putting it out there (part 03)

rectangular chart with colors and facial expressions


[continued from Roadtrippin’ With Heruka]

Let’s take an aside from the Roadtrip to loop back towards the beginning of the story, and I’ll tell you a bit about how I was taught to use a pendulum.

Let’s pop back to where I had just begun to follow the suggestion to resurrect my old pendulums, and through it I connected with Heruka

Please hold the mindset that we’re all different in every way…

(That’s why we’re all here together, to help one another in the midst of our “differences”. So, what works for me may bring you some lessons, and as you share your experiences, I’ll learn from you. (and I thank you for that!) Anyway, I’ll share what I was told, in case it resonates with you or gives you some ideas for your own practice.)

A friend of mine once told me that, within our bodies, the right side gives or projects energy, and the left side receives energy.

So I took up one of my pendulums with my left hand, because I wanted to be receiving information.

(I’ve learned since then that this right/left circuitry varies with a person’s handedness. I’m right-handed, so my dominant hand is the one that projects energy – and tries to control. Best to keep it out of the picture. I only want to receive the highest and best possible guidance, so I need to get my ego out of the way. So far, every left-handed person whom I’ve taught this method has been asked to hold the pendulum with their right hand. A few right-handed people have been asked to use their right, and I wonder if perhaps they are at heart “lefties” who were trained to become right-handed.)

I had always used the pendulum in a yes-no fashion, without any kind of chart or table.

Since it had been a few years since I had tried this, my first step was to begin by asking:

Please show me a “yes”.

It began to swing towards me and away from me, gently.

Please show me a “no”.

It began to swing left-to-right….

Please show me “uncertainty”.

Whoa. It began to swing in a circle.

I had to go get a drink.

Am I using the right pendulum?

Circle. I was confused. Over time, I’ve realized that this kind of movement can also indicate that there’s a better way to phrase the question, or that I’m totally off-topic.

It occurred to me that using the words “right” or ‘wrong” reinforces a sense of duality. That’s exactly what I’m trying to escape…

Is this the pendulum you’d like for me to use at this point in time?


And so we began.

As I began using the pendulum for (literally) hours a day, I wanted to be sure I was doing it correctly, and that this was not about barging in on higher beings and asking a lot of annoying questions.

Especially a lot of yes/no questions.

But that seemingly laborious process taught me some patience, and it also prompted a deep mindfulness about word choices and meanings.

Even though now the words may come without a chart, sometimes The Buddhas use ambiguous words deliberately, to encourage this kind of thoughtfulness and exploration.

This went on for a day or two, and I was exhausting myself. One morning I just sat in meditation. I was thrilled about connecting, but had so many questions, and I thought, There’s gotta be a better way!

A picture of a chart popped into my head.

Really? I thought… Damn, just Yes and No are taking forever… Are you trying to kill me with this chart-talk?

I blew off the chart idea. And the pendulum went completely dead. Full stop.

There went my doubts about whether or not I was making the pendulum move…

So, “we” sketched out a small alphabet chart, that I could hold between my fingers (and fit into my back pocket). The pendulum began to move again, and I began to notice patterns. It was very slowly and faintly swinging in different directions. Then at times it would stop, or circle.

It took a few more hours, but we worked it out (you may receive different instructions/explanations):

But first, here’s a note to help you maintain a posistive mind:

There is no way in the world you can hold a pendulum perfectly still with your hands. Fuggettaboutit.

Just Google “ideomotor effect”, and you’ll save yourself some heartache.

Besides, hopefully what you’re trying to do is not to prove your motor skills to skeptics. You’re developing an intimate relationship and communication method with your spiritual guides. It doesn’t matter what the skeptics think. And you may never convince a skeptic that the energy coursing through your arm is making both the pendulum and your arm/hand move.

You’ll feel it if it’s working.

So let’s begin:

(here’s a short video showing the style chart I use most often, as well as a sample of a moderately advanced technique that relies heavily on intuition.)



Begin with the still point of the pendulum located over the dot at the center of the array of letters.

It’s essential to look directly at the tip of the pendulum, as much as possible. Your eyes send energy to it, and this facilitates the message emerging.

Use your peripheral vision to identify which letter the pendulum swings towards.

Intuition will supplement this.

Rely upon your intuition to dance around… Empty your mind (as much as you can) of all guessing, expectations, and rational thought… Not to mention emotions or preferences.

Initially, if the pendulum seems to be spelling out words letter-by-letter, look for signals between words. Mine was that the pendulum would stop and make one circle over the dot, pause, then begin the next word.

The mode may vary: at times, I got letter-by-letter. As my circuits strengthened and cleared, I began to intuitively know the intended word as soon as the first letter emerged. In either case, at the end of a sentence the pendulum would circle the dot 3 times.

Gradually, the default mode became swinging a first letter, then mentally receiving/knowing the word.

The pendulum would swing over a letter 2-3 times before moving on, creating a nice soothing rhythm.

If I felt like I wasn’t getting the word the letter signified, or maybe I was missing the letter, I’d move the chart slightly out of the way and go back to yes/no until I got back on track.

Things were finally picking up speed!

What a relief… Because, needless to say, with my fairly anal-retentive nature combined with a bad memory, I had been painstakingly writing down every single letter and word that came…

I had to, because they had been coming so slowly that I’d forget the first letters or words by the time we got to the end!

So we were on our way, and I began to receive some very specific instructions. One thing I understand is that a big part of my “work” is to share this information with others, so that they may find more options for exploring and  developing their own methods of connecting with their guides.

Once the words streamed more smoothly, Heruka began to give me some more specific instructions on posture and diet, to help acclimate me to my new energetic world. (We’ll post more about this later…)

Soon after that, I found myself in the Washington DC area, and we began writing All About Enlightenment.

Then, once I returned to Atlanta six months later, Lhamo Dorje showed me some really wonderful pendulum designs: built for speed and convenience!

(Check out the ones made with ball-chain here, that loop over a finger and may be worn as a bracelet.)

It took a few more months, but once we got to a stopping-point with All About Enlightenment, H & LD told me that soon I wouldn’t need the charts at all. I found it hard to believe then, but now, almost two years later, that’s the way things are naturally evolving.

I hope to post these soon; if these links aren’t live when you find them, please look for them to animate as we continue to post.

Pendulum Posture

Foods For Subtle Energy

Ruwa And Me Pendulum Charts (RAMP Charts)

Ruwa And Me Pendulums (RAMPs)

Your Changing Relationships With Your Guides

Pendulum Readings

We’ll create posts for each of these topics soon!


2 thoughts on “putting it out there (part 03)

  1. I love how you use your pendulum!! Excellent Leslee that was a sure treat! I can’t wait for more…..I enjoy the way it is different for everyone, we can all learn off of eachother. Thanks Leslee!!
    ~Hugs to you,

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’m so relieved to have gotten this far, lol! Yes, it’s a wonderful, very versatile implement… Looking forward to reading more about your adventures too… Hugs back!!!

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