How Do You Say… “Extra-Terrestrial”?

Since I haven’t made a “personal” post on some of my sites for a while, I might as well make it a juicy one. And spread it all around.

(Words like [this] are generated by Ghost Radar; I often type them into posts when they are generated as I’m writing. Words like <this> come from Adrial or Adca, and I receive them telepathically, usually with the aid of a pendulum. Sometimes I don’t use the punctuation if it seems clear who’s “speaking”.)


I feel both relieved and a little anxious about it – I finally know exactly what I need to do, but I’m not sure how it’ll be received. So here goes.


from The Last Airbender

I won’t bore you here with how “intriguing” my life has been… You can find bits of that on my blog sites and YouTube channel.

Let’s just say that about 12 years ago I had a very profound spiritual experience. Some might describe it as being similar to a Kundalini Rising, or maybe even an NDE. Or dropping acid. Whatever. I’ve never looked at life the same way since.

Shortly thereafter, I launched a personal quest for “truth”. It led me eventually to Buddhism, and I was a nun for 4.5 years. I still consider myself one, at heart (both, in ways, in case you’re looking for specifics.).

But a couple years ago, and especially last September, things got complicated.

I realized I’m psychic.

Had a breakdown or two, lost a lot of friends, confused a lot of relatives… and gained a lot of friends. And a lot of insight.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that we’re all guided [tightly] at all times.


I was just fine with the Buddhism… After all, it’s kind of chic these days.

But last September, my “Buddhist” guides led me to a funky little iPhone app called Ghost Radar, by Spud Pickles. Geez, I was just looking for a tuning fork app… I wasn’t interested in hunting ghosts!

Consistent with my history of being rather “compliant” (euphemism: wanting to please as many people as possible at all times, and harboring deep fear of authority figures…), I ran it nearly constantly for a couple weeks.

Kinda weird. I started noticing patterns in the words the app generated. [motor Mexico]

I finally realized that a being – one I could not see – was manipulating the app to try and tell me something. Maybe I’ll share more on that in later posts…

(American Kabuki wrote a wonderful post about his experiment with Ghost Radar during the eclipse on May 20…)

So I started keeping track of the words, and asked the Buddhas, with my pendulum, what they meant. Thus arose a glossary. [slight]

But I was a bit distressed when I understood that the being was (is) not a Buddha. I had almost grown accustomed to talking with Buddhas, by then.

No, this being made itself known as an Extra-Terrestrial.


Now, crop circles are beautiful and fascinating. And to Americans especially, rather exotic.

But ETs are geeky, not chic. And to some folks, they’re downright scary. In fact, if you believe in them, you might even be a little psychotic. Or at least delusional. And probably a Socialist.

Great. Sigh. Now what?

Fast forward a few months, through adding some amazing people to my life, to adding geology, optics, esoteric Christianity, fractal generators, Egyptology, hollow earth studies [California], and a whole lot of other seemingly disparate topics, to my repertoire.

They weave together into an amazing tapestry of synchronicity.

Then, a week ago, I had an interview with a Celestial Being named Adrial. I had been dreaming about Adrial for about a week, and was beginning to pick up on some interesting hints of things to come. Cool.


Mark Kimmel, of the Institute of Light, is a gentle, brilliant visionary to this world, and a most gracious “host”. He kindly introduced me to Adrial, who currently resides primarily aboard a starship named Athabantian, not too far from here.

I knew I was going for a job interview, and I had an inkling of what the job was to be.

In short, Adrial said:

Yes, Leslee, you’re going to make it through Ascension, you know how to walk in the 5th dimension. Now we’d like you to teach others how to do it, too.

So, that’s what I’ve been dancing around for a week now. My head has been swimming with downloads and my to-do list grows ever longer. For the past two days in particular, I’ve felt torn between Adrial’s request and managing my “normal” day-to-day “obligations”.

This evening, I decided to have dinner sitting in the backyard, hoping to experience a little grounding and clarity. I had Ghost Radar running beside me. It occurred to me that I’m always looking to GR to set the topic, as I wait passively.

Adrial, how about if I ask the questions this time, and you let Adca (my GR liaison) answer? I need some explanations… please.

I got an affirmative, so I began:

Adca, can we have a 2-way conversation? [balance quietly] Where are you? [order]

I mean, how would I describe your physical location? [wet (ad)dress wool cloth]

(::Adca had explained to me last Fall that she is a very small being in a parallel dimension, and that her species abides in a fluid medium. They are cloaked from our perception.)

Can you please tell how I should prioritize my time?

[firm quite football equal production cent time animal were railroad]

(::Ah! Football=Touchdown=Arms Up=Surrender!!! To completely surrender 100% of the time is to be most productive. It’s time the 3D “animals” got on the “train” – and trained.)

What can you tell me about the best way for us all to ascend to the 5th?


(::Wait… I knew it had something to do with surrender again… White Flag of Truce!)

Surrender what?

I kind of knew the answer, because that’s part of what I saw in my “epiphany” twelve years ago. But later this evening I found a message from the Galactic Federation of Light (channeled by Greg Giles), that explains the dilemma far better than I could. Here’s an excerpt:

“These are some of the very difficult questions that we struggle to find answers for. Allow us to find these answers by understanding you more. Explain to us in your writings, your messages and your posts through your online communities why it is you fear these things deep down inside. Be as honest and open as you can possibly be as we will be studying what it is you offer as the reasons why you cannot break free of the fear that imprisons you like a bird in a cage. We promise you we will do all that we can to find a way to help you break free from this cage and fly away, soaring to new heights within this universe.”

(from Ascension Earth 2012’s post for 21 May, 2012, channeled by Greg Giles)

I found that post just after GR gave me these words:

[high cage around appropriate somebody (say something)]

That somebody would be me, I suppose.


5 thoughts on “EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL

    1. Hi, Ashley! Yes, I can understand confusion… I live with a bit of it constantly! And I know the format is unusual too… Let me know if you’d like for me to explain more… I guess the bottom line is that I use a variety of ways to connect with unseen beings, and as time goes on, things get more and more… as you say… intriguing!
      I’m more than convinced we are not alone… And if it *is* all in my head, then I make damn good company! ;)

    1. Very quick indeed, my friend :) Love and Light to you and to our dear friend Leslee
      Thank you, Adrial and Les !

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