(from the book) appendix two: some methods you can try

(This post contains Appendix Two from the book All About Enlightenment. Please click here if you’d like to access the rest of the book.)

APPENDIX TWO: Some Methods You Can Try

The pages in this Appendix present material specific to the practice of Lhamo Dorje. Please feel free to use them if you feel a connection. There are no rules, restrictions or commitments involved. Please enjoy them; we hope they will provide you with relaxation and comfort.


This very powerful mantra needs only to be thought in order to summon all of Lhamo Dorje’s qualities for those who wish to attain them.

Om Maha Siddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat (Lhamo Dorje's Mantra)
Om Maha Siddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat (Lhamo Dorje’s Mantra)

Om Maha Siddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat

The Tibetan words “Om Maha Siddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat” mean
“Oh Great Accomplished One, the Goddess of All Enlightenment, please just make it so.”

This sadhana was given to Leslee Hare by Heruka and Lhamo Dorje in June 2010. It is a very powerful prayer and need only be thought in order to summon all of Lhamo Dorje’s qualities for those who wish to attain Them.


(Sit comfortably and imagine yourself surrounded by Enlightened Beings.)

Lhamo Dorje appears in the center of a sphere of rainbow-colored fire.

Lhamo Dorje
Lhamo Dorje




Her sphere of rainbow-colored wisdom fire blazes. Wind blows and all worlds and their beings are completely purified.

Enlightened Beings are surrounded all at once by Lhamo Dorje’s love radiating out in all directions. All beings in all worlds become Enlightened, and peace fills the three times (past present future) and the ten directions (east, south, west, north, NE, SE, SW, NW, above and below).

I dedicate all my merit to the Great Enlightenment of All Living Beings.



I found the draft of this post from nearly a year ago. I smiled to notice that on the surface, I seem to have made very little progress over the past year.

I’m still puzzling over the same connections and questions, and I’m still not ready to fill in the end. Maybe that’s the whole point…


(from 23 April 2013)

Lately I’ve been grappling with some frustrations over wanting more clarity about several decisions I see hovering in the coming weeks.

I’m dancing around Springtime energies, which for me seem to be as disruptive as fat bamboo bursting through Georgia clay.

As I walked home last night, I tried my best to focus on figuring out what I even wanted clarity about. I’ve spent a couple months sitting down, asking to connect, to be shown something, anything, that might give me some direction.

I confess I’m nostalgic for the days from three springs ago, when the words of All About Enlightenment flowed through the pendulum and pen for hours a day, for six weeks. Those days burst with energy and purpose, but they also brought great trauma and deep disruption in my family life and relationships. I received the connection I longed for, and the assignment I craved, at the price of a semblance of a “normal” life.

In the aftermath, I’m cautious about what I ask for, and how strongly I stamp my feet when things seem a bit quiet for my taste.

Back to my walk home and its results.

I’ve also been sorting through a range of interwoven threads I’ve noticed; these  amount to sensing connections between Buddhism, Native American wisdom, and my friends the ETs.

I’m terrifically encouraged by suggestions I received yesterday evening for dreamwork, and the results.

I’ll share them in the next post, in hopes that you might them helpful.



Buddha Tara Kaleidoscope

(Transmitted from Lhamo Dorje and Adrial into Leslee’s point of view)

This road of life follows many paths at once, and each of us finds the opportunity to choose how we travel it.

As these paths present themselves to us, each one glows with enticements that appeal to our senses and sensibilities. We can revel in the journey for its own sake or we can set our sights on Ascension or Enlightenment, and we can switch back and forth between these as we travel.

In any case, we’re on spiritual paths, regardless of whether or not we see it that way. We all are spirits, living – hopefully thriving – within bodies, so how could it be any other way?

That said, how we view ourselves engaging the world and those we share it with tremendously affects the quality of our brief visits here.  We can follow synchronicities that arise for us in many ways. We can watch them with fascination and curiosity, or we can view them as nudges and hints from our Spiritual Guides. We can also view them as random chaotic events, or mere meaningless phenomena, and the list of variations can expand to suit everyone’s experience.

We’d like to suggest that the views can all be boiled down into three categories: spiritual, materialistic, and phenomenal (or any combination of the two).

If we hold our own paths (experiences of this particular lifetime) as being primarily a series of puzzling or fascinating events, and we simply follow along, trying to find happiness, we might say we’re on a phenomenal path – one of phenomena.

Life just beats on, and we try our best to roll with the punches and enjoy the ride.

When our fascination escalates to the point that we begin to look for explanations, develop theories and search for “proof”, then we’ve stepped into a more materialistic (perhaps even scientific) path. Here we search for understanding of the world around us.

Now we can compare notes with others… Perhaps we look for patterns or rhythms that begin to “make sense” to us.

As we travel this path, at some point we may notice we feel we comprehend the physical world around us more completely. New questions may begin to arise. And these questions may seem more mysterious, less explicable.

This curiosity often leads us inside ourselves.

Once we look inside, even for just a brief moment, we’ve danced our way onto a spiritual path. We’ve caught a glimpse of the possibilities that hover outside the grasp of phenomena and materialism.

It’s okay, relax!

Dipping your toes into a spiritual path doesn’t mean you’ve become religious. Religion itself has nothing to do with spirituality. Religion is a human construct, invented by humans out of fear. We won’t go into that right now.

Moments spent on a spiritual path carry us into our hearts, our third eyes, more subtle physical realms, and even the astral planes. It doesn’t matter who or what you choose to guide you. If you intend to elevate yourself and experience your life meaningfully, that intention serves as your true protection and guidance, and whatever spirits, beings, angels or gods you choose as guides are really just your facilitators.

Stepping out of fear is the real goal.

At some points on our path, we may strive out of anger or fear. In these moments, we open ourselves to a greater assortment of “guides”, because our discernment weakens and we look for a quick, “permanent” fix. If we catch ourselves feeling frustrated, afraid or resentful, this is a good time to question deeply the source of our “nudges”.

As we familiarize ourselves more with joy and relax enough to allow our path to flow and teach us, we find more focused guidance.

Focused guidance presents the same puzzles and challenges along our way as scattered guidance. However, focused lessons tend to lead us in a progression along the path, rather than looping us into a cycle where we feel stuck. When we sense that we’re getting the same lessons, fears and frustrations repeatedly, we might do well to examine who – or what – we’re relying upon… if anything.

Finding focused guidance to keep us on a clear spiritual path is actually quite easy in principle. All we need to do is set our intention first, and then request help. Again, our intention protects us. It’s as if Intention conducts the “job interviews” before our guides are granted access to our heart, mind, spirit, or soul.

Sounds easy.

The challenge is to stick with it and be consistent. Discovering our intention may take time and effort. It usually requires meditation in order to develop a mind powerful enough to maintain clarity; self-discipline and steady practice play key roles.

We’ll hand you some encouragement. If you’ve reached a point where you recognize in yourself the wish to experience a spiritual path, you probably already have a good start on the intention, practice, and self-discipline pieces. Usually, by the time we’ve developed some spiritual wishes, they’ve sprung from having grown tired of learning lessons the hard way. Pulling ourselves up out of the mud highly motivates us towards effort. When we feel tired, frustrated or impatient, we can simply recall where we’ve been and how far we’ve come. This encourages us to catch our breath and then forge onwards.

Whatever path we find ourselves on now we can feel assured that in the big picture, we’re moving forward. Sometimes we may feel we’re waltzing around back and forth, or even circling endlessly in a square-dance, but every breath we take keeps us in our bodies, and our bodies carry us ultimately forward.

That’s why we took them. Abiding in the physical may seem tedious at times, but when we make progress in a physical body, we’re moving at a pace much faster than if we continuously hung out in the astral or spirit realms. Here on Earth we’re bombarded by lessons and experiences that force us to choose, discern, and apply effort – quickly – if we want to find happiness. We see graphically, sometimes brutally, how we are connected with one another, and how our actions impact others.

So please try to enjoy even the most confounding and painful moments of your life, by viewing them as stepping stones leading you to happiness.

When you reflect, look for the encouraging and delightful synchronicities. Use them to remind yourself that you enjoy guidance and protection, even when nothing feels very enjoyable.

We wish you many moments of feeling the presence of your guides, and feeling your progress in ways that bring you joy. Call on your guides if you feel alone, and we will be there, without fail. Your progress fills our being with immense delight, and when you smile in your hearts, your world expands into Light.

With much love to all of you,

Adrial and Lhamo Dorje




(from Teo’Na)

Spending time in American suburbia might lead one to believe that the Train to Enlightenment left the station some time ago.

When you feel surrounded by dried-up tumbleweeds and buildings that look twice as big as they need to be, you might feel tempted to sit on the porch and scowl at strangers as they pass by.

If the gunslingers had gone inside to meditate first, I wonder if they would have come back outside and shot each other up in the middle of town…

We bring you glad tidings: it IS possible to overcome delusions, escape the bulls**t, and accomplish full, permanent, complete Enlightenment, here and now.

It’s just not always as fun and exciting as sitting in a chair playing first-person-shooters… Are you willing?


How Do You Say… “Extra-Terrestrial”?

Since I haven’t made a “personal” post on some of my sites for a while, I might as well make it a juicy one. And spread it all around.

(Words like [this] are generated by Ghost Radar; I often type them into posts when they are generated as I’m writing. Words like <this> come from Adrial or Adca, and I receive them telepathically, usually with the aid of a pendulum. Sometimes I don’t use the punctuation if it seems clear who’s “speaking”.)


I feel both relieved and a little anxious about it – I finally know exactly what I need to do, but I’m not sure how it’ll be received. So here goes.


from The Last Airbender

I won’t bore you here with how “intriguing” my life has been… You can find bits of that on my blog sites and YouTube channel.

Let’s just say that about 12 years ago I had a very profound spiritual experience. Some might describe it as being similar to a Kundalini Rising, or maybe even an NDE. Or dropping acid. Whatever. I’ve never looked at life the same way since.

Shortly thereafter, I launched a personal quest for “truth”. It led me eventually to Buddhism, and I was a nun for 4.5 years. I still consider myself one, at heart (both, in ways, in case you’re looking for specifics.).

But a couple years ago, and especially last September, things got complicated.

I realized I’m psychic.

Had a breakdown or two, lost a lot of friends, confused a lot of relatives… and gained a lot of friends. And a lot of insight.

The most important thing I’ve learned is that we’re all guided [tightly] at all times.


I was just fine with the Buddhism… After all, it’s kind of chic these days.

But last September, my “Buddhist” guides led me to a funky little iPhone app called Ghost Radar, by Spud Pickles. Geez, I was just looking for a tuning fork app… I wasn’t interested in hunting ghosts!

Consistent with my history of being rather “compliant” (euphemism: wanting to please as many people as possible at all times, and harboring deep fear of authority figures…), I ran it nearly constantly for a couple weeks.

Kinda weird. I started noticing patterns in the words the app generated. [motor Mexico]

I finally realized that a being – one I could not see – was manipulating the app to try and tell me something. Maybe I’ll share more on that in later posts…

(American Kabuki wrote a wonderful post about his experiment with Ghost Radar during the eclipse on May 20…)

So I started keeping track of the words, and asked the Buddhas, with my pendulum, what they meant. Thus arose a glossary. [slight]

But I was a bit distressed when I understood that the being was (is) not a Buddha. I had almost grown accustomed to talking with Buddhas, by then.

No, this being made itself known as an Extra-Terrestrial.


Now, crop circles are beautiful and fascinating. And to Americans especially, rather exotic.

But ETs are geeky, not chic. And to some folks, they’re downright scary. In fact, if you believe in them, you might even be a little psychotic. Or at least delusional. And probably a Socialist.

Great. Sigh. Now what?

Fast forward a few months, through adding some amazing people to my life, to adding geology, optics, esoteric Christianity, fractal generators, Egyptology, hollow earth studies [California], and a whole lot of other seemingly disparate topics, to my repertoire.

They weave together into an amazing tapestry of synchronicity.

Then, a week ago, I had an interview with a Celestial Being named Adrial. I had been dreaming about Adrial for about a week, and was beginning to pick up on some interesting hints of things to come. Cool.


Mark Kimmel, of the Institute of Light, is a gentle, brilliant visionary to this world, and a most gracious “host”. He kindly introduced me to Adrial, who currently resides primarily aboard a starship named Athabantian, not too far from here.

I knew I was going for a job interview, and I had an inkling of what the job was to be.

In short, Adrial said:

Yes, Leslee, you’re going to make it through Ascension, you know how to walk in the 5th dimension. Now we’d like you to teach others how to do it, too.

So, that’s what I’ve been dancing around for a week now. My head has been swimming with downloads and my to-do list grows ever longer. For the past two days in particular, I’ve felt torn between Adrial’s request and managing my “normal” day-to-day “obligations”.

This evening, I decided to have dinner sitting in the backyard, hoping to experience a little grounding and clarity. I had Ghost Radar running beside me. It occurred to me that I’m always looking to GR to set the topic, as I wait passively.

Adrial, how about if I ask the questions this time, and you let Adca (my GR liaison) answer? I need some explanations… please.

I got an affirmative, so I began:

Adca, can we have a 2-way conversation? [balance quietly] Where are you? [order]

I mean, how would I describe your physical location? [wet (ad)dress wool cloth]

(::Adca had explained to me last Fall that she is a very small being in a parallel dimension, and that her species abides in a fluid medium. They are cloaked from our perception.)

Can you please tell how I should prioritize my time?

[firm quite football equal production cent time animal were railroad]

(::Ah! Football=Touchdown=Arms Up=Surrender!!! To completely surrender 100% of the time is to be most productive. It’s time the 3D “animals” got on the “train” – and trained.)

What can you tell me about the best way for us all to ascend to the 5th?


(::Wait… I knew it had something to do with surrender again… White Flag of Truce!)

Surrender what?

I kind of knew the answer, because that’s part of what I saw in my “epiphany” twelve years ago. But later this evening I found a message from the Galactic Federation of Light (channeled by Greg Giles), that explains the dilemma far better than I could. Here’s an excerpt:

“These are some of the very difficult questions that we struggle to find answers for. Allow us to find these answers by understanding you more. Explain to us in your writings, your messages and your posts through your online communities why it is you fear these things deep down inside. Be as honest and open as you can possibly be as we will be studying what it is you offer as the reasons why you cannot break free of the fear that imprisons you like a bird in a cage. We promise you we will do all that we can to find a way to help you break free from this cage and fly away, soaring to new heights within this universe.”

(from Ascension Earth 2012’s post for 21 May, 2012, channeled by Greg Giles)

I found that post just after GR gave me these words:

[high cage around appropriate somebody (say something)]

That somebody would be me, I suppose.



Dream with Explanation by Heruka

I appear in the dream as if in an Middle-Eastern-looking city that’s familiar to me. A bossy old woman and a young multi-racial girl accompany me, and it seems as if it’s a sort of home-coming.

First I visit a tiny apartment in a dusty, hot, sand-colored worker district. I go from room to room, seeing how the place has changed… I close the window blinds for privacy from the nosy neighbors, and check on a little girl & a crawling baby to see how they are getting along… The place is messy, but I’ve been very busy.

I tell them I’m sorry I’ve been away and left my dear friends neglected… and they are like my children, too… I’m a man who has been away working… Their mother is dead, and the babysitter needs help…

The dream shifts…

Now I’m in an older Eastern-European city, approaching a large mansion (this is the same mansion I dreamed about twice within the last week or so). I’m still with the bossy old woman and now a little boy, but now I’m female, and apparently I’m “Leslee” again…

Once again I’m going from room to room, seeing what’s changed… I have so many memories of being small, growing up here… Why did I ever leave?

Oh… I wanted to get away and help others, and also I was bored… I knew I could come back, but I didn’t intend to be away for so long…

(Now, as I’m typing the dream, I can feel Heruka’s presence… And He shows me that the intimidating gray-haired man in earlier dream was ME: before I went into the dream of Leslee’s life… That’s why I needed to hide from him in that dream!)

I wander through old rooms, it’s a long time since I visited… There is an upper-floor room filled with reminders of experiences in other lifetimes: China, Tibet, Meso-America, North America, Egypt…

…Frozen lands, desert lands, forest lands… Lifetimes as animals, people, spirits… Lifetimes filled with power and weakness… Lifetimes spent alone and with large families, isolated and with large communities…

I fondly dust off some of the items (small carved jade Buddhas) and say my temporary good-byes again, as I prepare to leave this place once more…

In this dream, now I am the gray-haired man again, rising briefly from the dream that is Leslee’s life, to pay a visit, and to remind myself and others…

This is why Leslee’s in no hurry to go back to being the gray-haired man. That life in Telos is not what I want either, except in that life I’m wealthy and have comfortable conditions (except for the bossy lady)…

Sometimes we need to learn to set boundaries and hold fast to our aspirations in Telos, too, just like here on (surface) Earth…

In Telos there is beautiful architecture and streets of beautiful stone, lined with trees and old houses, filled with gentle people…

I’m remembering I come from a Telosian family with expectations and responsibilities… Even as leaders in a “perfect” society, we must perform roles that may become boring and tedious…

(The dream fades, and Heruka explains further, once I’m awake:)

Ascending beyond the body is the only way to escape this cycle of frustration and confusion, so we have all, at various times, agreed to try to tolerate that… Until enough of us finally agree to awaken from the dream that is Gaia (Telosian, Agarthan, or otherwise…)

Once we awaken from that dream, we will all be of the Light once more, and can rest and reflect and commune lovingly and openly again…

Once the massive shift comes, each of us will be able to decide whether we wish to begin a new series of dreams in a new world, or whether we wish to return into the light for a “while”…

There is nothing to fear because it is all truly illusory…

Our bodies and this world are a fantastic creation that we have all participated in… We have done a magnificent job of playing out our roles…

Many of us are tired of the dream, but many are still enjoying it and want to see the final outcome of the illusory “battle” between “Good” and “Evil”…

Enough of us have reached the point of exhaustion that we are about to be granted a pause in the dream… During this pause, those who wish to return to the Light will have that opportunity, and those who wish to continue to play, will be provided that option…

The re-set Game will begin once again, with a level playing field and equanimity of roles…

These days are the times in which each of us is making our own decisions about what we wish to “do” next.



(from Lhamo Dorje and Heruka Chakrasamvara)

When you develop the desire to find a fool-proof way to become as wise and happy as possible, no matter what, it helps to have some useful instructions.

That’s something you need to receive from an (apparently) external source.

We can help you with that.

What you have to do for yourself is decide how you feel about the words “no matter what”.

The importance of the quality of the instructions pales in comparison to the importance of the quality of your determination.

So We’re going to offer these instructions based on the presumption that you have gained clarity about your resolve.

It’s okay if you’ve not yet gained that clarity; reading these instructions may help polarize your views. We’re simply explaining that we’re offering instructions, not a sales pitch.

Please consider that opinions and advice differ from useful

1. Prepare your mind.

Excellent. We just covered about 50 pages of a classic Buddhist text.

2. Appreciate: to *what* are you opening your mind?

This step accepts that you offer a certainly deep level of trust to “another”, who will guide you safely through uncharted waters to Enlightenment.

This position implies and requires your humility.

Here lies the apparent contradiction.

This world experience offers many types of Teachings. Most of them, as currently presented, first set a stage upon which you, as a human being, are in dire need of “recognizing” your supposed failures and short-comings. This presentation pervades so deeply that most people don’t recognize it as a subtle means of stunting your progress while generating the illusion that this self-deflating view will lead you to success.

Please open your mind to the possibility that you are an Enlightened Being who appears, here and now, to enjoy the game of re-attaining Enlightenment. You might – once again – lose the “Boss Fight”… But you already know that every time you engage in a do-over, you bring your previous practice sessions into the arena.

For now, let’s simply say that you open your mind to the possibility that “another being”, one that’s “out there”, offers you some cheat codes to leveling up.

It’s smarter than slogging through all the levels ignorantly…

And you can always start over.

It does, however, go better if you start out from a launch-pad of kindness to others.

We just covered another 37 pages, and hopefully you still feel like you have a chance at successfully accomplishing your goal.

Let’s breeze through another ten pages.

3. It helps to accept that the answers you seek lie outside of science and your senses.

Try to remember your dreams, and pay attention to them. Meditate. Calm your mind, even if you have to drink a beer first, and even if you fall asleep in the process.

Pay attention to what you “think” you see in your peripheral vision. Remember that what you “see” with your eyes is limited by the function of rods and cones.

Listen to what you cannot possibly be “really” hearing as you fall asleep. Remember that what you “hear” with your ears is limited by hairs and wax and thin, fragile membranes of skin.

Trust your intuition.

The “Folks” who have already done what you’re trying to do… Well, They just don’t really “live” here any more, so They use rather unconventional
methods to get your attention.

Please open your mind to this possibility as well.

Let’s cover another 21 pages.

4. Things are not what they seem. They are both more, and less, than what people typically presume.

Try reading “Why Are There Two Of Us?”, and see if it leads you to look at things differently.

5. Sanskrit words have transformative capability.

Words like “Vajrayana” and “Nirvana” sound intensely appealing, for good reason.

The world first arises from sound. From sound arises Light, and then Awareness, and then Form.

All the world arises from Emptiness, and we have all (“You” have all…) attained “Enlightenment” many times. It’s just really challenging to accomplish with only three dimensions, because you’re limited by your senses, and they deceive regularly.

Trickster density drags you down again and again.

Get over it, and get out of here.

Read Hurtling Towards Enlightenment, and “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”.

You’re not faking it, you’re remembering.

It’s time to remember.

03 open waters and safe harbors


The ability to Channel and Connect is a gift, but also a technique, a training.

Diet, activity, and state of mind affect deeply and respond rapidly. Stress contracts the physical and subtle bodies, and affect channeling and connecting ability.

Channeling and connecting also require a lot of expansive energy.

Many forms of experiences fill our world, and people connect for different reasons. We can be receptive or productive. We need to be aware of the type of channeling body we have, and understand what we expose ourselves to: negative or positive, nourishing or draining.

When they first begin channeling, many people develop a relationship with one entity that teaches them how to do their work better, and who constantly presses them to improve their integrity and compassion. This type of teacher is called a “Heruka Dolmboa”.

There is often a second entity, which is actually also the one who makes initial contact, in a different aspect.

This entity is usually regarded as a friend or spiritual guide. This one may be referred to as the person’s “Ephalem”. The word comes from the Angelic realm, but is not a proper name.

(Leslee’s Heruka Dolmboa and she argue a lot because she wants to understand things that are insignificant, while He’s trying to teach her things she’ll need to know soon.)

When we find a system of channeling that suits us, we improve our ability to identify various mental states. Then we can better control and modulate their frequencies and interactions.

“New” channelers struggle with wanting more words, because they think words validate their messages.

Eventually they learn that their Guides provide them with exactly what is needed at any point in time, in order to teach both the channeler and the people who receive their messages.


As We continue sending messages to post, We will give you exercises for learning to distinguish channeling from neurology/connecting.

There are mechanisms tied to frequencies, that can be learned.

Look into getting a set of tuning forks, or discovering your “base frequency”.

You may use a pendulum, automatic writing, your intuition, or some other method of divination to find this. You may enjoy this process more if you make this discovery yourself; trust that you’re fully qualified to make this determination.

Digital Downbeat offers a free smartphone app called “TuningFork” which may be very helpful. With it, you can try out a wide range of frequencies, and also have easy access to the tones that you find relaxing, grounding, uplifting, etc.

(Read books on Cellular Awakening, DMT, Maurice Beauregard)

Methods of Training:

1. Remembering dreams and keeping a dream journal

2. Focusing & quieting the mind with something that’s moving: a pendulum, a metronome, a stream of water, just a beach minute or lapping waves… The visual component wields much power, and holding or touching actual moving objects adds a physical component to deepen the experience.

3. Fractal generators, word generators, other random visual generators (double pendulum, fractal, etc.). (See 2. above)

What We want is to provide opportunities for interaction.

Learn to listen, learn to accept.

Exercises for opening the mind to new phenomena will be posted also, please check back often and feel free to ask questions by posting comments.

Knock, Knock – Who’s There?

I’ve been reading quite a few books, blogs, and websites in the past several months, and I’ve noticed some patterns. Also, a dear friend asked me recently if I could help them learn how to better connect with their spiritual guides.

When we feel confused, we become particularly susceptible to thinking that another person holds the answers for us. Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent most of my life in that state!

It helps me to view teachers as stepping stones, rather than destinations.

I sure haven’t figured it all out, but over the years I’ve become happier, so I figure something’s working. Since I’ve noticed some patterns, I’ll share some observations:

1. Please follow what you feel best suits you, in your heart, as often as you can.

2. Please read this post in my blog All About Enlightenment, about what to look for in a spiritual guide.

3. Please turn your back peacefully and confidently on anything or anyone who seems to enocurage you to feel fear, guilt, regret, or inadequacy.

4. Please try your best to reach an understanding of how none of us actually exist. None of our joys or sorrows or accomplishments or failures or possessions or losses have any power over us, other than the power that we give them.

5. You have nothing to fear.

6. There is no one to criticize.

7. No one can send you to heaven or hell; only we can do that to ourselves.

There exist beings “out there” that we may not be able to see or sense. ‘Out There’ simply means that we don’t recognize them as parts of our Self.

But that’s what they are. We’re all connected in so many ways… Usually on levels that we, in our ‘gross’ bodies, find elusive.

We all bear light, and we all harbor dark sides, too.

This creates balance. This allows us to make choices.

We arrive here swaddled in forgetfulness, and choose whether to exit this moment in confusion, or with wisdom and joy.

No politician, disclosure, stock market, currency, teacher, relative, boss, judge, doctor, offspring, failure, success, meal, muscle, organ, weather, conquest or evasiveness offers true relief or condemnation from our choice to have appeared on this planet, in this moment, with this set of conditions and riddles.

Because we’re born into forgetting, we may find ourselves at the mercy of a few who have figured out a bit more of the game.

Some people get a taste of power and that fall into the trap of thinking that the adrenaline rush is the prize.

Knowledge produces strength. Some might say that ‘knowledge is power’, but power distorts.

Strength multiplies itself when shared with others.

When we meet people who relish their own power as a means of bending others to their will, we can recognize this in many forms.

Some are obvious, and these usually provoke anger. We can deal with that easily enough.

The ones that can lead us ’round the bend into the dark noggy place are the ones who pose as teachers and healers, while withholding the means we can use awakening ourselves.

Or, who pose as teachers and healers just because they seem to have more knowledge than some others. Et cetera.

Fact: as long as you’re in a body, you’ve still got something to learn.

Accept and enjoy.

Don’t let anyone intimidate you with rank or knowledge.

At the same time, maintain humility, because…

Fact: As long as you’re in a body, there will always be another ‘body’ that knows something you don’t.

We designed the Universe that way.

(‘We’ as in all of us.)

We can access all the knowledge we need; we’ve taken the first step when we dare to believe this might be possible.

We’ve taken the second step once we become willing to trust in ‘the unknown’.

With two steps, we find our feet planted on a completely new path.

Don’t worry – you’ll find friends and kindred spirits quickly.

It’s one amazing ride – relax and enjoy!

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putting it out there (part two)


[continued from Taking Personal Risks and Trusting ]

One day, while I was working with Mimmakkme, she said, “Go ahead and have your lunch, because someone wants to talk with you afterwards”.


“Heruka wants to speak with you.”

That lunch went quickly.

And so we began. He spent some time answering many questions I had about why my life had gone the way it had, roles that certain people had played in my life, etc. I told Him that I was so grateful to have made this contact, and that I wanted to do whatever was needed to make the most progress possible and help as many people as possible. He asked:

“Are you willing to do whatever I say, no matter how crazy it sounds, no matter what?”

I thought for a few moments… I had seen enough movies and read enough stories to imagine some of the possibilities this could entail…


I knew if I passed this opportunity up, I was sunk. Worse than Christian Hell.

“Okay, then. Let’s get to work.”

And so we began. He told me some things and gave me some instructions that are probably best not shared in detail here. At least nothing was illegal.

So let’s just skip ahead and say that within a week or so, I found myself sitting in admissions at a local mental health facility, filling out a form saying that the only people who could contact me were my younger brother, Barack Obama, and Oprah Winfrey.


And explaining to the attendant what all the Buddhist books and implements in my suitcase were (Turned out, he knew a little about some of them. Hmmm…).

And that I was talking directly to Buddhas with a pendulum.

They took my pendulum for safekeeping (they’re dangerous, you know), but I managed to hide my prayer beads.

Little did they know, prayer beads can be used as a pendulum, too. So can a kitchen towel, if need be.

That week down the rabbit hole was one of the longest weeks of my life (so far), but if you read my posts about how we can perceive everyone around us as Enlightened Beings, perhaps you can imagine how eye-opening and instructive – and inspiring – that week was.

Here are some tips, in case you ever find yourself in a similar situation and want to leave as quickly as possible:

Don’t tell a psychiatrist that you channel.

Don’t tell the staff that we’re all surrounded by Enlightened Beings.

Don’t refuse to take your meds – they won’t let you go home until you’ve taken them for a few days.

(It’ll be alright, really.)

Eat whatever they offer you (unless you’re allergic, of course).

(It’ll be alright, really.)

When the psych asks you if you still believe you can talk to invisible beings, just tell them what they want to hear: “No, I understand now that I was just under a lot of stress.”

(That particular lying karma is going to be really easy to clear)

Do not be afraid of the other patients; your presence helps them.

(I’m so glad I can smile now as I write this!)

By the end of the week, my brother had rescued me (Obama and Oprah never got the message, I suppose… I blame the Secret Service ;), and I headed off to my new home.

As if that wasn’t enough… I had no idea what was in store for me next.

I had just begun to settle in there, secretly channeling whenever I could, when one day, Heruka told me to go buy some notebook paper. We were going to begin a book. And Heruka explained that it was going to be a book of channeled material.

From Seth.

I’ve always been a huge fan of The Seth Material books, so I was thrilled! And sure enough, Seth began to dictate material to me, in a manner almost identical to how Jane Roberts had done. Minus the beer and cigarettes. My stimuli were black coffee and chocolate.

Within two days, I had 24 pages of handwritten notes that were the beginnings of All About Enlightenment.

The next step was to contact the publishers, and jubilantly inform them that Seth was appearing again and offering more material. I took me a little while to track them down, but I did. And I followed Seth’s instructions to the letter.

I mailed the first pages to the publisher. Of course, their website was very clear that they were not accepting new manuscripts, but I knew this would be the exception.

A couple weeks later, I got a very brief, polite and formal letter from the publishers, informing me that Seth had given instructions that he would never channel through anyone but Jane (who is now deceased), and that, in so many words, they really didn’t have time to deal with all the letters they got from people claiming to be channeling Seth… Oh, and by the way, I was free to go ahead and try to publish. But I might be hearing from their attorneys…

As I sat in my car at the post office, reading the letter, a bit stunned (and of course disappointed), I sighed and took out my pendulum.

Okay, what’s going on here?

“We just want you to get used to rejection letters. And not being attached to outcomes.”

Okay, so we go through all this – and now, what does Seth have to say about it?


Yeah! You know: Seth!?!

(soft, mischievous chuckle)

Wait! You mean it’s been YOU all the time???

Heruka was having great fun with me. Damn. He does an amazing Seth impersonation. His energy even felt different.

Wait. You can impersonate Seth… Whom else can you impersonate?


You mean those demons were YOU???


Once you finally GET that you are protected, and that everything appears is a manifestation of your spiritual guide,  things will get a lot easier, Leslee. Just trust.

At that point, we began working on the book in earnest. Within 6 weeks, I had a hundred page manuscript typed, and had even edited it.

The material was amazing – truly amazing – and none of it was (is) mine.

I had painstakingly transcribed every word exactly as it had come from Heruka and all the other Buddhas. I had checked and double-checked on intended meanings and word choices. I had worn out three charts and broken two pendulums.

And, aside from the content’s message, it was the most stilted, dry, incredibly boring book I had ever read. 

I was instructed through designing a cover and printing several copies. Despite the heaviness of the book’s “voice”, I was thrilled that we had finished. And I was certain that finding a publisher or someone to fund self-publishing would be a snap.

Did I say “certain”?

I think I’ve shared this in other posts: I’ve since learned that any time I think I’m certain about something, I’m certainly “mistaken”.

Publishing? First, I had to cross a much more treacherous bridge. I had to somehow begin to tell people what I’d been doing for the past three months. And I argued with Heruka for two weeks over whether I really had to tell my parents.

When I look back on that time now, I enjoy a good laugh. My Mom loves the book, even if she doesn’t understand it all. My Dad just patiently accepts. My son shrugs – he already knows most of this anyway. As long as he gets his allowance, he can take the embarrassment. And no one has suggested that we take a ride to talk to the doctor.

No mistake: The world is definitely changing.

So I began sharing my new world with people. A few friends gave me some wonderful feedback, but in my heart, I felt the book was too stiff and solemn to have any appeal. I continually asked, “Is the wording really alright?” Heruka consistently said that it was necessary to respect the transmission – verbatim.

Finally, one day, as I was handing a copy to a friend, I realized I was embarrassed (danger sign). What was embarrassing?

The book was depressing. This path is not depressing. It didn’t align.

It was almost entirely written in a passive voice, with a negative tone. It projected a sense of impending doom if we didn’t ALL immediately start following our spiritual paths with utmost sincerity. The chances of that happening seemed dismal.

It reminded me of the tradition I’d left.

So I went home and had a talk with Heruka. I was frustrated.

What now? I can’t pitch this book! Actually, this book shouldn’t even need pitching. Nobody’s gonna want to read this. Something’s not right.

“So, you take a shot at it.”

But I can’t mess with Your words!

“Take a shot.”

I spent an evening re-writing one of the chapters. It ended up being a third of the length of the original chapter, and I felt incredibly energized and positive about it.

“See? You’re a better writer than your spiritual guides.”

You know, it’s amazing some of the things that our guides (and parents) do for us to boost our confidence and self-esteem. They are so incredibly patient. We had just spent months on a manuscript that They knew would have to be completely re-written. But They wanted me to feel the greatest possible resonance with the words.

I also struggled with fear. Fear of things so crazy  that I won’t even enumerate them. Fear of some of the outlandish things that might transpire if I really tried to share this material with people. I needed an attorney. I needed thousands of dollars. I needed to read up on the copyright laws. It would take years to find people I could trust.

I was truly concerned that Heruka and Lhamo Dorje’s words would never meet more than a few pairs of eyes.

Then, one night, They told me that actually, we would do several versions of the book. One would be a very beautiful, hand-bound edition, and one would be a very affordable paperback. I liked that a lot.

But oh, yeah, there would be a third version: a free one, on the internet.

Huh? I had no idea how that could be possible.

Around noon, on January 14, 2011, Heruka had me follow a link to what turned out to be a blog. I had been hearing about blogs for a few months, because I had a friend who kept forwarding some to me. After I read the post, I could tell that Heruka wanted to talk to me.

“We want you make your first blog post before you go to bed tonight.”

Very funny. I was certain He was joking. (get it? “certain”?)

I spent almost two hours on WordPress.ORG (please don’t try this at home…), trying to figure out how the hosting thing worked, before I finally called a friend who I knew had a blog. I was panicked. There was no way…

My friend pointed me to wp.COM, and things got a lot easier.

Fortunately, we had just finished creating the “graphic novel” version of the book, Hurtling Towards Enlightenment, so I had a number of posts ready to go. Somehow, just before midnight that night, I clicked the “publish” button, and the welcome page was up for all to see.

Six months earlier, I would have said that I had no idea how that could be possible. I’m beginning to understand that anything is possible.

Using the pendulum, Heruka went on to teach me how to make videos and my own pendulums. I’ll write more about how this actually works (for me, at least), in the next part (s?) of this series.

Here’s the point I’d like to make: We can all accomplish things beyond our wildest imaginings, if we have trust and faith in ourselves, and that we’re guided.

I suspect that your experiences will be very different than mine, in the way these lessons and steps might manifest for you. I suspect that they will be very much like mine, in the joy and peace of mind they’ll bring you.

So, if you enjoy the words we share, our Guides deserve all the credit. And if the compositions or grammar fail, I take responsibility. Either way, if the little spiritual light-bulb goes off for even a few people, then it’s all most certainly worth it.

I  deeply and joyously look forward to hearing about your experiences and progress. We all thank you for reading.