putting it out there (part one)


[by Leslee]

My dear friend Wes Annac, who has a wonderful site at [Occupy] Aquarius Channelings (happily serving the 100 percent) http://aquariuschannelings.com/ inspired this post series.

I had expressed in an earlier post that I feel like a novice at doing this (putting it out there, and channeling), and Wes has a different view.

It occurred to me that some might enjoy – and relate to – hearing about some of the “phases” I’ve gone through with my Guides since I discovered we could “chat”. The overarching point emphasizes that most of us may well need to go through phases along the way, and this doesn’t imply that we’ve made mistakes.

It’s all part of the process.

(In fact, the process can be so unknown, that right now I sit bemused to think that in a few months I may shake my head when I re-read this post, too…)

So I’m going to make at least two posts on this. The second one will be about learning to use a pendulum… For now, please have a chuckle with me about some of the wild goose chases Heruka has taken me on while connecting with Him…

It all started when I signed up for a webinar on connecting with your spiritual guide. I’d been Buddhist since 2000, and was really happy with my Yidam (that’s Sanskrit for spiritual guide) Heruka. I just wanted to be able to talk to Him. I could feel His presence constantly, but had the nagging feeling that He was trying to tell me stuff that I just wasn’t getting.

As part of my trying to listen, I had returned my nun’s vows and left the tradition I had been affiliated with. I wasn’t sure what was in store for me, but I knew it was what He wanted – because He knew it was what was best for me. It was tough, because of course all the other members of that community felt pretty much obligated to hold the view that I had just bought myself a one-way ticket to Hell.

I knew otherwise; but my “knowledge” didn’t fit the doctrine…

So I was out of there. And lonely. This class seemed to beckon towards my next step. And the class led me to using a pendulum to connect with my guides.

In short, I found that those wonderful, sparkly, dangly little jewels were like a silver cord between us, and that if I used an alphabet chart, “they” could spell messages. About stuff that I had no idea I “knew”… (for those skeptics out there)

Here’s the funny part. The first contact was with a couple of beings who had popped in and out of dreams and past -life regressions I’d experienced.  Maybe I’ll share their names someday, but right now, it doesn’t seem too relevant.

The attraction was strong, because these were familiar and comfortable “images”/understandings of former teachers and loved ones.

Cool. Comfort zone accomplished.

Over a couple weeks of tedious and fairly obsessive work with my new friends and tools (I think I estimated 150 hours until I met Heruka, then at least that many more before I met Lhamo Dorje and we began working on All About Enlightenment), the connections shifted dramatically.

Through those initial teachers, I was given an overwhelming amount of information about past lives, splinters of my continuum, my connections to others alive now, things that were going on in the world… It was a lot to take in.

Along the way I met Archangel Michael, and he explained some basics about some of the unseen Communities that surround us (the Oikos & Keres, for example). He also gave me some instructions for protection and connection.

I know you want to know, so here’s a brief synopsis: Generate an awareness or make a request for the Oikos to watch over you during the daytime, and for the Keres to watch over you at nighttime.

(By the way, they (O&K) include all the hosts of angels and archangels and everyone good and holy that you may already be familiar with.)

Also, if you can keep a small vessel of natural stone (glass is the next best choice) near your bed when you sleep, filled with fresh water, your guides can use that to connect with you when you sleep. And Iona will use it to connect with you upon rising, channeling fresh energy and light into your room.

A small (natural, not lead) crystal bowl works best, but these are rather hard to find and can seem expensive; a glass of water works just fine. And it’s okay if you drink it, too.

So I started following those suggestions, and soon another shift occurred.

Michael handed me off to Mimmakkme, who apparently is currently embodied in a deep cavern somewhere under Greece. She’s lovely, but all I can say right now is that she knows full well that I am totally going to kick her butt if I ever meet her in person. And we’ll both have a good laugh over it!

She led me, for months, in hounding a connection from a previous life, whom I had met on a social networking site. She told me many stories about times we had spent together, and lessons that needed learning, as well as what was going on in this person’s life.

That time brought a lot of pain, and led to another split between myself and that person. It took a while, but the lesson I got from it was this:

We can only do so much for others, and we cannot tell them what they need.

No matter how deep and tight our connections have been. And this applies even when we think we’re doing it on behalf of a holy being who knows everything.

Sounds a bit like the role some religions adopt…

[Please see Roadtrippin’ with Heruka for the next part of the story…]


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