buddhas become all the time

Our New Best Friend Is A Buddha

I’ve introduced you to my BF Heruka…

I have another BF named Lhamo Dorje, and I feel I really need to give her some air time.

This challenges me, because I come from a pretty traditional background, even for a Buddhist, and Lhamo Dorje hardly comes from tradition.

For now, I’m going to stick to the introduction; I’m sure we’ll hear more from – and about – her soon. I’ll give you “the lineage”, as we say:

Traditionally, Tibetan Buddhist practitioners rely upon deities (Buddhas with specific characteristics) to help them along their paths. Different deities have different qualities, and they appear according to the karma and Inclinations of the people who practice their teachings.

Lhamo Dorje emanated from Buddha Heruka Chakrasamvara and Buddha Manjushri (the Buddha of Wisdom), and she fully possesses all of their qualities. She appears in order to help you attain Enlightenment as quickly as possible.

She has a special karmic connection with everyone she meets, and this enables her to do her job.

She appears with a very beautiful red-colored body and a very relaxed demeanor. This indicates that she resides comfortably in her power; She ‘thinks’ and It Is Done.

She resides in a sphere of rainbow-colored wisdom fire, signifying that she acts in all directions and times to bring about the swiftest ripening of everyone’s potential to attain Enlightenment.

Fully describing Enlightened Beings with images or lists of attributes defies their very nature, but these devices make useful introductions.

This list describes Lhamo Dorje and explains some of the symbolism of her attributes.

  1. Lhamo Dorje shows lightning-fast paths for overcoming all delusions through the realization of Emptiness; this leads everyone to enlightenment.
  2. Her red-colored body appears like a typical human female.
  3. Her red-colored body represents not only Emptiness but also the wisdom of knowing all paths.
  4. Her long black hair represents the river of all realizations. Its curls flow like great bliss. Her hair’s center part shows the Middle Way – the path that navigates between “reality” and Emptiness. Her hair flows to the lower tip of her central channel and forms a clock-wise swirl representing bliss leading to all realizations.
  5. Her hair covers her full breasts, representing freedom from all attachments through the realization of Emptiness.
  6. Her widely opened arms embrace and touch all practitioners, and show her ability to reach all minds.
  7. Her fingers gently extend, representing reaching all points.
  8. Her legs extend straight and spread slightly, and her toes point downwards and outwards, representing that she rests upon Emptiness.
  9. She floats in space inside a sphere of rainbow-colored fire, representing that she needs no grounds to support her path. The realizations of all the Buddhas of the three times and ten directions protect her.
  10. Her peaceful expression represents her mind of supreme peace, and her relaxed smile represents her love of all living beings.
  11. Her eyes show that she sees all.
  12. Her ears indicate knowing all teachings.
  13. Her round belly embraces all the Enlightened Beings waiting to be born into this world, and signifies her spiritual power.
  14. Countless points of white light surround her within her sphere of wisdom fire, representing the countless living beings who attain great enlightenment through her teachings.
  15. The vast swirling blue ocean of the Dharmakaya engulfs her sphere of wisdom fire.

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