20.12.2011 update from leslee

I just realized that today is 2012!

(that explains a lot…)
I’m sharing this brief post to deeply and sincerely thank ALL of my new friends who’ve visited this site (thanks to Wes Annac), and to let you know that I’ve been getting some nearly overwhelming downloads about what we’ll be posting in the near future.

I apologize, I really don’t mean to be a tease… But I have an unusual amount of traveling coming up over the next two weeks, and am not sure how much I’ll be online or have time to create posts.

So, this post will also serve as my to-do list… as the posts are created, I’ll turn them into links.

I’m creating a new category, “UPDATES”, which is where I’ll file these types of posts, as they arise.

1. I’m pretty sure the next post will be Part 3 of putting it out there, and it focuses on the phases I’m going through as I continue to learn to use the pendulum to connect with my Guides.

2. There will be more info appearing on BUTTA (Because U Think To Ask).

(This morning, the Buddhas have explained that the method I’ve been using with Adca Mupea is a way for Inner Beings, Extra-Terrestrials and Intra-Terrestrials to interact with us while still honoring our perception of free will. We ask, and they can answer. It’s also a great training tool for tuning in with your intuition.)

3. I need to update the TABLE OF CONTENTS for this site, and link the entries to related posts.

3. The remaining chapters/sections of All About Enlightenment will be posted/re-posted. There are 5 chunks remaining: Ch 8: Making The Most Of Anger (most of this has already been posted here); Ch 9: The Nature and Meaning of Dreams and Visions (there are 8 parts to this chapter); Ch 10: What To Do When You Freak Out (most of this has already been posted here); Afterword; Appendix One (which has already been posted here)

4. We’ll post a series of sketches, videos, and who knows what else, on making and using a pendulum… sort of like a DIY instruction manual.

5. Posting will begin on Raging Pandit; these posts will mostly comment on contemporary Buddhism. My Guides have some strong words for some of the distortions and manipulations that have been going down over the past few hundred years. There’s a lot to clear up.

Right now, I’m most energized about #4; I got a lot of images/ideas last night about how we’re going to do this, and I’m thrilled to begin to see better how to make these tools available to others, so they can try them out too.

Knowledge is power. When it’s spiritual knowledge, combined with deep understanding, there’s no stopping the flow towards Enlightenment.

Thank you again – so much – for joining me here!

With lots of love,



2 thoughts on “20.12.2011 update from leslee

  1. Thanks for the update and review of what you have been and with to do in the future Leslee. I will be trying to keep up.

    On another note. I now have an online selling store through “Imagekind,” for selling my art. I am now in the process of finishing uploading all of the images, pricing etc. This year, was quite productive. I created over 125 new images. I am excited about this and hope to begin an extensive marketing process for 2012. When I open the store I will make sure you get a link to it and I will post it on the blog.

    I also have purchased an HD video camera and I am upgrading to a professional video editing suite. I want 2012 to be a year of video exploration to compliment my blogging.

    Lots of Peace, Light and Love Leslee

    1. That’s wonderful news, Walter! I hope you get the exposure your beautiful imagery deserves :)
      And I’m really happy to hear about the upcoming video work. I know you love that medium, so I bet there will be some wonderful films arising! Lots of Peace Love & Light to you too, and wishes for a wonderful holiday. I know this one will be different, so please know my thoughts will be with you :)

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