my method out of the madness

INTRODUCTION TO WORKING WITH A PENDULUM (please click here for a fun little video demonstration) I desire to draw your attention to meditation. And psychic phenomena that can help us focus. I’d like to share how I blog (and do most things)… I blog with enlightened help. For me, writing is meditation. I’ve learned a … Continue reading my method out of the madness

gimme that ol’ time karma…

INNER GUIDE CARD 04 [ 4 of 8 ] NOT ONE ACT OF GIVING WILL GO UNRETURNED BY YOUR INNER GUIDE. ""When I give to others lovingly my Inner Guide draws energy towards my potential to receive from others as well. My Inner Guide is constantly working with the people in my life to bring … Continue reading gimme that ol’ time karma…

BOOK TWO: chapter two: why are there two of us?

(parts of this chapter were posted previously, here, here, and here) All About Emptiness… (from Heruka Chakrasamvara) A Buddhist Example We can find many examples we can use to contemplate Emptiness... a book, our laundry… This example comes from traditional Tibetan Buddhist iconography. Some Vajrayana Buddhist lineages include the prayer practice of the deity Heruka … Continue reading BOOK TWO: chapter two: why are there two of us?

awaken – standing in the clear light

BEGIN AGAIN. Suddenly all will be whiter than white, so white it clears all white. And you will begin again. You will know, in that instant, that you are everything you ever imagined and everything "everyone else" ever imagined. For a brief moment you will understand with a fullness and intensity that can hardly be … Continue reading awaken – standing in the clear light