buddhas become all the time

Our New Best Friend Is A Buddha I’ve introduced you to my BF Heruka… I have another BF named Lhamo Dorje, and I feel I really need to give her some air time. This challenges me, because I come from a pretty traditional background, even for a Buddhist, and Lhamo Dorje hardly comes from tradition. … Continue reading buddhas become all the time

what is emptiness? a buddhist example

WHAT IS EMPTINESS? simple words for confusing times A Buddhist Example We can find many examples we can use to contemplate Emptiness... a book, our laundry… This example comes from traditional Tibetan Buddhist iconography. Some Vajrayana Buddhist lineages include the prayer practice of the deity Heruka Chakrasamvara. This entity, often depicted in statues or paintings, … Continue reading what is emptiness? a buddhist example