I'd like to expound upon the message at this link: I'll preface this by explaining that for the past several months, my previously Buddhist-Renegade-"Self" has stumbled into the world of a faith that expands the concepts of "Buddha" and "Enlightened Being" to boundaries far beyond my home, or even Tibet, for that matter... Yes, … Continue reading GALACTIC RANT: JUST PRACTICE.



Dream with Explanation by Heruka I appear in the dream as if in an Middle-Eastern-looking city that's familiar to me. A bossy old woman and a young multi-racial girl accompany me, and it seems as if it's a sort of home-coming. First I visit a tiny apartment in a dusty, hot, sand-colored worker district. I … Continue reading DREAM: HOW IT ALL TIES TOGETHER


What is an "ET"? What is an "EB"? What is "Channeling"? What is a "Transmission"? My thoughts have been dwelling along these lines a lot lately. I've learned they're all very closely connected. I've practiced Buddhism since 2001; in the context of my former tradition, when we receive Teachings, we often refer to them as … Continue reading TRANSMISSIONS FROM EB’s

the ways we create bodies and worlds

(from Heruka, Lhamo Dorje, Manjushri) Bodies act as filters. The brain filters the information received by the body. It also integrates input from the mind with the physical input. The pure and absolute mind existing in this world inhabits an etherous state, maintaining an awareness appropriate for this world, specifically. In a refined condition, the … Continue reading the ways we create bodies and worlds

BOOK ONE: about this book

We're covering new material on ‘Buddhism’ in this book, and in some ways we're hesitant even to refer to it as ‘Buddhism’. However, the word ‘Buddhism’ (and everything associated with that word) comes closest to giving the average reader some idea of the direction we're taking with the material we're presenting. Our author, Leslee Hare, … Continue reading BOOK ONE: about this book

the new mainstream: reclaiming the power we give to negativity

This world believes that negativity is our most powerful commodity. Just look at the power we give it. We roll along with the perpetual-motion machine of our fascination with "flaws"... We traipse after whichever pundit offers the most biting wit... We worship cleverness over wisdom... We seem compelled to join in with the gnashing of teeth and pounding … Continue reading the new mainstream: reclaiming the power we give to negativity

love and pain… sweet tides

INNER GUIDE CARD 05 [ 5 of 8 ] NOT ONE MOMENT OF PAIN GOES UNNOTICED AND UNCOMFORTED BY YOUR INNER GUIDE. "My Inner Guide works with me on many levels: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Even when I cannot consciously feel my Inner Guide's love and direction, I can be confident that my Inner Guide … Continue reading love and pain… sweet tides