table of contents

Here you’ll find a living list of planned topics for this blogsite. We are continually adding to the site, so some of the items listed below may still be waiting to manifest.

Please see ‘CATEGORIES” on the right-hand sidebar of the home page for a lists of posts sorted according to this table of contents.


02. ABOUT – information about the ‘all about enlightenment’ blogsite, its author leslee hare, her books and other activities

03. BOOKS – excerpts from books by leslee hare, guided by enlightened beings

a. hurtling towards enlightenment – posts from the booklet ‘hurtling towards enlightenment’

b. all about enlightenment – excerpts from the book ‘all about enlightenment’

c. all about relationships – excerpts from the book ‘all about relationships’

d. emotions & actions – excerpts from the book ’emotions & actions’

e. foundation for divination – excerpts from the book ‘foundation for divination’

i. using a pendulum – ways of using a pendulum to connect with spiritual guidance

ii. using the tarot – posts on using the tarot for spiritual progress

iii. using the i ching – posts on using the i ching for spiritual progress

iv. using the ouija – posts on using a ouija board for spiritual progress

04. COMMENTARIES – commentaries on writings by other authors and various topics

a. meditation – commentaries on works by others, on meditation

b. buddhism – commentaries on works by others, on buddhism

c. the bible – commentaries on works by others, on the bible

d. the i ching – commentaries on works by others, on the i ching

e. the kybalion – commentaries on works by others, on the kybalion

f. carl jung – commentaries on works by others, on meditation

g. integral philosophy – commentaries on works by others, on integral philosophy

i. psychology – commentaries on works by others, on psychology

j. neurology – commentaries on works by others, on neurology

k. physics – commentaries on works by others, on physics

05. TOPICS – a collection of essays and book excerpts sorted by topic

a. dreams – posts about dreams and reality

b. enlightenment – posts about the nature of enlightenment

c. guides – posts about spiritual and inner guides

d. if this is buddhism – posts about a spiritual path through buddhism

i. emptiness – posts and excerpts about emptiness

ii. enlightened beings – posts and excerpts about enlightened beings and spiritual guides

iii. rebirth & reincarnation – posts about rebirth and reincarnation

e. spiritual progress – posts about ways to make spiritual progress

i. progress 01 – post 01, of the ‘when we make progress’ series

ii. progress 02 – post 02, of the ‘when we make progress’ series

iii. progress 03 – post 03, of the ‘when we make progress’ series

f. the mind – posts about the nature of the mind

g. the illusory world – commentaries on works by others, on the illusory nature of this world

06. IMAGERY ABOUT ENLIGHTENMENT – drawings, paintings, photographs, digital collages and videos that explore ideas about enlightenment

a. inner guide cards – a series of inspirational cards exploring inner guidance

07. GIFTS FROM OTHERS – re-posting of blog posts by others

08. LINKS – a list of recommended links to websites

09. BIO – leslee hare’s bio

10. MARKET – links to sites where you may purchase items related to this blogsite

11. POSTADAY 2011 – posts made as part of wordpress’ postaday 2011 challenge

12. UNCATEGORIZED – bits found around the kitchen sink…


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