03 open waters and safe harbors


The ability to Channel and Connect is a gift, but also a technique, a training.

Diet, activity, and state of mind affect deeply and respond rapidly. Stress contracts the physical and subtle bodies, and affect channeling and connecting ability.

Channeling and connecting also require a lot of expansive energy.

Many forms of experiences fill our world, and people connect for different reasons. We can be receptive or productive. We need to be aware of the type of channeling body we have, and understand what we expose ourselves to: negative or positive, nourishing or draining.

When they first begin channeling, many people develop a relationship with one entity that teaches them how to do their work better, and who constantly presses them to improve their integrity and compassion. This type of teacher is called a “Heruka Dolmboa”.

There is often a second entity, which is actually also the one who makes initial contact, in a different aspect.

This entity is usually regarded as a friend or spiritual guide. This one may be referred to as the person’s “Ephalem”. The word comes from the Angelic realm, but is not a proper name.

(Leslee’s Heruka Dolmboa and she argue a lot because she wants to understand things that are insignificant, while He’s trying to teach her things she’ll need to know soon.)

When we find a system of channeling that suits us, we improve our ability to identify various mental states. Then we can better control and modulate their frequencies and interactions.

“New” channelers struggle with wanting more words, because they think words validate their messages.

Eventually they learn that their Guides provide them with exactly what is needed at any point in time, in order to teach both the channeler and the people who receive their messages.


As We continue sending messages to post, We will give you exercises for learning to distinguish channeling from neurology/connecting.

There are mechanisms tied to frequencies, that can be learned.

Look into getting a set of tuning forks, or discovering your “base frequency”.

You may use a pendulum, automatic writing, your intuition, or some other method of divination to find this. You may enjoy this process more if you make this discovery yourself; trust that you’re fully qualified to make this determination.

Digital Downbeat offers a free smartphone app called “TuningFork” which may be very helpful. With it, you can try out a wide range of frequencies, and also have easy access to the tones that you find relaxing, grounding, uplifting, etc.

(Read books on Cellular Awakening, DMT, Maurice Beauregard)

Methods of Training:

1. Remembering dreams and keeping a dream journal

2. Focusing & quieting the mind with something that’s moving: a pendulum, a metronome, a stream of water, just a beach minute or lapping waves… The visual component wields much power, and holding or touching actual moving objects adds a physical component to deepen the experience.

3. Fractal generators, word generators, other random visual generators (double pendulum, fractal, etc.). (See 2. above)

What We want is to provide opportunities for interaction.

Learn to listen, learn to accept.

Exercises for opening the mind to new phenomena will be posted also, please check back often and feel free to ask questions by posting comments.


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