hurtling towards enlightenment – 04


the lightning path

CHAPTER ONE: intention and karma

When people help each other, they generate good will, or positive karma. Most people innately understand the significance of intention.All of your experiences come from your own intentions.
Karma functions like a law of nature. It also travels with you from lifetime to lifetime. You create karma whenever you act or think.

Positive karma arises from wishing to help others, and negative karma arises from wishing to help yourself. Almost every action mixes these two wishes.

Positive karma behaves like currency, and brings good conditions. Because of our inescapably mixed intentions, if we perform actions as if we were doing them to ourselves, we reliably create positive karma.

This is why Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.
Helping others keeps a supply of positive karma flowing, and makes life in this world joyful.

Sometimes we face tough choices between pleasing others and following our hearts. If you choose with your heart, all your wishes will come true.

CHAPTER TWO: When You Die…

When you die, your body dissolves but your mind continues along an indestructible path. You stay on this path as long as you like, then eventually you choose to take another body. This holds true for everyone.
Along the path, you meet all your loved ones, even people who have already taken rebirth. Together you choose whom to meet in your next lives. Your loved ones guide you, along the path and in all your lifetimes.
Because we enjoy connecting, we often become attached to certain people, and once we’re attached, we seldom separate for very long. We also choose where we meet. Groups of people who choose to meet each other in the same place share ‘collective karma’.
As you progress along the lane, you also make other choices. What do you wish to emphasize for that lifetime? Will you face many challenges? Will you follow a comfortable path? What roles do you wish to play?

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