gimme that ol’ time karma…


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“”When I give to others lovingly my Inner Guide draws energy towards my potential to receive from others as well.

My Inner Guide is constantly working with the people in my life to bring me happiness, joy, prosperity and love.

(Happiness is not only lasting but also unaffected by sorrow. Joy is momentary.)”

Karma definitely behaves like a law of nature. Our Inner Guides can influence our karma (they can’t change it) by aligning circumstances and sending energy in directions that can speed up or delay karma’s ripening, to best help us along our paths.

Do you ever feel like you’re getting “extra help”?

(about this image: you may find higher-resolution versions of this series of inner guide cards at my flickr photostream. please feel free to share and print – they are for you.)


4 thoughts on “gimme that ol’ time karma…

    1. yes, I do all the images on the site, unless noted otherwise… this series uses partial images from paintings I’ve done, and I do the graphic layout as well [:-)]

      1. That’s awesome. Have you considered letting them stand on their own? They’re quite powerful in their own right. I’m reminded…Before I started to write, I saw this episode of Dateline or 20/20. In it, a blind man described how he was saved by angels. He was a drug addict and one night he was high as a kite. He was passed out in his hotel room when 3 figures who he described as angels (as my ring finger hurts), nursed him back to health. He was physically blind and if my memory remembers correctly, he could see three figures made of light. He thanked the Creator, and was told that from then on he would paint, and through his paintings he would pass on God’s message.

        And so the man painted and painted. All his paintings were somewhat in 3D because he used globs and globs of paint, but it allowed other blind people to see and experience his paintings, which were all of angels as he saw them.

        Anyhow, just thought I would share.

      2. What an amazing story, I’ll have to look for that online, would love to find it!

        Thank you for the encouragement about the images, I feel so fortunate to have a pretty much ready-made library of imagery that I can use without having to look very far [:-)] BTW, if you check out my Flickr stream (, you can find more… Feel free to download! They are formatted to fit on half-letter, so people can print them as cards if they like.

        Between going back to work and blogging, the days seem to fly by. Lately I’ve been focusing on digital work, and compiling videos of images… It’s potential is exciting and it’s VERY time-intensive! I have two videos in process that I really wish to complete… each one will use hundreds of images… am trying to let go of wanting to know when they’ll be done! (here’s my YouTube link too:

        Thanks again for this wonderful interaction!

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