the one who got away



Do your job and leave.

Go far, far, away, and do not regret, do not look back, and do not expect help. This way you will find freedom.

The phenomena of organized religion forges shackles around the stoutest of hearts. People will expect something in return for helping, even if it is only merit. And they will not notice if you did not return, because that is your wish. Blessings be upon you; do not even take one discarded root from the rubbish bin. Go in good health and remember me when I find you again.

Sometimes parting words are so difficult to remember with certainty.

We embellish, we listen to the stories of others, we do not believe when the image is so clearly placed before us. The cycle continues, whirling in the shrill silence of forgetfulness.

The world tosses about shreds of devotion, tempting morsels of convenience.

Words can be harsh or soothing.

The journey within to help others is not always what they really want. You have the unpleasant task of reminding them that they have become lazy.

Walk for a while, and then we will talk again.

Eventually this will become your place of solace. Trust that those who ignore you now will awaken one day.

Enjoy your tea alone for now, it is delicious even when cold.



(Pabongka Rinpoche’s full name was Kyabje Pabongkapa Jetsun Jampa Tenzin Trinley Gyatso Pel Sangpo, which translates as the “Lord Protector, the one from Pabongka, the venerable and glorious Master whose name is the Loving One, Keeper of the Buddha’s Teachings, Ocean of the Mighty Deeds of the Buddha.” He is also popularly known as “Dechen Nyingpo,” which means “Essence of Great Bliss” and refers to his mastery of the secret teachings of Buddhism. thanks to Wikipedia and Khen Rinpoche’s Forward to The Principal Teachings of Buddhism by Tsongkhapa, with a commentary by Pabongka Rinpoche, translated by Geshe Lobsang Tharchin, Mahayana Sutra and Tantra Press 1998)




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