02 open waters and safe harbors


[from Lhamo Dorje]

What is the difference between Channeling and Connecting?

When it comes to interacting with spiritual guides, anyone can learn to connect with spirits, ghosts, gods or demons.

We may initiate or request this contact, or the “entity” may begin the conversation.

Only powerful spiritual guides can contact us without our realizing it.

When we establish a Channel, we set up a method for communicating with “others”.

…Channeling (physics): constrains path of charged particles in a a crystalline solid…

…metabolite or substrate channeling in biochemistry and cell physiology…

…Spiritism – esoteric process of receiving messages or inspiration from extra-dimensional beings or spirits, whereby one is a medium or channel for such entity… (Dictionary.com?)

…A channel in the body, much as in cell physiology. It keeps energy focused and directed…

Channeling is passive; when we Channel we give over control of our mind and body senses and allow “someone else” to dominate temporarily.

Channeling, we give up control of our thought process. We stop “thinking”, quit “thinking.

Connecting is more assertive. When we Connect, we receive, observe, acquire…

Channeling is best for getting specific answers or information. Connecting is very fluid – organic.

With either, we don’t know what to expect.

And with either, we understand that knowledge comes from a source we may not recognize.

One factor in who Channels versus connects is trust, but another is the engine of the body.

We develop “Channels” over time, using our bodies’ subtle channels. And the ability to Channel and Connect lies on a spectrum, as do many things.

And, as with wellness, autism, physical ability, karma and merit, our position on the spectrum may change. We’re not always consciously in control of where we sit, but can often impact the position on this spectrum.

(We’re not going into physical body types in much detail, because assessing can be distracting. We can’t “make” ourselves be one body type of another. Karma and Guidance lead you where you’re intended to go.)

Channeling and Connecting also require a great deal of subtle energy.

Some bodies run like WaterSlides (WS’s), some like Perpetual Motion Machines ( PPM’s), some like Internal Combustion Engines (ICE’s), and some like Diesel Engines (DE’s).



Waterslides Channel easily, spontaneously, and comfortably.

People who Channel professionally are usually Waterslides. They can slip quickly into a trance or channel and deliver material reliably and efficiently. They generally use devotional practices to focus and establish their channels. They don’t always have much control over the selection of the source or content of their “message”.

The basis for a body and mind suitable for Waterslide Channeling is a steady but relatively slow metabolism, a high level of energy that can be focused easily, excellent concentration, a relatively high ratio of body fat to muscle and bone, and a high rate of fluid retention.

Although these features may seem to present certain health hazards, these people also generally have a highly developed ability to process minerals in their bodies, which may help offset some of the physical challenges.

Medical note: This type of body us quite rare, although becoming more common. Please see your doctor often and do everything in your power to keep your body healthy in a conventionally-accepted manner.

Another basis needed for Waterslide channeling is a light Karmic debt, few intimate personal relationships (including friendships), and the ability of the body to administer its autonomic functions efficiently without conscious effort.

The most powerful determinant of the ability to Waterslide Channel is to have agreed to perform this function in this lifetime. Waterslide Channelers have imprints that broadcast themselves. This makes reception easier, but also makes the Channel more susceptible to spirit influence.

2. PERPETUAL MOTION MACHINES (PMM’s): Connect constantly, sending and receiving information.

These people often don’t recognize that’s what they’re doing. When a specific interaction is needed, such as a reading or a download, the nature of the Connection shifts gear, much like a double pendulum has, on one level, a steady rhythm, and on another level, secondary fluctuations that ebb and flow, sometimes in random and rapid succession.

PPM’s usually Channel as well as Connect, but their Channeling is quite focused. Their benefactors (or guides) usually strictly enforce limits to allowing other “beings” to “bridge” their proteges.

Many autistic people Channel, having the channeling body type that We refer to as “Perpetual Motion Machines”, or PMM’s.

They Connect with the “unseen” constantly, and their sensitivity overrides sensory input.

This leads to confusion, mental clutter and mixing, making it difficult for them to function in the “normal” world. Their physical neurology results from their karma, and their merit or role in this world.

Many of these people face challenges to communicating with others.

Facilitated Communication and typing offer outlets, but have their limitations. PMM’s “shop” for information and connection according to their intentions, and possess a spectrum of abilities.

PMM bodies tend to benefit from high fluid and fat reserves, and often have poor eyesight and weak digestive systems.

3. Internal Combustion Engines (ICE’s)

ICE’s are very sensitive to energy fluctuations and can only Channel under certain conditions.

The ICE type of Channeling is quite common, but occurs intermittently, and bursts of activity are usually so brief as to be unnoticeable. Inspirations and breakdowns may arise from powerful spurts of ICE activity. These bursts of creative energy or insight, although seldom not sustained, may repeat. Crisis can also induce these spurts of connectivity.


Diesel Engines generally don’t recognize they’re DE’s. They just sit down with the determination to channel, and plug away at it until they “receive” something.

Channeling like a DE uses the subtle body inappropriately and can result in a jumbled mess on many levels.

Anyone who Channels or Connects may slip into Diesel Engine mode if they neglect patience and discretion.

Constantly checking one’s sources while Connecting or Channeling may help prevent this, and using a pendulum offers one convenient method for checking.


7 thoughts on “02 open waters and safe harbors

    1. I’m so happy to meet you, Cezann! I took a quick look at a few of your posts, and look forward to reading more in depth.

      I hope you find something of use here… I’m in the process of transcribing more, especially about my own process. You might also enjoy Up 2 the 5th ( http://up2the5th.wordpress.com/ )… It’s still quite new, and has a more Galactic/Ascension related focus, whereas All About Enlightenment has a more Buddhist-ish perspective. I feel that the line between all spirituality is quite blurry… ;)

      Thank you for the comment – I hope we’ll have some good conversations on our sites!

      1. Thank you, Leslee. I have just checked out your new link, tons of info, ha ha.. would need time to ingest :) Many paths, many turns, ultimately bring us back to ONE. With much love to you.

  1. …Hi,Leslee!…Interesting Topics,Once Again!…Back in 89 or 90, i had taken a Week-End Course on “Automatic Writing”,in Montreal…i was Able to Make a Drawing with Colored Chalk (I still have that ChalkDrawing,somewheres in my Library Archives) and write one word “Obey”…Parodoxically,my HomeTown Reserve,Listuguj,has the English Translation of “DisObey Your Father”…hehehe

    1. Hi, Babjij! What a great story, I’ll go see if I can find you drawing! I’m not sure if what I do would be called automatic drawing… It’s almost as if I “see” the lines on the paper, and I’m just tracing them. Is that what it was like for you? Thanks for stopping by :D

      1. …Hi There,Leslee!…if i Remember Right, we were Asked to Close Our Eyes and Draw the Pictures that Appeared in Our/My MindScape…a Green Leaf/MaryJane,the Sun and an Eagle’s Head Appeared…During another “Session” on that Week-End, the Letter “G” also was Transmitted to me…Over 20 years Ago, and the “G” is Still a Mystery to Me…Or it Has Already Played ItSelf Out,without me Consciuosly Aware that it Did… ;)

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