hurtling towards enlightenment – 01

“That’s all we do. That’s all we’ve done, all these years. We’ve just tried to help you. You.”

~ Agent Liz Sherman, Hellboy II

The two-volume book All About Enlightenment contains everything you need to understand and enjoy happiness.
The HURTLING TOWARDS ENLIGHTENMENT (HTE) posts in this blog contain excerpts from Volume One and presents the essence of the path to enlightenment.
Volume Two explains how Volume One holds truth. It covers emotions, dreams, relationships, sex, and reality.

The best proof of this material is to read it, try what it suggests, and see if it works.

This book arises within the context of the first decade of 21st century Western (American) culture. I hope that in ten years it will be completely obsolete.

This version of Hurtling Towards Enlightenment has been prepared for free distribution. If you wish to receive an electronic copy that is suitable for printing, please contact:

One River Consulting (Leslee Hare)

P. O. Box 3189

Decatur, GA 30031-3189 USA

And let us know if you will be printing one-sided or two-sided, so that we can send you an appropriate PDF file.

Thank you.

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