hurtling towards enlightenment – 10



A plentiful good-karma account guarantees that you meet your needs. It also helps you enjoy conditions that continue the cycle of creating and exchanging good karma.

Your karma travels with you from life to life; material things do not. Creating positive karma merely requires a good intention and your mind. Karma ripens fairly; “disabled” and “abled” people create karma equally. When you help a “disabled” person, you help an Enlightened Being. If you make fun of a “disabled” person, you make fun of an Enlightened Being.

Giving is the easiest way to generate positive karma. Creating a perfect world for everyone is the easiest way to give. Even an imagined perfect world carries the power to transform because the world we experience arises from our minds.
Simply imagine a perfect world, and everyone enjoying it. There – you’ve created incredibly powerful positive karma.

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