What is an "ET"? What is an "EB"? What is "Channeling"? What is a "Transmission"? My thoughts have been dwelling along these lines a lot lately. I've learned they're all very closely connected. I've practiced Buddhism since 2001; in the context of my former tradition, when we receive Teachings, we often refer to them as … Continue reading TRANSMISSIONS FROM EB’s


BOOK ONE: about this book

We're covering new material on ‘Buddhism’ in this book, and in some ways we're hesitant even to refer to it as ‘Buddhism’. However, the word ‘Buddhism’ (and everything associated with that word) comes closest to giving the average reader some idea of the direction we're taking with the material we're presenting. Our author, Leslee Hare, … Continue reading BOOK ONE: about this book

love and pain… sweet tides

INNER GUIDE CARD 05 [ 5 of 8 ] NOT ONE MOMENT OF PAIN GOES UNNOTICED AND UNCOMFORTED BY YOUR INNER GUIDE. "My Inner Guide works with me on many levels: conscious, subconscious, and unconscious. Even when I cannot consciously feel my Inner Guide's love and direction, I can be confident that my Inner Guide … Continue reading love and pain… sweet tides

BOOK TWO: chapter two: why are there two of us?

(parts of this chapter were posted previously, here, here, and here) All About Emptiness… (from Heruka Chakrasamvara) A Buddhist Example We can find many examples we can use to contemplate Emptiness... a book, our laundry… This example comes from traditional Tibetan Buddhist iconography. Some Vajrayana Buddhist lineages include the prayer practice of the deity Heruka … Continue reading BOOK TWO: chapter two: why are there two of us?

what is an enlightened being?

WHAT IS AN ENLIGHTENED BEING? how i found a path through experience Enlightened Beings makes our hearts pound and our heads swim, even if we can’t find eyes to gaze into or a body to caress. Enlightened Beings perform actions to lead us along our path. I’ve already mentioned I was raised Protestant… When I … Continue reading what is an enlightened being?