The All About Enlightenment blog site offers material that may lead you to happiness or joy. If the words resonate with you, then please dive in, and accept uncertainty.

“Certainty”: one of the sneakiest illusions available to people in this world. It presents a vision of comfort, and lulls us into complacency… We can fall asleep and miss the best parts of life, until we get jolted back into awareness, often unprepared.

Accepting uncertainty opens all the doors and windows in the house and lets the wind and the sunshine in, so we can breathe and live more fully.

These posts and pages cover a variety of spiritual topics, and many are excerpts from forth-coming books.

Some of it gets a little esoteric, although not intentionally. Some of the ideas are quite complex and profound, yet we hope to convey the concepts in simple terms and with accessible examples.

We’re presenting these thoughts in ways that will hopefully put you at ease. Much of what you’ll find arises from a Tibetan Buddhist background, but it often diverges from traditional Buddhist thought. You may also find elements of the I Ching, Tarot, Intuitive Process, and other methods that people use to connect with what functions as Truth for them.

Fostering an intimate connection between you and your best guidance is the main purpose of this blog.

I say “we” often on the site, because I don’t feel like I’m writing this material alone. I began writing the words you’ll find here in the spring of 2010, when I learned how to make some very profound psychic connections with my spiritual guides through the use of a pendulum. I don’t consider myself a psychic, but much of the material that comes to me through this method portrays an understanding that “I” was certainly not aware of – consciously – before I began using the method.

My job is to put the material “out there”, and to do it in a way that hopefully empowers and uplifts.

I hope you find some tiny bit of delight, clarity or inspiration in the words “we’re” sharing.

Many blessings to you on your journey of understanding, love, and enlightenment.


Leslee Hare

text and artwork by leslee hare, unless credited otherwise.


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