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Lhamo Dorje Cover

Here November arrives, 2015 rushes to a close, and 2016 is sounding like a good year to go to print (how’s that for a spin?).

I’ve decided to self-publish All About Enlightenment, and since that turn eliminates my concerns about a publisher caring whether book content resides online, I’ve also re-published several posts that I had hidden back in September.

Now I’m welcoming input, feedback, from you!

In this post I’ve shared four studies I’ve done for AAE’s cover – do you have a preference?

Before you comment, please note: As I’ve continued to edit and rearrange the book’s content, it’s surreptitiously expanded. We may now be looking at a multitude of volumes – the number 7 comes to mind. So whatever cover approach lands on the top of the pile may need to adapt to variations.

The tenacity of a Table Of Contents amazes me: as I’ve wrangled with it over the past few months, it’s sprouted a will like a dandelion forcing its way through asphalt. We decided to arrange the book along some quite Buddhist lines (maybe I’ll take the time to explain later), and gaps blinked forth like those seeds carried on the wind. The more I added, the more little voices whispered “I need to be here too”.

At this point, All About Enlightenment has sprung from it’s 120 pages in 2010 into a 700-page-and-growing behemoth. More explanation. More illustration. More examples. More connections. At times I’ve felt so overwhelmed I’ve resorted to maintaining sanity by adhering note cards to the dining room wall. And then going out for a drink.

I’m also adding content to Zazzle (if you’re not Zazzle-savvy you’ll have to wait until I’m ready to post links and then you can order t-shirts), and looking back through the hundreds of images on my hard-drive for flip-book candidates to publish on Amazon. There are a few videos I was building frame-by-frame that I hope will become lovely collections of encouraging images.

Thank you for bearing with me along this journey.

Chakrasamvara Cover
Lhamo Dorje
Lhamo Dorje
all about enlightenment
all about enlightenment


These pages access excerpts from the preliminary content of


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(from the book) appendix two: some methods you can try

(This post contains Appendix Two from the book All About Enlightenment. Please click here if you’d like to access the rest of the book.)

APPENDIX TWO: Some Methods You Can Try

The pages in this Appendix present material specific to the practice of Lhamo Dorje. Please feel free to use them if you feel a connection. There are no rules, restrictions or commitments involved. Please enjoy them; we hope they will provide you with relaxation and comfort.


This very powerful mantra needs only to be thought in order to summon all of Lhamo Dorje’s qualities for those who wish to attain them.

Om Maha Siddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat (Lhamo Dorje's Mantra)
Om Maha Siddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat (Lhamo Dorje’s Mantra)

Om Maha Siddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat

The Tibetan words “Om Maha Siddha Lhamo Dorje Hum Phat” mean
“Oh Great Accomplished One, the Goddess of All Enlightenment, please just make it so.”

This sadhana was given to Leslee Hare by Heruka and Lhamo Dorje in June 2010. It is a very powerful prayer and need only be thought in order to summon all of Lhamo Dorje’s qualities for those who wish to attain Them.


(Sit comfortably and imagine yourself surrounded by Enlightened Beings.)

Lhamo Dorje appears in the center of a sphere of rainbow-colored fire.

Lhamo Dorje
Lhamo Dorje




Her sphere of rainbow-colored wisdom fire blazes. Wind blows and all worlds and their beings are completely purified.

Enlightened Beings are surrounded all at once by Lhamo Dorje’s love radiating out in all directions. All beings in all worlds become Enlightened, and peace fills the three times (past present future) and the ten directions (east, south, west, north, NE, SE, SW, NW, above and below).

I dedicate all my merit to the Great Enlightenment of All Living Beings.



(from Lhamo Dorje and Heruka Chakrasamvara)

When you develop the desire to find a fool-proof way to become as wise and happy as possible, no matter what, it helps to have some useful instructions.

That’s something you need to receive from an (apparently) external source.

We can help you with that.

What you have to do for yourself is decide how you feel about the words “no matter what”.

The importance of the quality of the instructions pales in comparison to the importance of the quality of your determination.

So We’re going to offer these instructions based on the presumption that you have gained clarity about your resolve.

It’s okay if you’ve not yet gained that clarity; reading these instructions may help polarize your views. We’re simply explaining that we’re offering instructions, not a sales pitch.

Please consider that opinions and advice differ from useful

1. Prepare your mind.

Excellent. We just covered about 50 pages of a classic Buddhist text.

2. Appreciate: to *what* are you opening your mind?

This step accepts that you offer a certainly deep level of trust to “another”, who will guide you safely through uncharted waters to Enlightenment.

This position implies and requires your humility.

Here lies the apparent contradiction.

This world experience offers many types of Teachings. Most of them, as currently presented, first set a stage upon which you, as a human being, are in dire need of “recognizing” your supposed failures and short-comings. This presentation pervades so deeply that most people don’t recognize it as a subtle means of stunting your progress while generating the illusion that this self-deflating view will lead you to success.

Please open your mind to the possibility that you are an Enlightened Being who appears, here and now, to enjoy the game of re-attaining Enlightenment. You might – once again – lose the “Boss Fight”… But you already know that every time you engage in a do-over, you bring your previous practice sessions into the arena.

For now, let’s simply say that you open your mind to the possibility that “another being”, one that’s “out there”, offers you some cheat codes to leveling up.

It’s smarter than slogging through all the levels ignorantly…

And you can always start over.

It does, however, go better if you start out from a launch-pad of kindness to others.

We just covered another 37 pages, and hopefully you still feel like you have a chance at successfully accomplishing your goal.

Let’s breeze through another ten pages.

3. It helps to accept that the answers you seek lie outside of science and your senses.

Try to remember your dreams, and pay attention to them. Meditate. Calm your mind, even if you have to drink a beer first, and even if you fall asleep in the process.

Pay attention to what you “think” you see in your peripheral vision. Remember that what you “see” with your eyes is limited by the function of rods and cones.

Listen to what you cannot possibly be “really” hearing as you fall asleep. Remember that what you “hear” with your ears is limited by hairs and wax and thin, fragile membranes of skin.

Trust your intuition.

The “Folks” who have already done what you’re trying to do… Well, They just don’t really “live” here any more, so They use rather unconventional
methods to get your attention.

Please open your mind to this possibility as well.

Let’s cover another 21 pages.

4. Things are not what they seem. They are both more, and less, than what people typically presume.

Try reading “Why Are There Two Of Us?”, and see if it leads you to look at things differently.

5. Sanskrit words have transformative capability.

Words like “Vajrayana” and “Nirvana” sound intensely appealing, for good reason.

The world first arises from sound. From sound arises Light, and then Awareness, and then Form.

All the world arises from Emptiness, and we have all (“You” have all…) attained “Enlightenment” many times. It’s just really challenging to accomplish with only three dimensions, because you’re limited by your senses, and they deceive regularly.

Trickster density drags you down again and again.

Get over it, and get out of here.

Read Hurtling Towards Enlightenment, and “Fake It ‘Till You Make It”.

You’re not faking it, you’re remembering.

It’s time to remember.



(from Lhamo Dorje)

When Atisha traveled to Tibet, Buddhism went deep into the wilds of Bon territory.

The karmic inclinations of Tibetans draw them to mysticism, superstition, ritual, and violence.

This is totally irrelevant to Enlightenment.

However, people learn best when given lessons couched in imagery and terminology that feel familiar to them. Consider how paganism was co-opted by Christianity.

Atisha knew it was essential to deal with these conditions of Tibetan karma when He took on the transmission of Dharma to his new students. Therefore, Lamp for the Path of Enlightenment was written expressly for Tibetans, to be understood within the constraints of their particular situation.

For Western Buddhists of a particular level of understanding, several authors/teachers/lamas have re-presented these Teachings in a more contemporary fashion. Some of them present faithful translations, some offer modern adaptations, and some sincerely examine the core points of Atisha’s transmissions.

However, none illuminate in a way that resonates with people to whom Buddhism is an alien construct, or those for whom shadowy recollections from previous-lives whisper,

“Stay away… you’ve been there before… you don’t want to go back…”

In this LAMP series (Lamrim And More Profound), We will start with a clean slate, straight from the Dharmakaya, and offer a fresh perspective on the story of Buddhism that this world has been fed since the time of Buddha Shakyamuni.

Let’s just say We’re getting a jump on December 21, 2012.

Get ready for the New World.


(from Buddha Heruka)

“Akashic Records”

is a term given by a channeler years ago because he could relate to that term.


“Akasha” refers to a king who lived many aeons ago. This channeler had a special connection to that King, so the channeler understood what he was accessing to be like a library or collection of all that King’s realizations.

That king actually became, when he attained Enlightenment, Buddha Akshobya, who is the head of one of the five Buddha families.


03 open waters and safe harbors


The ability to Channel and Connect is a gift, but also a technique, a training.

Diet, activity, and state of mind affect deeply and respond rapidly. Stress contracts the physical and subtle bodies, and affect channeling and connecting ability.

Channeling and connecting also require a lot of expansive energy.

Many forms of experiences fill our world, and people connect for different reasons. We can be receptive or productive. We need to be aware of the type of channeling body we have, and understand what we expose ourselves to: negative or positive, nourishing or draining.

When they first begin channeling, many people develop a relationship with one entity that teaches them how to do their work better, and who constantly presses them to improve their integrity and compassion. This type of teacher is called a “Heruka Dolmboa”.

There is often a second entity, which is actually also the one who makes initial contact, in a different aspect.

This entity is usually regarded as a friend or spiritual guide. This one may be referred to as the person’s “Ephalem”. The word comes from the Angelic realm, but is not a proper name.

(Leslee’s Heruka Dolmboa and she argue a lot because she wants to understand things that are insignificant, while He’s trying to teach her things she’ll need to know soon.)

When we find a system of channeling that suits us, we improve our ability to identify various mental states. Then we can better control and modulate their frequencies and interactions.

“New” channelers struggle with wanting more words, because they think words validate their messages.

Eventually they learn that their Guides provide them with exactly what is needed at any point in time, in order to teach both the channeler and the people who receive their messages.


As We continue sending messages to post, We will give you exercises for learning to distinguish channeling from neurology/connecting.

There are mechanisms tied to frequencies, that can be learned.

Look into getting a set of tuning forks, or discovering your “base frequency”.

You may use a pendulum, automatic writing, your intuition, or some other method of divination to find this. You may enjoy this process more if you make this discovery yourself; trust that you’re fully qualified to make this determination.

Digital Downbeat offers a free smartphone app called “TuningFork” which may be very helpful. With it, you can try out a wide range of frequencies, and also have easy access to the tones that you find relaxing, grounding, uplifting, etc.

(Read books on Cellular Awakening, DMT, Maurice Beauregard)

Methods of Training:

1. Remembering dreams and keeping a dream journal

2. Focusing & quieting the mind with something that’s moving: a pendulum, a metronome, a stream of water, just a beach minute or lapping waves… The visual component wields much power, and holding or touching actual moving objects adds a physical component to deepen the experience.

3. Fractal generators, word generators, other random visual generators (double pendulum, fractal, etc.). (See 2. above)

What We want is to provide opportunities for interaction.

Learn to listen, learn to accept.

Exercises for opening the mind to new phenomena will be posted also, please check back often and feel free to ask questions by posting comments.

02 open waters and safe harbors


[from Lhamo Dorje]

What is the difference between Channeling and Connecting?

When it comes to interacting with spiritual guides, anyone can learn to connect with spirits, ghosts, gods or demons.

We may initiate or request this contact, or the “entity” may begin the conversation.

Only powerful spiritual guides can contact us without our realizing it.

When we establish a Channel, we set up a method for communicating with “others”.

…Channeling (physics): constrains path of charged particles in a a crystalline solid…

…metabolite or substrate channeling in biochemistry and cell physiology…

…Spiritism – esoteric process of receiving messages or inspiration from extra-dimensional beings or spirits, whereby one is a medium or channel for such entity… (Dictionary.com?)

…A channel in the body, much as in cell physiology. It keeps energy focused and directed…

Channeling is passive; when we Channel we give over control of our mind and body senses and allow “someone else” to dominate temporarily.

Channeling, we give up control of our thought process. We stop “thinking”, quit “thinking.

Connecting is more assertive. When we Connect, we receive, observe, acquire…

Channeling is best for getting specific answers or information. Connecting is very fluid – organic.

With either, we don’t know what to expect.

And with either, we understand that knowledge comes from a source we may not recognize.

One factor in who Channels versus connects is trust, but another is the engine of the body.

We develop “Channels” over time, using our bodies’ subtle channels. And the ability to Channel and Connect lies on a spectrum, as do many things.

And, as with wellness, autism, physical ability, karma and merit, our position on the spectrum may change. We’re not always consciously in control of where we sit, but can often impact the position on this spectrum.

(We’re not going into physical body types in much detail, because assessing can be distracting. We can’t “make” ourselves be one body type of another. Karma and Guidance lead you where you’re intended to go.)

Channeling and Connecting also require a great deal of subtle energy.

Some bodies run like WaterSlides (WS’s), some like Perpetual Motion Machines ( PPM’s), some like Internal Combustion Engines (ICE’s), and some like Diesel Engines (DE’s).



Waterslides Channel easily, spontaneously, and comfortably.

People who Channel professionally are usually Waterslides. They can slip quickly into a trance or channel and deliver material reliably and efficiently. They generally use devotional practices to focus and establish their channels. They don’t always have much control over the selection of the source or content of their “message”.

The basis for a body and mind suitable for Waterslide Channeling is a steady but relatively slow metabolism, a high level of energy that can be focused easily, excellent concentration, a relatively high ratio of body fat to muscle and bone, and a high rate of fluid retention.

Although these features may seem to present certain health hazards, these people also generally have a highly developed ability to process minerals in their bodies, which may help offset some of the physical challenges.

Medical note: This type of body us quite rare, although becoming more common. Please see your doctor often and do everything in your power to keep your body healthy in a conventionally-accepted manner.

Another basis needed for Waterslide channeling is a light Karmic debt, few intimate personal relationships (including friendships), and the ability of the body to administer its autonomic functions efficiently without conscious effort.

The most powerful determinant of the ability to Waterslide Channel is to have agreed to perform this function in this lifetime. Waterslide Channelers have imprints that broadcast themselves. This makes reception easier, but also makes the Channel more susceptible to spirit influence.

2. PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINES (PMM’s): Connect constantly, sending and receiving information.

These people often don’t recognize that’s what they’re doing. When a specific interaction is needed, such as a reading or a download, the nature of the Connection shifts gear, much like a double pendulum has, on one level, a steady rhythm, and on another level, secondary fluctuations that ebb and flow, sometimes in random and rapid succession.

PPM’s usually Channel as well as Connect, but their Channeling is quite focused. Their benefactors (or guides) usually strictly enforce limits to allowing other “beings” to “bridge” their proteges.

Many autistic people Channel, having the channeling body type that We refer to as “Perpetual Motion Machines”, or PMM’s.

They Connect with the “unseen” constantly, and their sensitivity overrides sensory input.

This leads to confusion, mental clutter and mixing, making it difficult for them to function in the “normal” world. Their physical neurology results from their karma, and their merit or role in this world.

Many of these people face challenges to communicating with others.

Facilitated Communication and typing offer outlets, but have their limitations. PMM’s “shop” for information and connection according to their intentions, and possess a spectrum of abilities.

PMM bodies tend to benefit from high fluid and fat reserves, and often have poor eyesight and weak digestive systems.

3. Internal Combustion Engines (ICE’s)

ICE’s are very sensitive to energy fluctuations and can only Channel under certain conditions.

The ICE type of Channeling is quite common, but occurs intermittently, and bursts of activity are usually so brief as to be unnoticeable. Inspirations and breakdowns may arise from powerful spurts of ICE activity. These bursts of creative energy or insight, although seldom not sustained, may repeat. Crisis can also induce these spurts of connectivity.


Diesel Engines generally don’t recognize they’re DE’s. They just sit down with the determination to channel, and plug away at it until they “receive” something.

Channeling like a DE uses the subtle body inappropriately and can result in a jumbled mess on many levels.

Anyone who Channels or Connects may slip into Diesel Engine mode if they neglect patience and discretion.

Constantly checking one’s sources while Connecting or Channeling may help prevent this, and using a pendulum offers one convenient method for checking.

protectors in the shadows



(from Leslee)

Years ago I had a dream that I was trapped in a cave – naked and defenseless and very frightened.

I cowered in the cave while around me danced many evil demons. I knew they were going to kill me, but only after they taunted and terrified me mercilessly.

Suddenly there was a flash of light, and on the stone table in the center of the cave appeared a powerful tall dark-skinned man with dreadlocks down his back.

As soon as he appeared, most of the demons dissolved instantaneously. He jumped down from the table and pointed his staff at the remaining few demons, who then either disappeared or fled out of the cave.

When I awoke, I realized that the dream was telling me that I’d always be protected.

We all have protectors, and They shadow and care for us no matter what.

When we’re able to tune into Them, They’re able to help is even more powerfully.

This dream was also about self-grasping.

No matter how tightly we grasp, our Protector will always loosen our grips. Protectors play key roles along our Spiritual Paths, because without a Protector, we’re left to our own devices.

Only a Protector can protect us from our own delusions. Enlightened Beings show us the path; Protectors keep us from self-sabotage.

I learned this from that dream: I was paralyzed by my fear, and I also couldn’t defend myself. Now I know that all my fear comes from self-grasping, so that’s why I try to work hard to overcome my self-grasping.

I know that once I have that under control, I’ll be home free.

connecting and channeling 02


[from Lhamo Dorje]

(note from Leslee: I was given this information in September 2011, to help me understand how my channeling methods work, and also how people channel in different ways. The information became even more relevant a few weeks later, when I began playing with Ghost Radar, which has turned out to be another possible method for channeling.)

Please see below for a transcript of the notes in the diagram, with explanations, and links to additional posts that explain further. )

diagram: how channeling works with energy & human bodies


(Explanations in parentheses)

1. Physical energy requires a medium for transmission; mind “travels” independently of any media.

(The upper portion of the diagram indicates the etheric energy grid that pervades all space and matter, transcending dimension, frequency, amplitude, and wave shape.)

2. The grid is much like a net.

(Although the grid is not physical, it exhibits multi-dimensional rhythms and patterns that overlap and interlace. Our Universe is constructed – by all of ourselves – with an “oscillating” quality, such that phenomena synchronize and intersect. This way, our less subtle minds may arise, as well as physical phenomena. This oscillation which manifests events distinguishes the difference between our minds residing in their Ultimate Nature, and when we choose to emanate and participate – or play – in this illusory world.)

3. Mind intensifies.

(When Mind develops coherence and awareness, and thereby intensifies, it begins its manifestation cycle. Initially, it “appears” simply as what we might call a “node” on the grid. Once the mind/thought/intention reaches a certain level of intensity, it begins to demonstrate subtle physical properties. Please note, the “certain” level of intensity simply means that there is a point at which this happens; the level/point may be different for all phenomena, it occurs spontaneously and is quite impossible to predict. But it’s distinctly recognizable when it occurs, so people with subtle awareness might be able to “know” when things “happen” this way.)

4. Mind travels instantaneously to “nodes” on the grid.

(Remember that the grid pervades all matter, including your body.)

(As connections form between nodes that may appear outside your mind and body, and nodes within your body, the power of the mind begins to manifest physical energy.)

5. Physical energy dissipates.

(As skin works to develop “energy nodes” – which humans understand as part of their nervous systems – some of the nodes develop into receptors for this energy arising from mind/thought.  These “mind nodes” serve as the transformation points that interface between the physical body of a person, and the etheric energy grid. The mind nodes function much like electrical transformers, and terminals on a circuit board. The body’s subtle energy system may be compared to a circuit board.)

(This body network is made up of channels/circuits and sparks or “drops”, as have been described by yogis.)

6. Skin.

(Once the manifesting energy reaches the mind nodes at the skin, the quality of the energy being transmitted through the body transforms. Bear in mind that all of this happens instantaneously, even though the description may take some time to read and absorb.)

7. Nerve Ganglia.

(Here the energy is more suited to travel along the nerve ganglia, through the channels & circuits of the body.)

8. Mind travels instantaneously to related “nodes” on the grid.

(The circuits and channels work equally well in both directions. We both send and receive energy, thoughts, and especially the very subtle or sub-conscious mind… spontaneously. We are all constantly “wired” to the grid, and may access it on demand, once our bodies have established some “highways”. We build our highways through meditation, which we may practice as a formal sitting, or while in a trance state and performing tasks or actions, or during sleep.)

9. Physical energy travels through the body in loops (circuits), tied to the organs. It meets with resistance from negative energy.

(The loops are another manifestation of oscillation. They behave with a structure or hierarchy that closely resembles musical note octaves. Frequencies and amplitudes nest within one another, carrying information on multiple levels.)

10. Kidneys Intestines Stomach Heart Brain

(These organs play particular roles in transmitting messages within the body. Their relationship to the Central Channel – being slightly off-center – expresses how energy needs to be shifted around in order to induce movement. They draw energy from the Central Channel in ways that keep the highways clear, and keep the circuits healthy and vibrant.)

(When we have healthy organs, the energy in our circuits flows freely. In this relationship, the organs and circuits complement each other. When we have pain or exhibit aging, this indicates that there is some damage in our circuits. From the faulty “wiring”, the organs begin to “short out”, and health issues begin to manifest.)

(When this happens, people usually think there is a problem. However, sometimes energy needs to be held in check. The body knows when to do this, and it may exhibit symptoms of ill health when this is happening.)

11. Lungs are separate system.

(The lungs filter, recycle, and store much more than air-borne nutrients. They also act as a barrier, modifying the energy of entities that we breathe in. In this way we purify and transmute negative energy through our breathing. This is what makes the Buddhist practice of Taking and Giving so powerful.)

(Most of the time, people simply absorb and transmute whatever comes their way. With Taking and Giving, people actually attract negative energy from others with the intent of purifying it for them. This is done through the breath and strong visualizations or meditative intent.)

(The lungs protect people from subtle beings that might be imperceptible to us. Ghosts, spirits, and “extra-terrestrial” beings often have bodies that are more subtle than human, but have a dimension, frequency and amplitude that may fit within those of human bodies. Therefore, it’s possible for them to interlace with more gross physical bodies in ways that may be virtually undetectable.)

(The lungs protect people powerfully, and deep breathing strengthens the filtering power of the tissues and energy of the lungs.)

12. Mind skates along these pathways; It also pervades among the “loops”. No resistance to phys. influence; only mental resistance.

(Because mind is completely independent of form or substance, physical matter cannot interfere with its transmission. However, mental resistance can interrupt – or reinforce – the path of mind effortlessly. Clear intention works like a lightning bolt to blast through obstructions. Mixed intentions jumble the oscillations of mind, and resolve can crumble very quickly we allow doubt to chip away at our focus.)

13. The mind uses the “loops” established  by the physical body, not because it needs to, but because the body is accustomed to flow(ing) along these paths. When the mind travels intensely outside of established “loops”, this can disturb the physical energy system, and can cause disease or illness. Blocked energy=illness.

(This is why it benefits people to take new energetic endeavors gradually, whether one is learning meditation or channeling. “Pushing” may cause more difficulty than necessary.)

(Also, for people who already channel, they may find that new methods and connections arise for them. Each method or connection may utilize a different pathway/circuit/channel that ones already in use, so a prudent Lightworker will allow these changes to develop at a natural pace.)

Please click for a related post:  “Open Waters and Safe Harbors 01”.