seemingly disparate topics, to my repertoire.

They weave together into an amazing tapestry of synchronicity.

Then, a week ago, I had an interview with a Celestial Being named Adrial. I had been dreaming about Adrial for about a week, and was beginning to pick up on some interesting hints of things to come. Cool.


Mark Kimmel, of the Institute of Light, is a gentle, brilliant visionary to this world, and a most gracious “host”. He kindly introduced me to Adrial, who currently resides primarily aboard a starship named Athabantian, not too far from here.

I knew I was going for a job interview, and I had an inkling of what the job was to be.

In short, Adrial said:

Yes, Leslee, you’re going to make it through Ascension, you know how to walk in the 5th dimension. Now we’d like you to teach others how to do it, too.

So, that’s what I’ve been dancing around for a week now. My head has been swimming with downloads and my to-do list grows ever longer. For the past two days in particular, I’ve felt torn between Adrial’s request and managing my “normal” day-to-day “obligations”.

This evening, I decided to have dinner sitting in the backyard, hoping to experience a little grounding and clarity. I had Ghost Radar running beside me. It occurred to me that I’m always looking to GR to set the topic, as I wait passively.

Adrial, how about if I ask the questions this time, and you let Adca (my GR liaison) answer? I need some explanations… please.

I got an affirmative, so I began:

Adca, can we have a 2-way conversation? [balance quietly] Where are you? [order]

I mean, how would I describe your physical location? [wet (ad)dress wool cloth]

(::Adca had explained to me last Fall that she is a very small being in a parallel dimension, and that her species abides in a fluid medium. They are cloaked from our perception.)

Can you please tell how I should prioritize my time?

[firm quite football equal production cent time animal were railroad]

(::Ah! Football=Touchdown=Arms Up=Surrender!!! To completely surrender 100% of the time is to be most productive. It’s time the 3D “animals” got on the “train” – and trained.)

What can you tell me about the best way for us all to ascend to the 5th?


(::Wait… I knew it had something to do with surrender again… White Flag of Truce!)

Surrender what?

I kind of knew the answer, because that’s part of what I saw in my “epiphany” twelve years ago. But later this evening I found a message from the Galactic Federation of Light (channeled by Greg Giles), that explains the dilemma far better than I could. Here’s an excerpt:

“These are some of the very difficult questions that we struggle to find answers for. Allow us to find these answers by understanding you more. Explain to us in your writings, your messages and your posts through your online communities why it is you fear these things deep down inside. Be as honest and open as you can possibly be as we will be studying what it is you offer as the reasons why you cannot break free of the fear that imprisons you like a bird in a cage. We promise you we will do all that we can to find a way to help you break free from this cage and fly away, soaring to new heights within this universe.”

(from Ascension Earth 2012’s post for 21 May, 2012, channeled by Greg Giles)

I found that post just after GR gave me these words:

[high cage around appropriate somebody (say something)]

That somebody would be me, I suppose.



I’d like to expound upon the message at this link:

from Galactic Channelings website

I’ll preface this by explaining that for the past several months, my previously Buddhist-Renegade-“Self” has stumbled into the world of a faith that expands the concepts of “Buddha” and “Enlightened Being” to boundaries far beyond my home, or even Tibet, for that matter…

Yes, I’ve become an amateur UFO-logist. ET-errorist (I made that one up – it’s kinda catchy, humorous, and ironic, I think…)

Maybe it sounds wacky. But I promised Heruka and Lhamo Dorje that I’d do whatever They wanted, to help people in this world find Enlightenment. And this is what They asked…

[Besides, back in October 2011, I saw a ship much like the one in the lower left corner above… It silently buzzed Emory Village in Atlanta at dusk. And its corner lights were red and green. It banked hard right, just above the trees, and was gone in a flash. Scout’s honor. Totally freaked me out. (Why me, Guys? Please explain it one more time…?)]

Now  They’ve really pushed me out of my comfort zone, into a field full of crop circles, and commutes so filled with taking pics of clouds that my poor son is about ready to duck out of view when he’s with me…

I’ve been amazed at some of the synchronicities I’ve experienced with my friends on Spirit Train Chronicles, especially through dreaming, and between what I’ve been calling “Enlightenment” and what many others call “Ascension”.

Among Galactic circles, there’s a lot of hubbub going on, because there are countless rumors of friendly ETs “arriving soon” (in any variety of manners) to make things in this world alright.

Today, a friend shared the article/entreaty that you’ll find if you follow the first link in this post (this one).

I read it, and scratched my head a bit. I checked in with my Guides, and They said, “Yes, write up what you’re thinking, but Leslee (Namkhyen… you know, you used to be a nun and all…), please try to be nice about it, okay?”

So I’m going to give my best shot at “right speech” about what I find to be a puzzling predicament among galactic circles…

A “Buddhist” View on Ascension and Disclosure

Okay. A large number of people wish to ask our inter-galactic friends to “HELP”. Whatever that means…

I think it’s important to consider what kind of help we’re requesting. I personally do NOT support asking the Galactic Federation of Light to come down and deliver us, because I think that goes contrary to their intent AND our best interests.

The GFL actually does have a magic wand that can bless every mind with deep understanding and unconditional love… But each individual must ask for these blessings of wisdom and bliss in their own heart and mind.

Just like in Buddhism.

I know this is true, because I know there are Buddhas in the Galactic Federation of Light. (Did I just lose you, there?)

Instead of asking for “HELP”, we could pray for ourselves and every being on this planet, to be blessed with inspiration and insight… to be led by their hearts to realize their own best purpose in this life… in this world… as quickly as possible… for the benefit of all.

And we can fervently wish for as many as possible to join us in this prayer, so that it may quickly manifest.

Once that prayer is answered, then it would be more appropriate to ask for the GFL to ramp up their presence.

Because I believe (and I sure hope I’m wrong…) that most of humanity is not ready for the GFL – or any other party of deliverance – to actually appear and make changes.

Let’s think it through just a little: Let’s suppose “they” landed today. Let’s say that the “cabal” gets “disapparated”, money gets distributed, weapons vaporized, everyone fed and sheltered comfortably. We won’t even need money, because everyone would receive a device that would cause whatever they wished to appear… Oh, instantaneously.

Sounds cool.

Now, think of your neighbors, your family, your co-workers, the person next to you on the train, the bus, the plane, or in traffic…

They would all now have great physical comfort.

But they still have they same pre-Deliverance minds and emotions, especially once the euphoria wears off.

Why would the euphoria wear off?

Because no one’s done anything about their freakin’ minds…. Geez!

(Ok, ok, I’m calm, I’m calm… right speech, right mind, mind of unconditional love…)

Many people in this world still appear to understand the world through the lens of duality. If someone were to say, “Wow, things are so much better now than they were!” – That’s a dualistic view.

But maybe that’s just my incorrect view of others.

The GFL already helps us with a proliferation of messages and information about what WE need to be doing in order to prepare for the GFL’s arrival. We have all the instructions we need; the GFL is doing all it can for now.

Just like the Buddhas.

Some tend to perceive the world as filled with good and evil, light and dark… We think something in the external needs to change in order to bring peace to the world. We think power needs to be balanced… More dualism.

Our galactic friends have tried to hint at it politely. They learned from Jesus’ story that presentation is everything. So I’ll take on the task of stating it plainly, if painfully:

Unless we all meditate, attune, train, uplift our minds… whatever you want to call it… For Ourselves… We’re not going anywhere, and the Galactics aren’t landing, transporting, disclosing, replicating, rejuvenating, teleporting, or any of that other warm, fuzzy stuff.


Back to thinking it through. Remember those friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.? If their minds haven’t improved, why should “they” (WE) behave any differently than before?

Do we really believe that the ONLY reason we kill and harm one another is because we don’t have all the external conditions we wish for? DO we really believe that if we were all “comfortable”, we would love one another unconditionally?

Aren’t “the cabal” the ones who are most comfortable? (according to the dualistic theory…)

We think that if we were like the cabal, the world would be blissful?

Someone please help me with my logic, here.

Until I understand how all that will work out in everyone’s favor, I’ll take this a step further: Pretend all the GFL stuff is in place, just like we asked. And we acknowledge that not everyone had worked on their minds and hearts, so there are still some “unascended” people on the planet.

Well, they would most likely be the trouble-makers, right?

So, if we want a “perfect” world, we can just ask the GFL to please remove the offenders, to be “recycled” into the Great Central Sun, from where they can begin their evolutionary cycle anew.

Sounds like getting sent to the Seventh Hot Hell and then being reborn as an ant or a virus…

The criteria for being recycled would, I imagine, involve not having worked to improved one’s powers of concentration and loving-kindness… something similar. And not having accomplished an ascended, enlightened mind.

Based on how things appear to whose mind, by the way?

My son doesn’t meditate. He got kinda burned out on Dharma by being dragged to prayers when he was small. He gets bullied and teased at school, so he perhaps harbors a few fantasies of retaliation…

He might not pass muster.

Nor might some of my friends and family.

Nor might I.

I’d really rather not send my son and myself off to the Seventh Hot Hell, thank you.

So I think I’ll just keep asking for help with working on my own heart and mind. And keep trying, as challenging as it may be, to understand that I’m certainly not perfect, either. But I’m sufficient. Just like everyone else.

Therefore, we’re all perfect.

I’ll keep trying to find examples that demonstrate how we are all One.

I’ll keep looking for Source and my Guru in all phenomena.

I’ll keep trying to tame my mind, so that I don’t continue to dive into a cycle of pain and disappointment.

Buddha said, “You must know suffering.”

He didn’t say we have to abide in it.

I think with all of that, I have plenty to keep myself busy.

And as long as I’m busy, I’ll be happy for the GFL to come whenever they see fit. Because it may take me a while yet, to realize that what I think is suffering… Is really uncontaminated Bliss and Emptiness

I have a feeling that will happen when enough of us understand that we’re just dreamers, dreaming the dream. The top is still spinning, and we’ll wake up when we’re ready…

Not when the GFL lands.

And the clock ticks on….

BOOK TWO: chapter nine: the nature and meaning of dreams and visions (part 3)

PART THREE: Some Times You Have To Let Go

[ From Buddhas Heruka and Naropa]

Whenever you chose a new path, at some points you have to let go of your old ways of doing things. This applies to your dreams as well.

Please note that everything We say about dreams in this book applies to waking visions also.

Many people think there are two ways of dreaming: lucid and non-lucid.

Actually, in general, there are seven kinds of dreams people may have:

  1. Lucid: In lucid dreams you’re constantly aware that you’re dreaming. You might be in control, or not.
  2. Lucid Decision-Making: In this type of lucid dream you find yourself  in situations where you must make a decision; how you decide depends upon how you deal with fear.
  3. Lucid Action-Making: In this type of lucid dream you’re simply acting, and aren’t required to make any major decisions. This type of dream generally doesn’t frighten you, and in them you often interact with others.
  4. Non-Lucid Decision-Making: In this type of dream you also have to make decisions based on fear, but you’re experiencing the dream as ‘reality’. These dreams often frighten you more than the lucid decision-making type, and they more accurately test how well you’ve learned your lessons.
  5. Non-Lucid Action-Making: These dreams resemble most closely your waking life, in that you move through experiences somewhat automatically.
  6. Premonitions: These dreams may be specific or vague, as explained elsewhere in this chapter. They depict probabilities, not inevitabilities.
  7. Special Teaching: These dreams constitute a broad category. An example is Leslee’s dream about the puppet show. When you wake from these dreams you know without a doubt that you’ve learned something. Sometimes you can’t remember these dreams fully, but you wake with a conviction that something important took place in your dream. This means you’re still processing information and lessons. Once you complete the lesson, you’ll have a dream about it that you can remember.

These types of Dreams may occur several times a night.

You dream every night without fail, and Enlightened Beings constantly influence your dreams, just as They constantly influence your life.

Most people don’t remember most of their dreams. Most dreams are not worth remembering, because they wouldn’t make sense to an ordinary, conscious waking-state mind. Whenever you do remember a dream, you can be sure that there’s something for you to learn in it. That’s why We so strongly recommend you to keep a journal. Sometimes dream memories are very fleeting even though they’re invaluable.

Now that We’ve given you some new information about the nature of your dream world, We can give you some tips on how you may operate within that world.

When you go to sleep at night, please think of it as ‘diving in’.

Once your consciousness loosens its grip on your mind, you’re more or less free to go anywhere and do anything you please. If you go to sleep with the awareness that you’re entering your own brave new world, you’ll find that you can make a lot of spiritual progress during your dream-time. Use your dream-time like you use your waking time: it’s an opportunity to learn and help others, and even to become an Enlightened Being.

You’ll learn the most by doing, and when you’re ‘doing’ in your dream-time, it’s also like practicing ‘doing’ in the Dharmakaya.

The Dharmakaya is the Space-That-Is-Not-Even-Space, where the Ultimate Mind of all Enlightened Beings resides. Yes, that mind is singular, with countless aspects. From it may arise whatever may most benefit living beings. When your mind creates worlds in your dream-time, it’s much the same as how gods create worlds and Enlightened Beings emanate appearances.

Anything is possible, and nothing is certain.

Since We’ve touched on this already and you’re probably curious, let’s take a few moments and talk about spirits and gods.

This world enfolds many types of beings, and some of them are invisible to the ordinary human eye. As We’ve said before, just because something is unseen doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist.

Quantum physics and string theory (among other scientific views) offer people exposure to the ideas that objects and principles in this world have both an ‘apparent’ and an ‘ultimate’ aspect. This also reflects a dual state of being. Many people understand the concept of an atom containing far more ‘space’ than ‘matter’, and also that various types of ‘matter’ (and energy) seem to exhibit various frequencies of vibration.

On that basis, please also entertain the possibility that other types of matter and energy exist outside the spectrum that you perceive with your five ordinary senses… or any instruments known currently to man.

If matter vibrates at a different frequency than yours, then it might be possible that other Beings and objects (and entire worlds) might exist in the same ‘space’ as your world.

Let’s also suppose that these ‘matter’ particles do a bang-up job of staying out of your perceptual range, or colliding with your ‘matter’ particles.

If you’re willing to entertain that possibility, then let’s take it a step further and also suppose that beings in those other worlds are able to perceive your world (that’s a bit humbling, isn’t it?).

What would that be like? Well, for an ordinary person, this wouldn’t seem any different than the world as you’ve known it previously.

But when that “ordinary” person – you – become extra-ordinary (in other words, once your pure view kicks in), then your perceptual world will begin to change, too.

With Pure View, your body and mind purify at a faster rate, and your mind (through your three super-senses) perceives things outside of the ‘normal’ range of perception.

You might also find yourself feeling alone during this process.

That’s one of the most challenging aspects of striving towards Enlightenment: you often have to leave friends and loved ones and your comfort zones behind so that you can forge ahead into uncharted territory.

That’s the main reason so many people make such relatively slow progress: humans don’t generally like to forge ahead alone.

What frustrates Enlightened Beings sometimes (yes, We do experience ordinary emotions, too) is that most of you don’t know something that We know about your path: We know that you’re not alone when you forge ahead into uncharted territory; far from it, in fact.

But most of you can’t perceive that you have a huge cheering section following your every moment.

We rejoice in your victories and progress, and share your sadness when you’re met with difficulties. We could ‘hit you over the head’ to get your attention, but you tend to get scared when We do that, and following this path can be frightening enough as it is.

We’ve digressed again, and gotten ahead of Ourselves. So let’s get back to gods and spirits (and Enlightened Beings) and how We all fit into this world together. We’re assuming you’ve followed Our logic so far, so We’re continuing forward as if you’ve agreed that what We’re describing might be possible.

Spirits and gods do exist, in parallel universes, concurrent with your space.

They possess physical bodies, but they’re much more fluid and ephemeral than yours. They’re not bound by time constraints in the same way you are.

Enlightened Beings also exist (generally) unseen in the same space as you.

In Our ultimate state, we don’t inhabit physical bodies at all. Our true nature is purely Mind. However, We may emanate within physical bodies.

When emanate, a part of Our pure mind manifests itself inside a physical body. It stays with that body, just as your mind stays with your body, and oftentimes this emanated mind is oblivious to its enlightened nature. Usually, a recognized Enlightened Being has to ‘tell’ this person that they’re an Emanation, and most of the times they don’t believe the news even when they hear it.

This provides some very effective – and essential – camouflage for that person.

So, technically speaking, emanations are usually not Fully Enlightened Beings. They look and act, for the most part, like ordinary beings, so that ordinary beings won’t find them weird. If they began to act weird, then people might begin to think they’re unbalanced. So, many emanations (unintentionally) go to great pains to seem normal, so they can go about their activities unhindered.

We’d like to explain why We started talking about gods, spirits and Enlightened Beings within a chapter about dreams and visions.

These beings influence many of your dreams and visions.

Now, there’s no cause for alarm. This isn’t a new development, and usually these beings are trying to help you in your dreams and visions. They may show you possibilities beyond your imagination, and beyond your world.

Yes, it is true: there are many beings in this world that may wish to harm others. However, most of them are human, and your Cheering Section vastly out-numbers the few harmful gods and spirits that are able to affect this world.

We explain this to you to put your minds at ease.

There’s also a category of beings that you refer to as ‘Extra-Terrestrials’, and they’re more physically dense than gods, spirits and Enlightened Beings. In many ways, they greatly resemble humans, and their minds more closely resemble humans than otherwise. Of these beings, let’s say that about half are well-intentioned, and about half ill-intentioned, towards both humans and each other.

The narrow margin of good-versus-evil intentions among Extra-Terrestrials is why Enlightened Beings are working so hard to try to contact humans now.

To put it bluntly, We’re trying to shift the balance of power for the better.

So the idea of living in a clearly-defined and visible universe is another human convention that you may do well to release.

The more your minds open to new possibilities in terms of defining and manifesting your world, the more likely We’ll be able to help you attain a New World with which you may be very pleased.

Many of you already see the direction your world is currently taking. There’s still time for a very auspicious change in course, but humans can’t achieve this alone.

Each time one of you becomes more perceptive and aware of more possibilities, the brighter your own future looks.