regulating physical and mental energy

"regulating" physical and mental energy The past 24 hours for me have been a little overwhelming... Kind of like after that first teenage date, when you really think you've met the most amazing person... And then you can't sleep for 3 nights. I'd like to blame it on WordPress and their awesome Daily Post Challenge, … Continue reading regulating physical and mental energy


if this is buddhism… intro

IF THIS IS BUDDHISM... intro I've created this category for posts about my path, my search to find spiritual truth and meaning in the midst of a world that spins on a wobbly axis and arises and fades like dreams... I call myself a Buddhist; I grew up in a liberal protestant setting, going to … Continue reading if this is buddhism… intro

Risking Everything and Losing It All

How To Gain Your Freedom (This post contains the Afterword of the book All About Enlightenment. Please visit the menu if you wish to read the book in its entirety.) [From Buddha Heruka] Maybe that title loses some of its impact when you see the sub-title… But this is the last chapter of the book, … Continue reading Risking Everything and Losing It All

post a day 2011 – #001

POST A DAY BEGINS... 001 with a new reading list Went book-shopping today: "Becoming Enlightened" by HHDL; "The Mystical Life of Jesus" by Sylvia Browne; "Insight" by ditto; "Your Kids Are Your Own Fault" by Larry Winget (I have a feeling I should know who he is...); "The New Interpreter's Study Bible"; "Today's NIV Bible"; "MLA Handbook for Writers of Research … Continue reading post a day 2011 – #001