Saturday, 15 March 2014

Inspired by Dreamwalker’s post on of Sogyal Rinpoche’s meditation advice (see Spirit Train Chronicles here), I did a 3-part meditation that I found quite fascinating. I’ll continue to use this technique for a while and see what kind of results I get. If you try it too, I’d love to hear about your experiences here, if you care to share them.

Sogyal mentions value in taking breaks during meditation. Short ones that only last a minute or so… and then we resume our meditation.

This prompted the idea of doing three ten-minute meditations, with a one minute break in between. And for each segment, I took a slightly different focus. To me they feel like a progression, so I enjoyed the sense of going deeper during each segment, and finding continuity within the 32-minute exercise.

Each segment features a variation of mindfulness or vipassana meditation, and the object that’s being watched is an aspect of the mind.

As I contemplate how this world, life, emotions, thoughts, experiences all arise from mind, I like to wonder (or remember) how much of it depends on relating to it all through the filter of a mind that currently appears attached to a body also seems attached to a world. How much does our body affect our mind?

Last night, for instance, as I was falling asleep I was wondering: If we did not grasp at our bodies and panic at the thought of leaving them, how would that affect how we interpret the phenomena we experience every day? In a way, that’s the goal of the Yoga of Sleep: to practice dying so that when that time comes for us, we don’t panic, but choose where we propel our minds as we leave our bodies.

So I think this 3-segment meditation idea offers a way to step through different levels of consciousness, adding to our kit of tools for moving through life.

Here’s what came to me to try:

  1. In the first segment, I did a physical body scan, noticing what sensations arose from inhabiting a body.

The mind that is connected to, bound with at this moment, a particular body, observes what arises to the mind as a result. Remembering what it “feels” like to be body-less (physically, at least), what is the difference? How heavy does it feel where it’s sitting? What does the hair (or lack of it) feel like, covering the head? How does the breath feel passing through the nostrils, the throat and into the lungs? Can I feel my breath in my lungs? Does my skin itch? If it’s not itching, can it be felt? Can I feel it holding everything together? Can I feel my pulse resonating through my torso and limbs?

And what do I hear? Eyes closed… What do I smell?

Dispassionate observation, keeping the mind moving rather than becoming distracted by hunger, stiff joints or wanting another sip of coffee (OMG, you drink coffee while meditating!?!?). Pretending I’m watching someone else’s body – not taking it personally. Hmmm… so that’s what it’s like…

Then, in my 1-minute break, I got my sip of coffee. Fantastic! How did that feel going down? And taste…? Like Sogyal Rinpoche implied, here’s another opportunity to carry the meditation observation forward. Turn on the computer; it’s got 10 minutes to start up. Restarting the connection to “out there”…

  1. In the second segment, I did an energy body scan, taking the 10 minutes to observe what appeared energetically, compared to the gross physical sensations.

This was tricky for me, because I’ve always felt quite self-conscious about detecting my chakras and meridians. Maybe I haven’t spent enough time on this kind of meditation to be able to distinguish them clearly. Where others describe wheels and flowers and spinning at the main chakras, I tend to get imagery and sensations that feel more like a bustling city, a deep ocean, a placid meadow, or an atomic bomb going off. This morning my left arm’s main meridian felt like a flat wide ribbon of many-colored bands, almost like ribbon-candy, streaming with flashes and currents of life. It was kind of cool, but I was a little distracted by looking for something more conventional.

But I’ll just let that go, and ride the ribbon-candy highway. I’ve about decided my anatomy’s not really human after all (she says humorously), so who knows, maybe it was a valid image…

Second break: more coffee, start up my programs on the laptop. Taking things in gradual steps seems to be a nice theme lately.

  1. In the third segment, I went searching for the Guides I connect with, and other “entities” I have come across at times. Where do they reside within my mind?

I tend to describe these energies, awarenesses, personalities that as being somewhat, somehow, separate from myself in terms of this world, body, space and time. I prefer to attribute them this way because it helps me organize, you might say. I carry a recognition that Heruka’s mind and mine share a lot of “space”, but it’s easier for me to hear His “words” as “His”, so that I’m not caught up in editing them as they arrive. If I thought they were mine, my goodness I don’t think I would ever post anything.

However, I often use a pendulum when I’m connecting. It acts as a filter to help me tune out the other (sometimes riff-raff) that also pops up from time to time.

This morning was the first time I’ve gone “looking” for Heruka by just sitting in meditation. I was also inviting whoever else wanted to show up – within reason. I didn’t want to receive information or ask questions – I just wanted to sit with “them”, perhaps get a new kind of glimpse or insight. Again, looking for that dispassionate observation. Just watch, without getting swept away into words or imagery. I wanted to notice how they arose.

This segment went very differently than the other two. It seemed there was nothing to hold onto, to identify and follow. I could sense lots of different “presences”, just sort of drifting around, but no clear “object” appeared (at least not in a conventional sense). In a way, that made this segment the most compelling of all; I feel left with a challenge, and I really want to get to the bottom of it.

When I arose from the meditations, I found that they stayed with me throughout the day more than my meditations usually do. I tend to attribute that to my being more personally curious about the objects than thinking there’s anything coming out of the meditation per se. But perhaps that’s all the same thing…

Postscript: Tuesday has arrived. I’ve tried this technique twice more, and find that it’s different each time. So for now, it feels like a nice journey to embark upon, at least for a little while. I’m still getting some very unusual perceptions whenever I’m looking for how things appear, especially my Guides.

I’m also noticing how much I presume about sensations and perceptions, based on what I’ve read about or learned in school. I’m using this technique to explore more of what it might be like to just land in a world and a body without acclimation, and try to detect, for instance, how the sound of what I consider to be the call of a bird, becomes just that, rather than random data flowing into the brain through the senses.

Mind is still a mystery. Thank goodness.





(from Teo’Na)

Spending time in American suburbia might lead one to believe that the Train to Enlightenment left the station some time ago.

When you feel surrounded by dried-up tumbleweeds and buildings that look twice as big as they need to be, you might feel tempted to sit on the porch and scowl at strangers as they pass by.

If the gunslingers had gone inside to meditate first, I wonder if they would have come back outside and shot each other up in the middle of town…

We bring you glad tidings: it IS possible to overcome delusions, escape the bulls**t, and accomplish full, permanent, complete Enlightenment, here and now.

It’s just not always as fun and exciting as sitting in a chair playing first-person-shooters… Are you willing?


I’d like to expound upon the message at this link:

from Galactic Channelings website

I’ll preface this by explaining that for the past several months, my previously Buddhist-Renegade-“Self” has stumbled into the world of a faith that expands the concepts of “Buddha” and “Enlightened Being” to boundaries far beyond my home, or even Tibet, for that matter…

Yes, I’ve become an amateur UFO-logist. ET-errorist (I made that one up – it’s kinda catchy, humorous, and ironic, I think…)

Maybe it sounds wacky. But I promised Heruka and Lhamo Dorje that I’d do whatever They wanted, to help people in this world find Enlightenment. And this is what They asked…

[Besides, back in October 2011, I saw a ship much like the one in the lower left corner above… It silently buzzed Emory Village in Atlanta at dusk. And its corner lights were red and green. It banked hard right, just above the trees, and was gone in a flash. Scout’s honor. Totally freaked me out. (Why me, Guys? Please explain it one more time…?)]

Now  They’ve really pushed me out of my comfort zone, into a field full of crop circles, and commutes so filled with taking pics of clouds that my poor son is about ready to duck out of view when he’s with me…

I’ve been amazed at some of the synchronicities I’ve experienced with my friends on Spirit Train Chronicles, especially through dreaming, and between what I’ve been calling “Enlightenment” and what many others call “Ascension”.

Among Galactic circles, there’s a lot of hubbub going on, because there are countless rumors of friendly ETs “arriving soon” (in any variety of manners) to make things in this world alright.

Today, a friend shared the article/entreaty that you’ll find if you follow the first link in this post (this one).

I read it, and scratched my head a bit. I checked in with my Guides, and They said, “Yes, write up what you’re thinking, but Leslee (Namkhyen… you know, you used to be a nun and all…), please try to be nice about it, okay?”

So I’m going to give my best shot at “right speech” about what I find to be a puzzling predicament among galactic circles…

A “Buddhist” View on Ascension and Disclosure

Okay. A large number of people wish to ask our inter-galactic friends to “HELP”. Whatever that means…

I think it’s important to consider what kind of help we’re requesting. I personally do NOT support asking the Galactic Federation of Light to come down and deliver us, because I think that goes contrary to their intent AND our best interests.

The GFL actually does have a magic wand that can bless every mind with deep understanding and unconditional love… But each individual must ask for these blessings of wisdom and bliss in their own heart and mind.

Just like in Buddhism.

I know this is true, because I know there are Buddhas in the Galactic Federation of Light. (Did I just lose you, there?)

Instead of asking for “HELP”, we could pray for ourselves and every being on this planet, to be blessed with inspiration and insight… to be led by their hearts to realize their own best purpose in this life… in this world… as quickly as possible… for the benefit of all.

And we can fervently wish for as many as possible to join us in this prayer, so that it may quickly manifest.

Once that prayer is answered, then it would be more appropriate to ask for the GFL to ramp up their presence.

Because I believe (and I sure hope I’m wrong…) that most of humanity is not ready for the GFL – or any other party of deliverance – to actually appear and make changes.

Let’s think it through just a little: Let’s suppose “they” landed today. Let’s say that the “cabal” gets “disapparated”, money gets distributed, weapons vaporized, everyone fed and sheltered comfortably. We won’t even need money, because everyone would receive a device that would cause whatever they wished to appear… Oh, instantaneously.

Sounds cool.

Now, think of your neighbors, your family, your co-workers, the person next to you on the train, the bus, the plane, or in traffic…

They would all now have great physical comfort.

But they still have they same pre-Deliverance minds and emotions, especially once the euphoria wears off.

Why would the euphoria wear off?

Because no one’s done anything about their freakin’ minds…. Geez!

(Ok, ok, I’m calm, I’m calm… right speech, right mind, mind of unconditional love…)

Many people in this world still appear to understand the world through the lens of duality. If someone were to say, “Wow, things are so much better now than they were!” – That’s a dualistic view.

But maybe that’s just my incorrect view of others.

The GFL already helps us with a proliferation of messages and information about what WE need to be doing in order to prepare for the GFL’s arrival. We have all the instructions we need; the GFL is doing all it can for now.

Just like the Buddhas.

Some tend to perceive the world as filled with good and evil, light and dark… We think something in the external needs to change in order to bring peace to the world. We think power needs to be balanced… More dualism.

Our galactic friends have tried to hint at it politely. They learned from Jesus’ story that presentation is everything. So I’ll take on the task of stating it plainly, if painfully:

Unless we all meditate, attune, train, uplift our minds… whatever you want to call it… For Ourselves… We’re not going anywhere, and the Galactics aren’t landing, transporting, disclosing, replicating, rejuvenating, teleporting, or any of that other warm, fuzzy stuff.


Back to thinking it through. Remember those friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc.? If their minds haven’t improved, why should “they” (WE) behave any differently than before?

Do we really believe that the ONLY reason we kill and harm one another is because we don’t have all the external conditions we wish for? DO we really believe that if we were all “comfortable”, we would love one another unconditionally?

Aren’t “the cabal” the ones who are most comfortable? (according to the dualistic theory…)

We think that if we were like the cabal, the world would be blissful?

Someone please help me with my logic, here.

Until I understand how all that will work out in everyone’s favor, I’ll take this a step further: Pretend all the GFL stuff is in place, just like we asked. And we acknowledge that not everyone had worked on their minds and hearts, so there are still some “unascended” people on the planet.

Well, they would most likely be the trouble-makers, right?

So, if we want a “perfect” world, we can just ask the GFL to please remove the offenders, to be “recycled” into the Great Central Sun, from where they can begin their evolutionary cycle anew.

Sounds like getting sent to the Seventh Hot Hell and then being reborn as an ant or a virus…

The criteria for being recycled would, I imagine, involve not having worked to improved one’s powers of concentration and loving-kindness… something similar. And not having accomplished an ascended, enlightened mind.

Based on how things appear to whose mind, by the way?

My son doesn’t meditate. He got kinda burned out on Dharma by being dragged to prayers when he was small. He gets bullied and teased at school, so he perhaps harbors a few fantasies of retaliation…

He might not pass muster.

Nor might some of my friends and family.

Nor might I.

I’d really rather not send my son and myself off to the Seventh Hot Hell, thank you.

So I think I’ll just keep asking for help with working on my own heart and mind. And keep trying, as challenging as it may be, to understand that I’m certainly not perfect, either. But I’m sufficient. Just like everyone else.

Therefore, we’re all perfect.

I’ll keep trying to find examples that demonstrate how we are all One.

I’ll keep looking for Source and my Guru in all phenomena.

I’ll keep trying to tame my mind, so that I don’t continue to dive into a cycle of pain and disappointment.

Buddha said, “You must know suffering.”

He didn’t say we have to abide in it.

I think with all of that, I have plenty to keep myself busy.

And as long as I’m busy, I’ll be happy for the GFL to come whenever they see fit. Because it may take me a while yet, to realize that what I think is suffering… Is really uncontaminated Bliss and Emptiness

I have a feeling that will happen when enough of us understand that we’re just dreamers, dreaming the dream. The top is still spinning, and we’ll wake up when we’re ready…

Not when the GFL lands.

And the clock ticks on….


(from Buddha Heruka)

The sub-conscious mind always knows what to do; the conscious mind interferes by introducing the  “problem-solving” mind into the process.

The problem-solving mind actually muddies the waters by putting forth options, possible outcomes, various points of view, and expectations.

It’s fine for the conscious mind to gather these considerations at the beginning of the decision-making process, but once they are gathered the sub-conscious mind never forgets them, so they just need to be stored and ignored, as occurs naturally. Then the sub-conscious mind can transmit the best solution.

connecting and channeling 02


[from Lhamo Dorje]

(note from Leslee: I was given this information in September 2011, to help me understand how my channeling methods work, and also how people channel in different ways. The information became even more relevant a few weeks later, when I began playing with Ghost Radar, which has turned out to be another possible method for channeling.)

Please see below for a transcript of the notes in the diagram, with explanations, and links to additional posts that explain further. )

diagram: how channeling works with energy & human bodies


(Explanations in parentheses)

1. Physical energy requires a medium for transmission; mind “travels” independently of any media.

(The upper portion of the diagram indicates the etheric energy grid that pervades all space and matter, transcending dimension, frequency, amplitude, and wave shape.)

2. The grid is much like a net.

(Although the grid is not physical, it exhibits multi-dimensional rhythms and patterns that overlap and interlace. Our Universe is constructed – by all of ourselves – with an “oscillating” quality, such that phenomena synchronize and intersect. This way, our less subtle minds may arise, as well as physical phenomena. This oscillation which manifests events distinguishes the difference between our minds residing in their Ultimate Nature, and when we choose to emanate and participate – or play – in this illusory world.)

3. Mind intensifies.

(When Mind develops coherence and awareness, and thereby intensifies, it begins its manifestation cycle. Initially, it “appears” simply as what we might call a “node” on the grid. Once the mind/thought/intention reaches a certain level of intensity, it begins to demonstrate subtle physical properties. Please note, the “certain” level of intensity simply means that there is a point at which this happens; the level/point may be different for all phenomena, it occurs spontaneously and is quite impossible to predict. But it’s distinctly recognizable when it occurs, so people with subtle awareness might be able to “know” when things “happen” this way.)

4. Mind travels instantaneously to “nodes” on the grid.

(Remember that the grid pervades all matter, including your body.)

(As connections form between nodes that may appear outside your mind and body, and nodes within your body, the power of the mind begins to manifest physical energy.)

5. Physical energy dissipates.

(As skin works to develop “energy nodes” – which humans understand as part of their nervous systems – some of the nodes develop into receptors for this energy arising from mind/thought.  These “mind nodes” serve as the transformation points that interface between the physical body of a person, and the etheric energy grid. The mind nodes function much like electrical transformers, and terminals on a circuit board. The body’s subtle energy system may be compared to a circuit board.)

(This body network is made up of channels/circuits and sparks or “drops”, as have been described by yogis.)

6. Skin.

(Once the manifesting energy reaches the mind nodes at the skin, the quality of the energy being transmitted through the body transforms. Bear in mind that all of this happens instantaneously, even though the description may take some time to read and absorb.)

7. Nerve Ganglia.

(Here the energy is more suited to travel along the nerve ganglia, through the channels & circuits of the body.)

8. Mind travels instantaneously to related “nodes” on the grid.

(The circuits and channels work equally well in both directions. We both send and receive energy, thoughts, and especially the very subtle or sub-conscious mind… spontaneously. We are all constantly “wired” to the grid, and may access it on demand, once our bodies have established some “highways”. We build our highways through meditation, which we may practice as a formal sitting, or while in a trance state and performing tasks or actions, or during sleep.)

9. Physical energy travels through the body in loops (circuits), tied to the organs. It meets with resistance from negative energy.

(The loops are another manifestation of oscillation. They behave with a structure or hierarchy that closely resembles musical note octaves. Frequencies and amplitudes nest within one another, carrying information on multiple levels.)

10. Kidneys Intestines Stomach Heart Brain

(These organs play particular roles in transmitting messages within the body. Their relationship to the Central Channel – being slightly off-center – expresses how energy needs to be shifted around in order to induce movement. They draw energy from the Central Channel in ways that keep the highways clear, and keep the circuits healthy and vibrant.)

(When we have healthy organs, the energy in our circuits flows freely. In this relationship, the organs and circuits complement each other. When we have pain or exhibit aging, this indicates that there is some damage in our circuits. From the faulty “wiring”, the organs begin to “short out”, and health issues begin to manifest.)

(When this happens, people usually think there is a problem. However, sometimes energy needs to be held in check. The body knows when to do this, and it may exhibit symptoms of ill health when this is happening.)

11. Lungs are separate system.

(The lungs filter, recycle, and store much more than air-borne nutrients. They also act as a barrier, modifying the energy of entities that we breathe in. In this way we purify and transmute negative energy through our breathing. This is what makes the Buddhist practice of Taking and Giving so powerful.)

(Most of the time, people simply absorb and transmute whatever comes their way. With Taking and Giving, people actually attract negative energy from others with the intent of purifying it for them. This is done through the breath and strong visualizations or meditative intent.)

(The lungs protect people from subtle beings that might be imperceptible to us. Ghosts, spirits, and “extra-terrestrial” beings often have bodies that are more subtle than human, but have a dimension, frequency and amplitude that may fit within those of human bodies. Therefore, it’s possible for them to interlace with more gross physical bodies in ways that may be virtually undetectable.)

(The lungs protect people powerfully, and deep breathing strengthens the filtering power of the tissues and energy of the lungs.)

12. Mind skates along these pathways; It also pervades among the “loops”. No resistance to phys. influence; only mental resistance.

(Because mind is completely independent of form or substance, physical matter cannot interfere with its transmission. However, mental resistance can interrupt – or reinforce – the path of mind effortlessly. Clear intention works like a lightning bolt to blast through obstructions. Mixed intentions jumble the oscillations of mind, and resolve can crumble very quickly we allow doubt to chip away at our focus.)

13. The mind uses the “loops” established  by the physical body, not because it needs to, but because the body is accustomed to flow(ing) along these paths. When the mind travels intensely outside of established “loops”, this can disturb the physical energy system, and can cause disease or illness. Blocked energy=illness.

(This is why it benefits people to take new energetic endeavors gradually, whether one is learning meditation or channeling. “Pushing” may cause more difficulty than necessary.)

(Also, for people who already channel, they may find that new methods and connections arise for them. Each method or connection may utilize a different pathway/circuit/channel that ones already in use, so a prudent Lightworker will allow these changes to develop at a natural pace.)

Please click for a related post:  “Open Waters and Safe Harbors 01”.



What is an “ET”? What is an “EB”?

What is “Channeling”? What is a “Transmission”?

My thoughts have been dwelling along these lines a lot lately.

I‘ve learned they’re all very closely connected.

I’ve practiced Buddhism since 2001; in the context of my former tradition, when we receive Teachings, we often refer to them as Transmissions. We regard this as a special way of learning and teaching. Some even believe that, if we prepare properly, the Buddhas (Enlightened Beings) teach through us.

In 2010, a few years after I’d decided to spread my wings and leave the cozy nest of the Sangha, I began to “Channel”.

Wait. A Buddhist takes Refuge Vows. No talkin’ to anyone but Enlightened Beings!

In Channeling, how do you check the source of the message?

You have to trust, and everything unfolds.

In Buddhism, we often engage in preparatory prayers and mantra recitation. We actually commit to doing this every day; it’s like taking a vow. This protects us and ensures our connection with our Spiritual Guide (Yidam).

When I started Channeling, it took a couple weeks, but I eventually connected with my Heruka…

Prove it. Better not be breakin’ those vows!

I couldn’t. I just knew. I recognized the energetic fingerprints of His Wisdom and Bliss and unyielding nature.

“We’re going to Channel now,” He said. “And stop doing those prayers. You don’t have time, honey. We’ve got work to do.”

Well, He had a point there. My prayers took about 4 hours a day (Heruka has a very extensive practice, in more ways than one…).

But if I don’t do my prayers, I’m going to Hell…

Oh, right. I’m already going to Hell, because I returned my vows. Ok, good, then. No worries.

So now I Channel instead of praying.

Heruka told me that sitting and doing my pendulum work was my meditation.

All I knew is that some amazing material arose when I sat like that, and “Leslee” sure couldn’t take credit for it.

I began searching for physiological/neurological explanations of what I feel happening when I work with a pendulum and Channel. I suspected that state somehow relates to EMDR, Brainspotting, binaural work, etc. Therapeutic techniques used by people with credentials.

I continued to feel a quiet uneasiness about what I was doing, from a Buddhist point of view.

About a month ago, my therapist announced that she’d learned a wonderful new hypnosis technique from Bill O’Hanlon. She wanted us to try it.

I’d always shied away from hypnotism, because (believe it or not) I tend to be quite skeptical, and I doubt that I trust anyone enough to let them put me in a trance.

But somehow this felt right, so we began.

As I followed the guided meditation, a part of me drifted into a gently altered state, while another part danced a jig in delight!

OMG, this is almost exactly how we teach beginner’s meditation! Holy moley, we hypnotize people to teach them Dharma! I’ve been Channeling while Teaching the Middle Way!

How cool is that!?!?!

So, I’ve got a whole new take on Transmissions & Channeling, ET’s & EB’s.

And that’s what this site and BUTTA (Because U Think To Ask) are all about.

When I use the term “ET”, I’m referring to any being who’s not in a body that I can see with my eyes.

When I talk about “EB”s, I could be talking about an ET, or a person who’s incarnated here on Earth.

In the book All About Enlightenment, an EB is a special type of being who, one way or another, has attained Enlightenment or Awakening.

This happens on a variety of levels, so we often use the terms “Enlightened”, “enlightened”, “Fully Enlightened”, and “Great Enlightenment” with very specific meanings in mind.

I’ve come to understand that many of us receive Channeling and Transmissions from beings from other worlds. Some call them Angels.

Enlightened Beings really don’t care what we call them; it’s all the same.

For the most part, we can’t see ET’s or EB’s. But they’re here, and they know a heck of a lot more than we do with our little wads of grey matter and webs of nerves and synapses.

When we go “inside” and “outside”, we escape the confines of our physical limitations, and can access anyone we please.

EB’s are very special; Their job is to teach us, whether we like it or not. And They do this, whether we believe it or not. So, if we want to access Them, all we need to do is ask to talk to Someone who’s attained Full Enlightenment and gives only Love and Light.

They’re ready and waiting to jump in with us. All They need is our request.

And once you make that request, you automatically get the combo meal: guidance and protection.

So, whether you pray, meditate, channel, trance or just sleep, ask for Their guidance and you’ll notice amazing things going on.


the ways we create bodies and worlds

(from Heruka, Lhamo Dorje, Manjushri)

Bodies act as filters. The brain filters the information received by the body. It also integrates input from the mind with the physical input.

The pure and absolute mind existing in this world inhabits an etherous state, maintaining an awareness appropriate for this world, specifically. In a refined condition, the mind may travel freely, regardless of the position or state of the body.

This world manifests from the wishes of Enlightened Beings and gods; yet most of the Enlightened Beings in this world experience a very deep and pervasive amnesia regarding how their world, bodies, and experiences generate from their minds.

The ultimate mind operates independently of any constraints produced by time, bodies, or worlds. It is not confined by ether or other physical boundaries, including those established by worlds.

Defining worlds allows the mind to begin to individualize itself, and the interplay of yin and yang, light and dark, yes and no, attraction and repulsion all manifest the boredom of the individual mind. Opposites keep a world balanced and in manifestation, and all aspects and components of this interplay are completely devoid of inherent existence. They only exist in relation to and in dependence upon one another, and if, within a world, conflict, perceived difference and distinction cease to exist, then that world also ceases to exist.

Worlds truly function to provide stages and sets within which the mind manifests bodies engaged as actors. And all the actors arise from a vast web of mind that extends far beyond discrete worlds.

Bodies act as filters, emphasizing the variety of qualities that provide interest to the play.

Bodies can then be used to manifest a constructed physical world.

From the hierarchical level of World, to Body, to Construction, the Pure and Absolute Mind becomes more deeply shrouded in the illusion of manifestation.

The stronger the illusion of manifestation, the less likely the object will be to inspire wonder and awe.

This is illustrated by a familiar understanding. Mankind is easily rendered speechless and judgmental before images of the “universe” that “exists out there”. Mankind generally reveres life forms, and sometimes experiences awe at the concept of birth. But at the body level, we begin to form opinions and judge, thereby lessening our sense of awe. We tend to view constructed objects as disposable and completely subjective, and we even imagine ourselves as the creators (as individuals, races, nations) of these objects. We also imagine that having “created” something – whether it be languages, machinery, or a building, – entitles us to use these devices at whim. Our whims and opinions and how we use the world to institute them generate the driving force of our world.

What we call “creation” is really “creative force”.

what is emptiness? a everyday example of a book


simple words for confusing times

An Everyday Example Of A Book

A book offers a more familiar example of Emptiness (than the example of the statue).

Let’s suppose that as you’re reading this you’re holding a printed book. The ‘printed book’ (in quotations, in case you’re listening to the book or it’s a digital copy) is the conventional reality of your object of experience. You think of it as, and call it, a ‘printed book’ in case you need to tell someone else about it.

Now, this conventional reality of the printed book also has a subtle version, which is made up of the parts of the book: the pages, the cover, the glue or stitching, the ink printed onto the pages to form the words that you then read… and the book has also become part of your mind. Cool, huh?

What is the Emptiness of the book, its ultimate reality? The Emptiness of the book is that the book does not exist independently, by itself. No matter how hard you look, you will not find a book that is constant, unchanging.

Something appears of in front of you that looks like a book; you call it a book, and others would recognize it as a book, so it functions as a book. But the book is made of matter that is made of molecules that are made of atoms that are mostly space. Also, when you hand that book to someone, some molecules of the cover ink will stay on your hand.

And the person who takes the book from you also picks up some molecules, maybe of a page as they flip through the book. Now suppose the book passes on to twenty more people, and over time it becomes quite worn because it’s lost so many molecules to so many hands. And those hands have long since been washed…

So where IS the book?

Conventionally, it still exists somewhere, hopefully not in a landfill. Ultimately, it remains as empty before. The main difference is that your mind has moved towards freedom.

BOOK TWO: chapter three: reducing grasping

[From Buddhas Heruka and Vajravarahi]

What is grasping?

Grasping is not letting go. It’s that simple. It’s holding on tightly to how you think things are, and/or how you want them to be.

It can show itself in things as wide-ranging as racial profiling, conspiracy theories, and seasonal depression. It can cause marriages, and it can ruin marriages. It can raise nations, and bring Them to their knees. It is the most powerful delusion besides anger…

It also causes both anger and fear.

You can tell when you’re grasping: you might get a pit in your stomach, or a leap in your heart, or hear a startling sound or gets depressed when you’re stressed. Pretty scary, eh? People don’t always realize it when they’re grasping.

If you remember nothing else from this section, please remember that all your fears come from self-grasping. Self-grasping is grasping at a loose collection of attributes that you name ‘myself’ or ‘I’.

You are as Empty as your favorite plaid cotton shirt. 

music opens our channels

How notes tune our minds…

I’ve blogged about why I love music, Now we’re going to talk about how music affects us on subtle levels.

Your channels are your opening to the gateway of Enlightenment.

Sure, that sounds great… What are channels?

I’ll put it simply: channels are like invisible blood vessels. They carry energy instead of blood, and the arcane understanding of them is considered very, very secret and available only to privileged, advanced spiritual practitioners.

Now you feel special about what we’re about to share, and we can move on to the simple explanation of how music affects our subtle bodies.

Wait… What’s my subtle body?

Your subtle body is the part of “you” that becomes aroused first. Your subtle body tells you when you’re in danger. Your subtle body tells you when you’re in love.

Our channels and the energy that flows through them make up our subtle bodies. Strictly speaking, the subtle body is physical, but not as obviously so as our “physical” bodies.

Your subtle body documents your spiritual progress, and will be one part of you that attains full Enlightenment. That’s why you want to listen to it – it’s smarter than you are.

(Your Subtle Mind and Very Subtle Mind also attain Enlightenment; you can read about them here.)

When our subtle bodies are relaxed, our physical bodes relax and our minds open to moving beyond their usual tendencies. This is where music comes in. All the components of music (mentioned here) pull together and rouse your subtle body to align itself and get with the beat.

Meditation does this too; music does it more quickly.

When we meditate, we train our minds and our bodies to do our bidding. The more we practice this, the better we get at it.

Music works similarly, with one major difference: Meditation emphasizes a one-pointed concentration on boring spiritual topics. Music takes all our mental wanderings and leads us like a pied piper. It encourages our bodies to engage and go the same way with us.

Meditation asks the bodies (physical and subtle) to stay behind while the mind goes on a working trip. Our bodies sigh with relief that they get to stay behind, but they get bored and start to come up with things to do. If you’ve ever tried beginner’s meditation, you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

When you listen to music, you’re using more than your ears to perceive this full-body event (especially if it’s live music). You have a subtle hearing ability (super-hearing) that picks up on the intent of the music, and the physical vibrations of the music roll through your physical and subtle bodies like waves.

Picture a speedboat skimming over a choppy lake’s surface. When the boat hits the choppiness, you get quite an impact (thoomp! thoomp! thoomp!). As the boat drills its way through the surface, it leaves behind a hollow trough which fills immediately with rough water. The rough water magically organizes itself into a wake. The wake swells and spreads across the lake’s surface, engulfing, overpowering and settling the choppiness on the rest of the lake, even if only briefly.

Music is the speedboat. Your mind and subtle body are like the lake.

When we listen to music, the fractal nature of its vibrations sifts through our thoughts, our pulses, our breaths, our organs, and the patter of our minds, to find a common (shared) frequency. Once that musical frequency gets grounded into your body, it goes to work , aligning the countless pieces of “you”. It pulls you into harmony. Once you get a little alignment, you find peace more easily.

The good news is that with music and our minds, once that “wake” passes through and settles things down, the serene surface develops a quiet resistance to disturbance. Consider what you’re listening to, and what you feel your spirit needs. When you choose your music, you choose the vibe that’s about the permeate your entire being.

The rich orchestra of phenomena that urges you into existence may call for a pounding beat and thrashing baseline one day, or the gentle breeze of a lone flute the next. Neither has to be loud; soft background sound works best. If it blares too loudly, it can overwhelm your body and mind and do more damage than good, like meditative dullness.

Choose your music according to where you want to go, rather than where you feel you “are”. As soon as the music commences, your body and mind begin to rhythmically settle and find harmony. Understand that music offers so much more than trend, style, coolness, or status. It unlocks every aspect of your “self” to exploration and bliss.

It occurs to me as I write that aside from gongs, mantras, and chanting, traditional meditation techniques seldom take advantage of the powerful way music (sound) focuses the mind.

It makes sense: before the analog/digital age, meditating with music required a live performance. Everyone had to listen to the same thing at the same time. With live music in a room of 300 meditators, one person might experience the bliss of everything aligning perfectly.

Now we can load up an MP3 player with whatever we like, run whatever playlist resonates with us at the moment, and get our subtle body tune-ups whether we’re sitting on a cushion, walking, working out, or riding on a train.

There really has never been a better time to attain Enlightenment. We live in a world filled with enough controversy to provoke endless questioning, a range of music available that echoes every mood we feel, and the tools to plug into the vibe we crave… as long as there’s juice.

So tap those fingers and sway about, and enjoy settling into your open channels with the music that brings you into sync.